Bird watching on TV

Pick up WiFi Bird Box Cameras for Easy Birding on HDMI TV

Enjoy HD Video on Large Screens

In the past, with an analog bird box camera, birds nesting in the birdhouse can be displayed on TV, but in blurry image quality.

With Green Backyard HMDI bird box cameras, you can enjoy real-time video footage of nesting birds thru HDMI TV offering large screen viewing and HD image quality showing more details of birds. The birding experience is much better.

Breakthrough Traditional Wired HDMI

HDMI bird box cameras generally use a wired connection to transmit video. However, here you can source wireless connection when using Green Backyard’s wireless HDMI bird box cameras. No need for you to run the long network cable anymore between the home WiFi and the camera, save time and money.

What’s more, you are able to reach a maximum of 150ft long distance WiFi range between the bird box camera and the HDMI converter, there is no concern when if the bird box cameras need to be installed at further locations.

Invisible Infrared Night Vision

Green Backyard launched bird box cameras that support night vision to enable 24/7 recording.

Equipped with 940nm invisible infrared LEDs, when low light is detected, the night vision will turn on automatically, allowing to capture bird activities during the day and night without disturbing birds.

Exclusive Waterproof Bird Box Cameras

The majority of consumers always neglect the importance of water resistance. And the truth is that the bird box cameras are mainly broken due to water or moisture ingress.

We Green Backyard has seen the necessity of waterproof bird box cameras to withstand rain and moisture for extended service life. The exclusive waterproof IP66-rated bird box cameras have come out now.

The waterproof means fully waterproof designs are applied, including the lens, and the antenna, protecting the cameras from the damage of ingress of water. The waterproof bird box cameras can also use for outdoor harsh environments, which are sure to be a superior option for building reliable bird box camera systems.

Accompany with True-to-life Bird Sounds

Not only to view vivid sharp images on TV, but also to enjoy the true-to-life bird sounds together without adding external equipment. The bird box cameras come with a built-in microphone to record audio. The audio, video, and network are decoded in the nest box camera and transmitted through an Ethernet cable straightly.

Say Goodbye to Complex

A wireless HDMI bird box camera, featuring a plug-and-play connection with ultra simplicity, it is an ideal choice for the aged or the young bird watchers.

No configuration is required, and the WiFi transmitter in the birdhouse camera and the receiver in the converter are matched without complex operation. Once the birdhouse camera is in place and setup, only need one tap on the remote control to get live video of the bird box camera on the TV.

Support Massive Video Recording

Coupled with a suitable hard drive disk(HDD), you can achieve massive local video recording, every single moment inside the birdhouse won’t be missed and can be saved. You can easily select those pleasing video footage and collect them. Whenever you want, you can take them out and enjoy them.

Moreover, you are able to have internet access by connecting to the router with the Internet to the RJ45 port on the converter, then you get a chance to view the bird box camera remotely on mobile devices.