Battery-Powered Wireless System

Battery-Powered Bird Box Camera

An innovative power solution for wireless bird box camera systems in long-range applications. Just power it up, connect to the network, and you’re ready to go!

Battery-Powered Wireless System

WiFi nest box cameras require a decent WiFi signal to work well. And the AC power source might be absent on sites. This bundle is specially designed to deal with weak WiFi signals with the WiFi repeater and AC power source shortage with the battery power cable. Plus the nest box camera’s fully IP66 waterproof design, the placement of the birdhouse camera comes with great flexibility. You are able to have a wireless bird box camera system.

View Birds on Mobile or Record

IP Bird Box Cameras

Taking advantage of Internet protocol, they rely on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Mac to display live videos of birds remotely.

Local Video Recording

Both the bird box camera and the repeater equip with an SD card slot, you can achieve massive local storage or effective motion activated recording.

Satifactory Bird Watching

HD Bird Camera with Audio

3MP incredible clear colored images showing details, having true-to-life bird sounds, providing you a better birding experience.

Invisible IR Night Vision

Equipped with 940nm infrared LEDs, featuring invisible night vision, capture bird activities during the day and night without disturbing birds.

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