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Bird Box Camera – Here’s How We Start Bird Watching!

Looking for a hobby you can do anytime, anywhere? Then, you cannot go wrong with bird watching. Bird watching is an excellent pastime for all ages, seniors in particular. Binoculars are often the go-to device for almost every birder, but unfortunately, your ordinary binoculars just don’t always give bird watchers everything they require to get the most out of birding. It’s usually impossible to get close to wild birds in their natural habitats, and you’ll have to keep your binoculars at the ready. The main drawback of using binoculars for bird watching is that it requires lots of patience. You need to wait for hours and you may see basically nothing. Moreover, ordinary binoculars can only give you a narrow field of view, a shallow depth of focus and a less bright image.

Finding the right equipment is the key to taking your bird watching experience to the next level. Wanna watch wild birds closely? Then you don’t want to miss this bird box camera!

Why Do You Need Bird Box Cameras for Bird Watching?

The bird box camera gives you a quick and easy way to get closer and personal with wildlife.

Higher Resolution & Better Perspective

Compared with binoculars, the bird box camera can deliver higher-resolution images and videos (Full HD or even higher) along with supreme acoustic enjoyment to the bird watchers. And you can still digitally zoom in and out of the image directly on the app or with the photo-processing software. In addition, the bird box camera can be programmed to automatically activate when the motion detector is triggered, and you will get immediately notified through push messages once the camera detects any activity inside the birdhouse.

24/7 Real-Time Bird Watching with Excellent Night Vision

Some people will install a lamp into the nest box to record the wild birds when the night falls, but long-term exposure to unnatural lighting could disrupt birds’ physiology and behaviors, and even jeopardize their breeding success. But using a bird box camera that is equipped with invisible infrared LEDs can ensure 24/7 continuous recording without spooking the nesting birds. The camera comes with an auto ICR switch so that it can automatically switch to nighttime shooting and capture high-resolution B&W images in low-light conditions.

Live Streaming to 3rd Party Platform

The bird box camera also supports direct live streaming from the source camera to the TV, PC or VGA-compatible monitors and other digital players such as smartphones and tablets via a free app after a simple plug-and-play configuration. Once connected to the network, the footage can be transmitted wirelessly to your phone. This bird box camera is highly compatible with 3rd-party recording software like OBS studio to stream the live feeds to social platforms like YouTube, so you can share the videos with people around the world.

Other Advanced Functions & Features

Featuring a compact size, the bird box camera can be fit into any standard-sized nest box without taking up much space or disturbing the daily activities of the inhabitants. Considering that the camera is normally applied in outdoor environments, Green Backyard has launched a collection of waterproof bird box cameras (IP66) that are highly resistant to water ingress. Moreover, these bird box cameras can also work with various power sources, like mains power, batteries, etc., which offers a greater sense of reliability in outdoor deployments.

Which Bird Box Camera is the Best: Wired or Wireless?

The bird box camera can be either wired or wireless when it comes to how it communicates and transmits data. The wired bird box camera transfers the footage via a hard-wired connection. The biggest advantage of a wired birdcam mainly lies in its reliability. It is immune to signal degradation or bandwidth fluctuations. But its setup costs are usually higher. Professional installation might be required if you need to run the cable through the wall or ceiling, and its application will be highly limited in long-range deployments. On the other hand, the wireless bird box camera transmits video and audio footage over the airwaves, reducing the use of network cables. But since the wireless bird box camera relies entirely on networks for data transmission, it is more vulnerable to signal fluctuation and cyberattacks. And it also has a higher bandwidth requirement.

Message for You: Recommendations from Green Backyard!

Here, we’re gonna introduce several types of bird box cameras to grant you easier access to bird watching.

Waterproof Bird Box Camera

Originally designed for bird watching, this waterproof bird box camera can be repurposed for wildlife observation as well. Protected in a rugged waterproof casing rated IP66, it can work reliably in the outdoor environment. It supports smooth live streaming via the Internet with a wireless network connection to allow you to watch real-time footage on your smartphone, tablet and PC without additional network cabling. This waterproof bird box camera can produce 3MP high-definition images by day and backed up with a highly sensitive auto ICR switch, the night vision LEDs can be manually and automatically turned on when the night falls to generate crisp B&W videos of the nesting birds. It has a 2.5mm wide-angle lens with an adjustable focus to offer a wider field of view (120°) and capture higher levels of detail inside the birdhouse. Push message notification is also available at every trigger event.

Outdoor PoE Wired IP Bird Box Camera

Supported by PoE technology, the outdoor PoE wired IP bird box camera can use a single Ethernet cable for both data and power transmission, which highly reduces installation costs. Once configured through the iCSee app, it can broadcast live videos on smartphones, tablets and PCs. It features a more reliable network connection regardless of bandwidth fluctuations. This outdoor PoE wired IP bird box camera features industry-leading video clarity and color reproduction with an invisible night vision function to secure round-the-clock live streaming to your smartphone. High-resolution images (3/4MP) are guaranteed along with true-to-life audio. With a bird-friendly design in mind, it’s equipped with glow-free night vision to secure 24/7 shooting without scaring wildlife away. Specially designed for outdoor deployments, it is completely waterproof and dust-resistant.

Long Range Wireless IP Bird Box Camera

The ordinary WiFi bird box camera can easily be compromised by bandwidth fluctuation and signal degradation as the distance increases, but this long-range IP bird box camera shows enhanced WiFi signal strength when passing through physical obstructions. It can support the wireless transmission of up to 2-300 meters in the direct line of sight. With the long-range wireless IP bird box camera, you can place your birdhouse in any desired place, natural habitats, forests, parks, etc. This long-range bird box camera employs a 2.5mm wide-angle CMOS lens to give you the best possible perspective (a viewing angle of 120°) inside the birdhouse while maintaining high-quality color images without any distortion. Invisible night vision with no-glow infrared LEDs guarantees 24/7 ongoing shooting. And this bird box camera can work together with a motorcycle battery (last for 4-5 days approximately) to complete a wire-free setup.

TV Birdhouse Camera 3MP with Digital Wireless Receiver

Unlike the traditional TV bird box camera, which uses a 3-in-one cable for data connection, in this TV birdhouse camera, video and audio can be transmitted wirelessly to the receiver wirelessly from a distance of up to 50 meters. This waterproof TV bird box camera is able to generate 3MP high-resolution color images by day and pin-sharp B&W images at night with infrared LEDs, so you can watch wild birds anytime once you connect the camera to your TV. A highly sensitive microphone is also incorporated for audio recording. This birdcam comes with a 2.5mm adjustable focus lens, ideal for application in a narrow enclosure to capture every detail in every corner. With an operating temperature range from -30°C to 55°C, it can function flawlessly in extreme weather, giving you peace of mind in outdoor deployment.

IP Bird Feeder Camera

This IP bird feeder camera is a multi-functional camera not only for bird watching but for surveillance. Specially designed for outdoor shooting, this bird feeder camera is completely waterproof to protect the camera against water penetration. It could deliver high-definition live videos with exceptional quality (4MP Ultra HD). A highly sensitive camera is also built into the camera to pick up every little sound around the bird feeder. This IP bird feeder camera supports both PoE wired and WiFi connection, which gives you various options in practical applications. Once configured through a free app, you can watch live or recorded videos on your smartphone or tablet. It is equipped with infrared illuminators to guarantee 24/7 continuous recording at a maximum distance of 5 meters without spooking the birds.

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