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4 Best Outdoor Cameras for Wildlife Observation

Wildlife photography is a surging interest across the globe, especially in the lockdown, which has fueled people’s love for nature. Wildlife observation helps you understand and mingle with nature and allows you to watch closely how the animals survive. But to be honest, wildlife shooting is never easy, and it takes effort and skills to capture the best of candid moments. Wild animals are nothing like those raised in captivity; some are indeed ferocious, aggressive creatures and the risk of getting injured is high. Now, Green Backyard has offered a solution to realize wildlife observation from a safer distance by using outdoor wildlife cameras.

Wildlife cameras can be used in both private gardens or public areas, only if you have gained permission from local authorities or property owners; extra care must be taken to ensure the privacy of both parties. They are incredible ways to bring wildlife closer to us and deepen our connection with nature and wild animals. Children can learn about local species and develop a stronger sense of responsibility for the environment. Lately, we have launched a new series of outdoor cameras for wildlife observation. We utilize the latest technology to provide the best features for filming wildlife habitats, feeders and nest boxes. Use our specialist outdoor wildlife cameras to watch different kinds of animals in your backyard or keep track of the game on a large property. We produce high-quality outdoor wildlife cameras in both wired and wireless designs, so you’re sure to find a model that meets your needs.

Here are the 4 best outdoor cameras for wildlife observation from Green Backyard!

#Product One: Multi-purpose Outdoor Mini WiFi IP Camera

The multi-purpose outdoor mini WiFi IP camera can produce high-quality color images in 3MP Ultra HD without image degradation even in close-up shooting. Featuring a compact size, it can fit in any standard-sized nest boxes (birdhouses, bat boxes, hedgehog boxes, owl boxes, etc.) or be mounted on feeders (bird feeders, squirrel feeders, etc.) with our specially-made L-shaped bracket. It has a wide-angle lens with adjustable focus to offer a wider field of view (120°). Equipped with a built-in microphone, it delivers true-to-life wildlife sounds. The invisible night vision (infrared LEDs) and daytime LEDs ensure 24/7 recording. Specially designed for outdoor shooting, it is completely waterproof to survive all weather conditions. The multi-purpose outdoor WiFi IP camera is equipped with a sensitive motion sensor to detect any sort of motion changes around the camera and automatically start filming when triggered. And instant notifications will be sent at every trigger event. It supports both SD card (not included) and PC software storage. And this WiFi camera can work together with motorcycle batteries, giving you great flexibility on positioning. Account sharing allows one or more users to log in. We’ve launched different WiFi camera kits. If you’re interested, click the link below to learn more:


1.Dual lighting (infrared & daytime LEDs): This multi-purpose camera features invisible night vision using infrared LEDs to secure round-the-clock recording without emitting those glaring white flashes or red glows that will scare the wildlife away. Similarly, its night vision can be simultaneously switched on as natural light fades out and be scheduled to operate in specific periods to save energy. Unlike the conventional daytime LED lamp, which is not necessarily waterproof and requires an additional power supply, we’ve built the daytime LEDs into the wildlife camera for better outdoor applications.Its daytime LEDs (diffusion filters are included to adjust the brightness) can be manually turned on/off via the app to secure better image quality, especially in low-light conditions.

2.WiFi connection: One of the biggest advantages of using a WiFi camera is its increased amount of flexibility. You can place the camera basically anywhere you’d like and relocate it in a different location without having to deal with the wires. The multi-purpose outdoor mini WiFi IP camera broadcasts video and audio signals wirelessly over the network without running a network cable back to your house. You can customize your camera settings through the app and watch live shows of different wildlife species on digital devices like smartphones or tablets from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, the installation is extremely easy and you can angle the camera in whatever direction you choose to. And since it’s a wireless camera, fewer tools and accessories are demanded, which helps you save money on the accessories and pay more for a decent camera.

#Product Two: Multi-purpose Outdoor TV Camera with HDMI Box

An excellent device for backyard wildlife observation with a senior-friendly design. With this multi-purpose outdoor TV camera, you can watch live feeds on your TV in stunning 700 TVL with the HDMI box after a simple plug-and-play installation. Completely waterproof with great flexibility on installation, this tiny camera can be mounted on any custom-sized nest boxes and feeders to watch wild animals that frequent your backyard. It employs a 2.5 mm wide-angle lens to display a wider field of view of 120° with a manually adjustable focus. This wildlife camera delivers color images in high resolution by day and crisp black and white images by night to guarantee 24/7 wildlife watching without spooking any nocturnal animals such as bats, owls and hedgehogs. The auto ICR switch is built in to allow the camera to switch between daytime and nighttime shooting simultaneously. A highly sensitive microphone is pre-designed in this multi-purpose outdoor TV camera for audio recording. If you want to opt for higher resolution, try the HDMI converter to watch garden wildlife in full HD!


