Battery powered wireless bird box camera

WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle with Battery Cable Connection for Birding

Battery Power Gives More Flexibility

WiFi birdhouse cameras still need to be powered. Green backyard’s WiFi bird box cameras give you flexible power supply options and compatible qualified battery cables are for sale.

What if a nearby AC wall outlet is absent or hard to obtain, you can choose a battery as the power source. Only need to connect the WiFi bird box camera to a fully charged DC12V battery, and recharge the battery every 3-4 days.

HD Bird Box Cameras with Built-in Microphone

Undoubtedly, blurry image quality indeed has a strong impact on birding experiences. HD refers to high definition, which is an essential factor to gain high-quality bird-watching results since it determines the sharpness of the images or the details of nesting birds that the birdhouse camera captured.

Green Backyard offers numerous bird box camera choices with 1080p and beyond definition(3MP) to meet demanding birding requirements with incredible clear images showing details of birds like the feather grain, etc. And they equip with a built-in microphone to record true-to-life bird sounds, ensuring extreme performance.

View Birds on Smartphones or TV

Green Backyard supplies different bird box camera options for you to select the best-suited. You are able to watch real-time bird videos on mobile devices or HDMI TVs.

Bird box cameras can be categorized into different types according to their viewing methods, including IP bird box cameras and HDMI bird box cameras.

-IP bird box cameras

Taking advantage of Internet protocol, they rely on mobile devices such as telephones, iPads, or PCs to display live videos of birds remotely.

-HDMI bird box cameras

Received video is converted to HDMI signal, they can be displayed directly on large screen TVs for real-time bird activities watching only stay comfortably on your sofa.

Long Distance WiFi Connectivity up to 650ft

WiFi nest box cameras tend to be a preference for most bird watchers largely due to their convenience——saving the need to drill holes and run long network cable through the house. And you only need a plug-and-play connection and no complex configuration is required to get the setup done.

WiFi connectivity is meant to transmit videos wirelessly, and there are limitations to the range and video quality. Green backyard considered what people are concerned about and provide several solutions to deal with weak WiFi signal and long range WiFi transmission.

With an upgraded antenna equipped and the help of Xtreme WiFi technology, the WiFi range, and video stream quality is increased. The WiFi range between the bird box camera and home router can reach a maximum of 650ft. And long range WiFi cameras can serve strong penetration crossing trees, walls, or other influencing obstructions.

Invisible Infrared Night Vision

Green Backyard launched bird box cameras that support night vision to enable 24/7 recording.

Equipped with 940nm invisible infrared LEDs, when low light is detected, the night vision will turn on automatically, allowing to capture bird activities during the day and night without disturbing birds.

Specific models are even equipped with white light LEDs to supply daylight lighting mode, which can be turned on or off, as a result, you can get improved image quality under low light conditions during daytime.

Exclusive Waterproof Bird Box Cameras

The majority of consumers always neglect the importance of water resistance. And the truth is that the bird box cameras are mainly broken due to water or moisture ingress.

We Green Backyard has seen the necessity of waterproof bird box cameras to withstand rain and moiture for extended service life. The exclusive waterproof IP66-rated bird box cameras have come out now.

The waterproof means fully waterproof designs are applied, including the lens, and the antenna, protecting the cameras from the damage of ingress of water. The waterproof bird box cameras can also use for outdoor harsh environments, which are sure to be a superior option for building reliable bird box camera systems.

Support Local Video Recording

Coupled with a micro SD card or hard drive disk(HDD), you can achieve massive local video recording, every single moment inside the birdhouse won’t be missed and can be saved. Moreover, for some specific models, you can get efficient playback when the motion detection function is activated. You are able to easily select those amazing video footage and collect them. Whenever you want, you can take them out and enjoy them.