Adding Bird Box Camera to Hikvision NVR

The IP nest box camera support Onvif protocols which allows the camera to work with 3rd party NVR or software. The Hikvision NVR is popular in the market. If you do own the network video recorder, you can connect the camera to the NVR and watch the bird box through the monitor. The camera will be integrated one of the channel in the NVR and recording the files to the hard driver in your Hikvision NVR.

1.Firstly, right click the screen, choose Common Menu and find the camera.

2.You may asked to unlock your recorder before you can move ahead.

3.The camera management page will pop up. The NVR should discover the camera automatically.

4.Now just click the + icon to add the camera to the NVR. Wait for a second before the NVR can verify the camera

5.Now return the monitor screen, you should see the camera in one of the channel on the monitor.