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2.7.1 Activate camera’s WiFi

After you have reset the camera, the camera’s internal WiFi (hot spot) will maintain off. You will need to perform 3 depress to activate the camera’s WiFi hot spot, if you plan to use it.

The name of the camera’s WiFi hot spot starts with IPC_****, camera_*** or Beye_***.  The below is the instruction to turn on the camera’s internal WiFi.

1.Please power up the camera and wait… until you hear the camera making the click sound.

2.Next, press the reset button three times (Video:, wait for around one minute, and go to check your mobile phone’s WiFi setting. If the IPC_*** doesn’t appear, please turn off the phone WiFi and turn it on to have a new search. If you still don’t see the WiFi, please press three times again, but do it fast this time.

It will take a while before the camera’s hot spot appear in mobile phone’s WiFi setting. Please be patient and don’t keep depress three times. The three times press works similar as our light switch.

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