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Black Friday 2022: Last-Minute Deals That You Can’t Miss

Last-minute deal alert! It’s your last chance to get 20% off all of our bird box cameras. From November 19th to 25th, we’re running the biggest sale ever. Use the coupon code BFNOV22 and take 20% off your order of $98+ to save up to $70 off your bill. Spend more, and you’ll save more. And the savings won’t stop here – our bestseller Wireless Bird Box Camera (4901-18) has dropped to a record low price of $99! If you haven’t any items to splurge on during the Black Friday sale, maybe these great deals will change your mind. 

$99 Limited Sale + ‘Buy One Get One Free’

This is the best deal that you can never resist! The Wireless Bird Box Camera is on sale for only $99. As the bestseller of our company Green Backyard, this bird box camera has been delighting our customers for years, providing incredible close-ups of the garden wildlife and allowing you to watch nesting birds from the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for the best tool for birdwatching, you can’t go wrong with it! Moreover, to express our sincere gratitude for our customers, apart from the limited-time offer, any customer who places an order for Wireless Bird Box Camera (4901-18) or WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle (#5340-11) can get a 10 meter DC extension cable for Free. 

Save Big This Year with the 20% Discount 

This year, we’re running low site-wide. Come quick and save 20% off your order and score our hottest deals this Black Friday! 

Bird Box Cameras & Bundles

The bird box camera can be installed in the birdhouse or any standard-sized nest box to capture high-resolution videos of nesting birds.

Wireless Bird Box Camera

This wireless bird box camera is able to record pin-sharp, high-quality images in 3MP UHD. A highly sensitive microphone is also incorporated for audio recording. Once connected to the network, this bird box camera will automatically record and stream the live feeds to your smartphone, tablet and PC. This wireless bird box camera is also equipped with invisible infrared LEDs (invisible to both humans and animals) which can be automatically activated to generate crisp B&W videos of the nesting birds at night. Moreover, this wireless bird box camera is IP66 waterproof, which gives you peace of mind in outdoor applications with the concern of water ingress. 

WiFi Bird Box Camera with Wireless Repeater

This WiFi bird box camera can support wireless transmission of up to 150ft at a clear line of sight. Moreover, with the wireless repeater, you can effectively extend the coverage area of your WiFi network to your yard with boosted signal strength. Using the iCSee app, you can watch live or recorded footage of nesting birds on any iOS or Android device at a resolution of 3 megapixels. Push message notification is also available when the bird box camera detects any activities inside the birdhouse. And there’s a memory card slot on both the camera and the repeater for video recording. This WiFi bird box camera is also onvif-compatible to stream videos on third-party platforms like YouTube. 

Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera

Featuring a transmission range of 200-300 meters, this long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera is suitable for observing wildlife outside your backyard, ideal for long-distance deployments, especially in nature research and wildlife monitoring. It employs a 2.5mm wide-angle, adjustable lens that gives you the best possible perspective inside the birdhouse. Once the bird box camera is set up, you can easily access the footage from anywhere in the world. Apart from standard mains power, this long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera can be powered by motorcycle batteries, giving you more flexibility in camera placement. 

Bird Box Camera HD Network Cable Connection

The HD bird box camera is a more reliable solution to stream live feeds over the Internet with little interference and image degradation, using a single Ethernet cable to transmit data and power. This outdoor PoE wired IP bird box camera features industry-leading video clarity and color reproduction with an invisible night vision function to secure round-the-clock live streaming to your watching devices. Equipped with highly sensitive infrared LEDs, this IP bird box camera will automatically switch to night vision in low-light conditions. The built-in memory card slot also provides an easy way for footage recording (support up to 256GB). 

Birdhouse Camera HD with Wireless Transmission

By using this birdhouse camera, real-time video & audio can be transmitted wirelessly to the receiver at a distance of up to 50 meters. Just plug the camera into a power source, connect it to the network and you’re ready to go! This birdhouse camera can generate high-resolution color images of up to 3MP during the daytime and crisp B&W videos at night. This bird box camera is also outfitted with a 2.5mm wide-angle lens to display a 120-degree field of view. What’s more, the lens can be adjusted to suit alternative applications. 

WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle

This WiFi bird box camera bundle includes everything you need to start garden birdwatching: a wireless bird box camera (4901-18), a cedar birdhouse, and other accessories. As previously described, once connected to the network, this bird box camera can record and stream videos to your phone. Made of natural cedar, this cedar birdhouse offers great durability for years of application. A 38mm steel predator guard is pre-installed around the entrance (other dimensions 25/28/32mm are also provided). The removable rooftop and front panel make it easy for cleaning after each brood. The grooved interiors of the front panel can also be a great help when the fledglings strive to climb out of the birdhouse. 

Bird Feeder Cameras

Get close and personal with the wild birds in your garden with these waterproof bird feeder cameras to bring nature indoors.

TV Bird Feeder Camera with HDMI Box

For bird lovers who want to have a closer look at their feathered friends at the feeder, we’ve specially designed a collection of bird feeder cameras that can be used outdoors to record birds, squirrels, hedgehogs, badgers, and other wildlife. Designed to give you a simple way to watch feeding birds in the comfort of your living room, this TV bird feeder camera is housed in a watertight casing rated IP66, which means it can be attached directly to the bird feeder without the concern of water ingress. To view live footage, simply connect the bird feeder camera to the HDMI box (RCA-HDMI converter) and use the included cable to connect the converter to your TV. This bird feeder camera features invisible night vision, which enables it to create quality images even in low-light situations.

IP Bird Feeder Camera

Specially designed for outdoor applications, this IP bird feeder camera is IP66 waterproof to protect the camera from water ingress. It is outfitted with a distinguished and noticeable presence so it can easily be mounted on a wall, eaves, etc. Once configured through the app, you can watch live or recorded videos on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it supports local storage with a built-in SD card (64GB). This bird feeder camera has a larger lens with an adjustable focus, making it excellent for providing higher levels of detail at a greater distance and provide a wider viewing angle in a space-constrained area. It’s equipped with infrared LEDs to illuminate the surroundings at a maximum distance of 5 meters.

Wildlife Cameras

For wildlife lovers, we’ve also developed various bundles like Bat Box with Outdoor Mini WiFi Camera, Outdoor Mini WiFi Camera with Squirrel Feeder, etc., to cater to different needs.

Bat Box with Outdoor Mini WiFi Camera

This ultimate bundle includes a wireless bird box camera and a cedar bat box. Handcrafted from high-quality cedar wood, this bat box is naturally weatherproof, and resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestation. It is a three-chambered bat box with a grooved interior and external perches, making it easier for bats to land and roost. The black rooftop maximizes heat absorption and the narrow interior dimensions are also helpful for heat retention. The air vent on the frontal panel and the hollow bottom help to facilitate ventilation and create a dry and comfortable living space. And with the help of the wireless bird box camera, you can watch these lovely mammals up close!

Wildlife Trail Camera

This fully-functioned, motion-activated trail camera can be used for hunting, researching, and animal or plant observation. It’s highly portable and easy to manage. And it comes with different recording modes: photo, video, time-lapse, etc. Thanks to a highly sensitive PIR system, one triggered by any movement of humans or animals, this trail camera will automatically capture high-quality pictures or record video clips according to the default or preset settings. It’s able to capture crystal-clear snapshots at 16MP and record full HD videos (720P@60FPS) at a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. It’s also equipped with a built-in 2.4″ LCD color screen which allows you to watch live or recorded videos or snapshots on the site. 

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