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Best Gift Ideas for Bird Watchers and Nature Lovers

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Finding the perfect holiday present for everyone on your list can be VERY difficult. One way to simplify your search is to focus on a single category. To make your shopping more stress-free and enjoyable, we have specially curated a list of the best holiday deals to shop at Green Backyard. If you’re looking for gifts for bird lovers, look no further. Come and be the first to get your hands on our best deals and sales! This is your ultimate holiday guide to bird gifts. Browse now to score the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! 

Best Birding Gifts = Bird Box Cameras & Bundles

If you have someone who loves birds on your list, try to surprise them with something special this year. While we enjoy causal bird watching, most of us will use the family hand-me-down binoculars. Wanna help your loved ones upgrade their birding gear this year? Then, you can never go wrong with the bird box camera. Setting up a bird box camera in the garden can be tons of fun! By gifting them a birdhouse camera, you can help them watch the birds up close from the comfort of their home. Now, let’s find out the best model for bird watching!

For a Blue-Jay Loving Mom 

Help put a smile on your bird-loving mom’s face with this Wireless Bird Box Camera. What’s really neat about this bird box camera is that you can watch the birds from your phone! How nice is it that you share the pictures or videos of those feathered creatures with your friends to show off your backyard visitors! This wireless bird box camera can record pin-sharp images in 3MP, so you see the incredible details of each bird up close. A highly sensitive microphone is incorporated for audio recording to let you hear every cheep and ruffle of the nesting birds. This wireless bird box camera is also equipped with invisible infrared LEDs which can be automatically activated to record crisp B&W videos of the birds at night. 

For a Dad Who Is a Twitcher

Help fuel your dad’s birdwatching hobby with the gift of Bird Box Camera HD Network Cable Connection. It delivers a robust and reliable signal at all times, you don’t need to worry about not getting enough WiFi signal or being out of range! Once configured through the app, it can broadcast live videos on your smartphone, tablet, and PC. This HD bird box camera can produce high-definition color images (4MP) by day and crisp black and white images at night. Outfitted with an adjustable, wide-angle lens, it ensures you get the entire inside of the box in the frame. Moreover, the built-in memory card slot also provides an easy way to record footage. In addition, you can set notifications to be alerted every time a bird comes although it’ll be annoying if you have a busy feeding station.

For a Warm-Hearted Granny 

If you have a granny who loves to feed the cute little guys in her backyard, then setting up a bird box camera on the feeder can really make her day!! The Bird Box Camera TV Cable Connection is super senior-friendly, featuring a very simple plug-and-play setup. Power it up, complete the connection, and you’re ready to go. And by using the HDMI box, you’re able to watch live videos on TV (700TVL). But if you’re looking for a more advanced system, we’ll highly recommend you go for Birdhouse Camera HD with Wireless Transmission, which can support the wireless transmission of 50 meters. This bird box camera is WiFi-enabled so the only limitation is that it needs to be installed where there is a decent WiFi signal.

For a Friend Who Loves Waterfowl

Is any of your friends a huge fan of wood ducks? Then this Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera will definitely surprise them. Specially designed for monitoring wood ducks and other waterfowl, this bird box camera can support a wireless range of up to 200 meters. Using the iCSee app, you can watch live or recorded footage of nesting birds on any iOS or Android device in Full HD. Push message notification will be sent to your phone the minute the bird box camera detects any activities inside the birdhouse. Apart from mains power, this long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera can also be powered by a motorcycle battery, giving you more flexibility in camera placement. 

Backyard Bird Gifts = Birdhouses & Feeders

 The holiday is not only a good time to show your love to the people you care about but also a good chance to pay tribute to nature all together! Providing products that help to create an ideal habitat can also make an excellent gift idea. 

Cedar Birdhouse

Giving a birdhouse is always a great idea! And it’ll be rewarding to observe birds nesting and raising their chicks in your backyard. Made of natural cedar, this cedar birdhouse offers great durability for years of application. A 38mm metal steel predator guard is pre-installed around the entrance. Moreover, this birdhouse is equipped with a removable rooftop and front panel which makes it easy for cleaning after each brood. The mesh floor and the ventilators at the bottom also help a lot in maximizing air circulation to ensure maximum sanitation. We sell different bird box bundles at favorable prices, too! Please check it out!

Cedar Bird Feeder

A bird feeder makes a perfect gift for nature lovers, friends, and family alike. This bird feeder is made of high-quality cedar wood, naturally waterproof and resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestation. The hollow-carved design and large capacity make it extremely easy to refill and clean. This cedar bird feeder can hold at least 5 pounds of mixed seeds at a time. Moreover, on one side of the bird feeder is a perfectly lined-up cut-out where you can install a bird box camera to watch the wild birds up close. And beyond all hesitations, it’s a beautiful addition to your backyard. 

Other Gift Ideas to Consider

Go ahead and get shopping, we also prepare some best bird gifts around right here. 


A birdwatcher’s kit is never complete without a pair of binoculars. Proven to be one of the most effective solutions to observe birds, they will be of great help to your bird-loving friends to discover new species and see something that is out of reach for the naked eye. They deliver excellent clarity, brightness, close-focus capacity, and ease of use. Available at every price range to suit every budget. Perfect for nature lovers and birdwatchers of all kinds.

Bird-themed Coffee Mug

A bird-themed coffee mug is the most practical gift for bird lovers. It’s as beautiful as it is functional and suitable for all ages and genders. This unique and appealing bird-themed mug is appealing to everyone even if they are not fond of birds. Whether they’re drinking morning coffee at work or sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, they’ll be delighted with this gift. 

 Bird Print Wing Scarf

This gorgeous bird wing scarf can make a perfect for fashion-conscious bird lovers. This lightweight will make you look like a bird with its wings spread wide open. Perfect for all sorts of occasions from an evening hangout to a beach party. This bird scarf can also be used as a sarong. Ladies and girls of all ages will enjoy this beautiful gift. 

We genuinely hope this shopping guide will inspire you and make your holiday shopping easier. We’ll have more shopping news coming soon, please stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest news! 

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