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Deal of the Day: Wireless Bird Box Camera for Just $99!

Looking for the best deal on Black Friday? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to start your holiday shopping early or just can’t resist a great deal, we have rounded up some of the biggest deals you can pick up for Black Friday this year. Our Black Friday sale will be live through Cyber Monday, but we recommend you shop sooner rather than later in case you skip off the best deal. Now, you can get 15% OFF orders over $98. And NO Black Friday sale is complete without the top-rated product! If you’re looking to score a coveted price cut this holiday, you’re in luck. For a Limited Time only, from November 19 to 28, our best seller Wireless Bird Box Camera is on sale for $99!! 

Wireless Bird Box Camera Hits Its Lowest Price Ever Black Friday Deal!

Bird watching is great fun! In fact, people of all ages find it a fun hobby. And we all tend to be intrigued by these fascinating creatures as they’re gliding across the sky. But wouldn’t it be nicer to watch them more closely? The bird box cameras are by far the best way to watch garden wildlife without disturbing them. They provide incredible close-ups of the chicks as they hatch and fledge from the nest. And setting up a bird box camera is easier than you think. Just connect it to a power source, mount it on the birdhouse, and you’re ready to go! If you want to get a head start on holiday savings, then you’ll never want to miss this one. 

Wireless Bird Box Camera – Down to $99

The Bestselling Bird Box Camera of All Time! This wireless bird box camera has brought our customers years of enjoyment with the perfect picture quality to watch everything from blue jays to hedgehogs, from squirrels to badgers, etc. It gives you a fantastic new way to get close and personal with wildlife and nature from the comfort of your home. Featuring a compact size, this bird box camera can easily fit in any style of birdhouse without bothering the birds at all. And we’ve always been hearing from our beloved customers to finesse our technology, so the second-generation wireless bird box camera is IP66-rated waterproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor deployments. Now, this wireless bird box camera is on sale for a record-low price of $99, approximately $46 OFF. So, you’d better hurry up! 

Any Other Feature That Makes It Stand Out? 

1. Wireless Connectivity

A bird box camera with wireless connectivity is a game-changing breakthrough for remote birdwatching and wildlife observation. All you need to make sure of is that the wireless bird box camera is plugged into a power source and there’s a strong WiFi signal in your garden. And after simple configurations, you can watch what goes on inside the nest box remotely on your smartphone, tablet, and PC. And one added bonus to this wireless bird box camera is that the built-in memory card slot on the underside of the camera allows you to record and store the footage without extra recording devices. And the wireless bird box cameras only need one cable for power, dramatically reducing the installation costs.

2. High Resolution

A robust WiFi bird box camera should deliver high-quality images and videos of high resolution and brilliant color. This wireless bird box camera is greatly improved with a high video resolution of up to 3 megapixels, ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors for rich details of far-away objects. It can capture crystal-clear live video streaming and clips, and no detail will be missed! It gives you the potential to zoom into images easily without losing picture quality. So even if you zoom in, details are still visible. Moreover, you’re guaranteed to see improved video quality without buffering. It also allows longer recording time on the SD card before overwriting old videos and saves you the additional cost to store data. 

3. Wide-Angle Lens

A sound bird box camera should have a wide-angle lens to secure a wider field of view in various directions, allowing for more of the scene to be captured in the frame. And a high-quality bird box camera should have something around 100°. Compared with other bird box cameras that only produce a limited perceptive, this wireless bird box camera features a huge field of view of 120° to capture all the goings-on inside the box. And it also helps create a greater depth of field to provide an increased sense of dimension and depth, which makes it ideal for use in enclosed spaces like birdhouses. What’s more, you can also manually adjust the lens to get the optimized focus to fine-tune the image. 

4. Night Vision

Though the lighting is a key factor for video recording, long-term white-light exposure may be more disruptive to the overall wellness of the nesting birds. But a bird box camera with invisible infrared LEDs can deliver a clearer image at night without spooking the birds and jeopardizing their breeding success. And since many animals are most active at night, having a bird box camera that can record in dark is essential for getting the best possible footage. Equipped with a highly sensitive ICR auto-switch, the bird box camera can automatically swift to night vision to ensure 24/7 continuous recording. Additionally, its low-light response has been improved and enables objects to be seen clearly even in low-light conditions.

5. True-to-Life Audio 

Bird watching is a recreational activity for all ages and walks of life that not only involves visual enjoyment but acoustic pleasure as well. And using a bird box camera with audio features opens a world of new possibilities. This wireless bird box camera is equipped with a built-in microphone to record every cheep and whistle inside the birdhouse and deliver the most authentic true-to-life bird sound. Their sweet melodies have magical effects that can soothe your soul and help you forget your troubles. And for students, it’s a great tool that you can use to mimic different animal calls. 

6. Push Message Notification

Birdwatching is a pleasant pastime but you’ve to admit that waiting for birds’ coming is very boring and sometimes even torturing. But thanks to smart features like motion detection, this wireless bird box camera can automatically start filming once it detects any activity inside the birdhouse. Push message notifications will also be sent to your phone at every trigger even so you won’t miss out on any exciting moment. And motions will be highlighted during playback.

7. Robust Design 

Considering that the bird box camera is mostly applied in outdoor environments, this wireless bird box camera is housed in a rugged waterproof casing that protects the camera from water ingress. And we go for a darker shade as camouflage, thinking that the bird box camera can easily blend into the background color of the surroundings, so the animals will feel more comfortable and unconscious when being recorded. And the bird box camera is made from steady and durable materials, so it can last for a longer time. 

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