1.Watching on TV: This multi-purpose outdoor TV camera is exclusively designed for senior users or anyone who has a difficult time dealing with electronics since its biggest advantage mainly lies in its simplicity. Working together with an HDMI box, a media converter that converts the analog signals to digital ones, it allows you to connect the AHD camera to your TV via an HDMI connection. The multi-purpose outdoor TV camera gives you the possibility to watch garden wildlife on a larger screen (TV or HDMI monitors) from the comfort of your living room. NO complicated software configuration is involved.

2.Lower bandwidth requirement: The multi-purpose outdoor TV bird camera requires lower bandwidth because its video transmission is generally offline. The videos are transmitted to and recorded in a DVR through cable connections instead of the Internet, which doesn’t take much bandwidth. The DVR also only uses bandwidth when someone is viewing the video, rather than on a more regular basis. Furthermore, its wired connection also guarantees higher reliability for its immunity to bandwidth fluctuation and signal degradation. Issues like large file size and network congestion can be avoided to a greater extent.

#Product Three: Long Range Wireless Versatile IP Camera

The is a perfect solution for wildlife observation outside your backyard. It can be installed in bat houses, squirrel boxes, hedgehog boxes, owl boxes, beehives, butterfly barns, etc. And it’s especially suitable for wood duck observation. Shielded in a waterproof casing rated IP66, it can be mounted on poles 3 feet above the water or installed on land within 100 feet away from the water (≤800 meters from the stand-alone receiver) to capture pin-sharp images of those amphibians. The long-range wireless versatile IP camera employs a 2.5mm wide-angle CMOS lens with an adjustable focus to give you the best possible perspective (a viewing angle of 120°) while maintaining high-quality color images without any distortion or image degradation. Invisible night vision with no-glow infrared LEDs guarantees 24/7 shooting. You can watch fully-detailed 3MP videos with true-to-life audios on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The metallic antenna also improves the network performance with enhanced WiFi signals. Motion detection with instant message alerts is available at every trigger event. Account sharing also makes it easier to share interesting live feeds with family and friends.


1.Long-distance transmission: An ordinary wireless camera can easily be compromised by bandwidth fluctuation and signal degradation as the distance increases. Some signals will go up in the air while others may bounce off the wall, vegetation or other obstructions, resulting in poor videos. Thanks to the Xtreme WiFi technology, this long-range versatile wireless IP camera shows excellent wall penetrating capability to foster smooth live streaming without severe attenuation. It supports wireless transmission of up to 800 meters between the camera (built-in transmitter) and the receiver (PoE-enabled) in the direct line of sight, which comes with an increased amount of flexibility and versatility on positioning. With the long-range wireless IP bird feeder camera, you can place your bird feeder at any desired places (natural habitats, forests, parks, etc.) as long as it’s within the transmission range.

2.Multiple power solutions: Additionally, this long-range wireless versatile IP camera gives you many options on power solutions for outdoor deployments. The camera itself can receive mains power (running a power cord from the nearest AC outlet) or work together with a motorcycle battery or a solar panel if there is no existing electrical infrastructure nearby. The receiver can be powered by the mains power through a DC12V waterproof power adapter or PoE (Power over Ethernet) using a PoE injector and an Ethernet for both power and network connection.

#Product Four: Wildlife Trail Camera

This 100% wire-free wildlife trail camera is the perfect assistant to capture wild animals in their natural habitats. It is widely used by researchers to study how environmental changes or human intervention affect the daily activities of wild animals. It’s also of great use in helping hunters figure out the most frequented areas of moving game. Furthermore, its compact design also makes it applicable to indoor/outdoor surveillance of personal or public properties and other evidence-taking works like illegal poaching.

Completely waterproof and battery-powered (last for one year in standby mode), the wildlife trail camera is a highly-sensitive hunting camera with a fully integrated detection system (PIR sensors) to capture crystal-clear images at 16 megapixels and record full HD videos with a resolution of 720p@60fps at a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. Specially designed for outdoor shooting, it can work in any imaginable environment at an operating temperature range from -30°C to 70°C. Its no-glow infrared LEDs (IR flash range: 25m/82ft) ensure 24/7 nonstop shooting without startling the animals. Audio recording is also available. It has a built-in 2.4″ LCD screen for immediate viewing plus an operation keypad for straightforward manual settings. As a hybrid-mode camera that supports time-lapse photography, it can take pictures and videos separately, and take both at the same time. It supports SD storage (SD card not included, 256GB max.), and can be protected with a security box (sold separately).


1.Multiple shooting modes: Some cameras only support one shooting mode (either still images or videos), but advanced wildlife cameras can support both varieties. In the hybrid mode, they will simultaneously take consecutive photos at first and then record videos later. Through parameter settings, the wildlife cameras can be programmed to simultaneously take pictures at predefined intervals and then generate the video with the photos previously taken in the time-lapse mode, which is ideal for recording plant growth, flowering, etc. Moreover, you can set up a timer to arouse the camera to operate in specific periods.

2. Wire-free connectivity: Unlike other wireless cameras that still need a wired connection for a power supply, the trail cameras are hundred percent wire-free. The majority of wildlife cameras are powered by batteries whether disposable or rechargeable (only a few support external power supplies like DC or solar power), offering you great flexibility in installation. It can be fastened with a mounting strap or mounted on a tripod.

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