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Functions Required in an Effective Bird Box Camera System

Bird watching is a mutual-beneficial recreation that has gained worldwide popularity and developed into the most popular pass-time for tens of thousands of people. People can’t just move their eyes away from these majestic creatures, and their desire to discover the mysteries of the bird kingdom drives them to explore the hidden world of these feathery fellas by all means. And the bird box camera is proved to be the most direct and effective approach in wildlife observation without over-interference in their daily activities. To secure a pleasant bird-watching experience, you are supposed to get an effective bird box camera system.

The following is an introduction of suggested functions needed in the bird box camera.

1.Clear Image (Ultra HD)

A clear image is a fundamental basis for a satisfactory bird-watching experience. A sound bird box camera should be one that delivers high-quality images and videos of high resolution and brilliant color. And to achieve a successful remote observation of wild birds, the camera should be able to deliver high-definition images in close-up shooting. Unlike the old-fashioned built-in camera whose image is oftentimes blurry and fogging in close-up shots, the bird box camera from Green Backyard is equipped with the capacity to zoom in or out on an image without reducing its clarity. Moreover, it’s better to choose one whose image quality will not be compromised during data transmission, for some cameras suffer drastic image degradation. Recently, we have launched a new batch of outdoor bird box cameras with higher resolution (700TVL, 1080p, 3MP, 5MP, etc.) for you to choose from.

2.Wide-angle Lens with Adjustable Focus

A sound bird camera should have a wide-angle lens with adjustable focus to secure a wider field of view in various directions. Ideally, a larger angle contributes to wider viewing width, so something around 100° will make sure the birdwatcher has a good perspective inside the bird box. Compared with other products that only produce a 95° viewing angle, the outdoor WiFi bird box camera from Green Backyard delivers a 120° field of view which is applicable to any form of professional shooting for bird enthusiasts. Now, we’ve offered a wider selection range (102°/120°) to meet your specific needs. All cameras are equipped with an adjustable focus to help you get an optimized shooting focus by simply rotating the lens clockwise or counter-clockwise.

3.Night Vision

Artificial/unnatural lighting like white flash could disrupt animal’s physiology and behaviors at night. According to Environmental Pollution, white flash can jeopardize breeding success by deterring wild animals from mating and laying eggs. Lighting also poses negative effects on their sleeping behaviors: with the light on all night long, birds are inclined to fall asleep later and wake up earlier with 50-minute sleeping loss in approximate estimation. Though the lighting is a key factor for wildlife shooting, long-term white-light exposure may be more disruptive to the overall wellness of those feathered creatures. But a camera with invisible infrared LEDs will guarantee clear night shooting without spooking the birds or jeopardizing the breeding success. Additionally, a night-vision camera in bird-friendly design is a perfect feature that ensures 24/7 continuous recording to capture the images of nocturnal animals. And the infrared LEDs will be automatically turned on as night falls.

4.Daytime LEDs

Photographing nesting birds in low-light conditions is always challenging. To get a better image, installing an additional daytime LED lamp into the birdhouse seems a feasible solution, but have you imagined how messy it would be when all the cables tangle together? Chances are the birds might get strangled when accidentally caught up by the cable. It’s way better if you pick a camera that has daytime LEDs built in the camera. The outdoor WiFi bird box camera from Green Backyard is equipped with infrared and daytime LEDs at the same time to deliver remarkable image quality day and night. Specially designed for recording in low-light conditions, its daytime LEDs (soft warm light; diffusion filters are included to reduce the brightness) can be manually turned on/off via the app. Please note that they are limited to daytime use only and that they must be turned off in advance when you’re watching nocturnal birds or animals, such as owls, bats and hedgehogs.

5.True-to-life Audio with Built-in Microphone

Bird watching is a recreation for all ages and all walks of life that not only involves visual enjoyment but acoustic pleasure as well. Some manufacturers cannot build the microphone inside the camera for technical difficulties and the user has to install an additional microphone inside the bird box or attach it to the camera, which can be easily damaged by the resident birds. Thus, compared with a stand-alone microphone, it’s always recommended to pre-install the microphone inside the camera to record the true-to-life bird sounds.

6.Wireless Connectivity

A bird box camera with wireless connectivity is a game-changing breakthrough for remote wildlife observation. Compared with traditional hardwired cameras, it is no longer restricted by distance because it can function basically anywhere the network presents. Its wireless connectivity has dramatically lowered the volume of cabling and caused a sharp drop in installment charge, for no extra cable except a power cord is needed in the setup and no supporting equipment is needed for data transmission or signal conversion. It can also support live streaming: download the app and then you can watch live shows on their smartphones or tablets. Moreover, it enables bird lovers to share the footage with their families and friends with account sharing.

Recently, Green Backyard has launched a long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera that can support data transmission of up to 800 meters away from the included receiver thanks to the XtremeWiFi technology. Its enhanced network performance allows the signals to pass through multiple walls without severe attenuation.

7.Motion Detection plus Instant Notification

Bird watching is a pleasant pass-time, while the whole waiting process is rather mundane and torturing. A camera equipped with smart features like motion detection can automatically start photographing when birds are moving in the bird box to reduce wasting time. Users can download a free app on their smartphones and notifications will be sent to them in a form of a push message once the camera detects some motion changes inside the birdhouse, ensuring you will never miss any exciting moment.

8.Design and Construction

A perfect bird box camera should have a compact design to fit in any nesting boxes without taking up much space or disturbing the daily activities of the inside dwellers. Considering that the camera is normally applied in outdoor settings for wildlife observation, a waterproof camera is recommended to prevent potential explosions for water ingress. Moreover, the color and printing of the camera should be darker shades as camouflage or colors that can easily blend into the background color of the bird box or birding site. And it is imperative that the camera be made from lightweight and durable materials for long-term steady use.

9.Data Storage

Data storage is also an important factor that needs consideration when picking a nice bird box camera. The most cost-efficient way is to store footage with an SD card, which allows users to record and store exciting clips of nestlings without any pricey and bulky recording devices. But not every box camera supports SD storage, so it’s better to choose one with a built-in memory card or with an SD card slot. Unlike the outdated analog camera that has to store and compress the footage in the DVR/NVR, the outdoor WiFi bird box camera from Green Backyard supports both SD card and PC software recording for regular playbacks.

For more information, please check Green backyard. We’ve launched a series of new productions for selection!!

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