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Bird Box Camera – Watching Squirrel Feeder on Mobile Phone

Place squirrel feeders can keep them away from the fruits and veggies in the yard. If you do have bird feeders setup, the Squirrel feeder can distract them form taking the seeds from the birds. Moreover, there is a lot of fun to watch the squirrels, these little creatures can be truly hilarious while they are eating food or interacting with each other.  By observing the squirrels you can even have little children learning a lot from the observation. The squirrel will move away while you approach the feeder. The Wi-Fi/IP bird box camera is one of the great tools to monitor the squirrels. The IP technology allows you to watch the squirrel remotely. You can even receive notification messages when the squirrels come back.Below are some features you may consider when choosing a bird box camera to watch the squirrels.

Tiny IP Camera

Before you are able to watch the squirrel feeder on a mobile phone, the video has to be digitized. The Wi-Fi or IP bird box camera is a tiny camera built based on IP technology. You can connect to the camera with mobile phone, tablet or PC computer to receive the live video. There is no extra add-on required. Technically the Wi-Fi bird box camera is a kind of compact computer with a video sensor to capture the video.

Adjustable Lens

The camera’s lens should be adjustable. While the camera is shooting closely, the focus becomes very sensitive. It is easy to test this optical feature with a camera on our mobile phone. You change distance a little bit, the focus will switch, the image gets blurry. You will need to adjust the lens to re-focus. That is one of the essentials with a bird box camera. You may have different distances while moving the feeder around. With the adjustable lens, the camera will always be in focus.

WiFi vs Wire Bird Box Camera

The camera has to be hooked up the home network for remote viewing the squirrel feeder. Whether to choose WiFi or wire bird box cameras depends on the situation. With a wire IP bird box camera, you should wire Ethernet cable to one of the network ports (RJ45) for both power and data. The power doesn’t need to present next to the bird feeder. You can connect the Wi-Fi bird box camera to your home network as long as the Wi-Fi coverage is good. With a DC extension cable, the AC outlet doesn’t need to present close to the bird feeder either. Both cables can be buried underground with outdoor grade cables. There is one more option: is the battery power. You may need to re-charge the battery constantly 4 days around. It could be a wire free camera system with battery setup.

Audio Pickup

The audio pick up is required with the camera if you want to listen to the audio. The bird box camera has a built-in microphone to hear the audio from the squirrels. You will be able to watch the HD live video as well as hear the audio on your mobile devices.

Night Vision

There are some activities you may want to observe at night. Without any illumination, there is only a black image from the camera. The invisible infrared built-in birdhouse camera can light up the area without disturbing the squirrels. It is 940nm invisible infrared. You will see clear image on the mobile phone after the infrared is turned ON.

Outdoor/Indoor bird box cameras

Most of the bird box cameras are not waterproof. It is good to have some enclosure to keep the camera out of the rain. The outdoor bird box camera is waterproof and it can be installed outside directly.

Recording – Sharing

Squirrels are truly hilarious, you may want to share the video to your friends or family. If the camera has been connected to a network, others can view the camera with its ID after they install the app on their mobile phone. If you don’t want to share the camera directly, the micro SD card recording feature allows you to record the video on the micro SD card, you can download the recording files to the mobile phone and share on other social platforms.

Message Notification

You may have no idea when the squirrel returns. However the camera’s notification function can send you a message while there is any change in the image. The camera will detect the change between two consequent frames and send out the alert message to the app. It is able to sense when the squirrel comes back.

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