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Halloween Sale 2022: Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

Halloween isn’t all about candies and costumes. This year, to express our sincere appreciation for our dedicated customers for years of support, we’re holding a flash sale for the next five days to celebrate the Halloween spirit this autumn. If you’re looking for a gift for your special somebody who is into birds and wildlife, you can’t go wrong with a bird box camera!

Treat Yourself, Not Just Candy!

Don’t be haunted by what could be. This Halloween, we’re running low on the entire product line! Flash sale starts from October 29 to November 2, 2022. Take 10% OFF your orders over $98 using the coupon code SPOOKY22 and enjoy free shipping for orders over $189! Come explore our brand new bird box camera collections – It’s scarily amazing!! Say hello to our new series of bird box camera bundles and save big on holiday faves now! We’ve offered options to suit every budget, allowing you to watch nesting birds on the smartphone, tablet, PC and TV from the comfort of your home!

We Won’t Trick You – Top Deals Are Right Here!

Don’t hesitate. The best deals are selling out fast! It’s an investment you’ll never regret.

• Best Seller of the Year: Wireless Bird Box Camera

• Best for Nest Boxes: Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera

• Best with Wired Connection: Bird Box Camera HD Network Cable Connection

• Best for TV Viewing: Birdhouse Camera HD with Wireless Transmission

• Best Budget Bundle: WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle with Wireless Repeater

#1 Wireless Bird Box Camera

This bird box camera is all you need to start birdwatching in minutes. This wireless bird box camera records pin-sharp, high-quality images in 3MP UHD. With the built-in microphone, you can not only see but also watch the goings-on inside the nest box. Once connected to the network, this bird box camera will automatically record and stream the live feeds to your smartphone, tablet, PC or third-party platform like YouTube. Invisible infrared LEDs secure 24/7 recording with a maximum night vision range of 1m. The built-in memory card slot also provides an easy way to record footage.

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#2 Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera

Is any of your friends a huge fan of wood ducks? Then this bird box camera will definitely surprise them. Specially designed for monitoring wood ducks and other waterfowl, this long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera can support a wireless range of up to 200 meters. Using the iCSee app, you can watch live or recorded footage of nesting birds on any iOS or Android device in Full HD. Push message notification is also available when the bird box camera detects any activities inside the birdhouse. Apart from standard AC/DC power, this long-range IP bird box camera can also be powered by a motorcycle battery, which gives you more flexibility in camera placement.

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#3 Bird Box Camera HD Network Cable Connection

This IP bird box camera features a simple plug-and-play installation using a single Ethernet cable for both power and data connection, eliminating additional network cabling. It delivers a robust and reliable signal at all times, you don’t need to worry about not getting enough WiFi signal or being out of range! By using the iCSee app, you can watch live or recorded videos remotely on your mobile and PC. This HD bird box camera produces high-definition color images (3MP) by day and crisp black and white images during darkness. Featuring a 2.5mm adjustable wide-angle lens, it can display a field of view of up to 120°.

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#4 Birdhouse Camera HD with Wireless Transmission

This birdhouse camera gives you an easy way to watch nesting birds from the comfort of your home. Compared with the traditional analog bird box cameras, this birdhouse camera can record birds and other wildlife at a much higher resolution of 3 megapixels. By using this birdhouse camera, real-time video & audio can be transmitted wirelessly to the receiver at a distance of up to 50 meters. Just plug this birdhouse camera into a power source, connect it to the network and you’re ready to go!

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There’s No Better Bundle for You!

We also launch various types of bundles to help you set up your very own bird box camera system in your garden and start watching birds on your smartphone.

#1 WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle with Wireless Repeater

This bird box camera bundle includes everything you need to begin bird watching right now: a WiFi bird box camera, a cedarwood birdhouse and a wireless repeater to help you boost the signal strength and effectively extend the coverage area of your WiFi network to your garden. This WiFi bird box camera can support the wireless transmission of up to 150ft at a clear line of sight. The birdhouse is made of responsibly sourced cedar wood, which is naturally resistant to fungi, insect infestation and moisture.

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#2 Wireless Bird Box Camera with Battery Power

Using only a battery-operated bird box camera gives you a constant range of versatility since the camera itself can be moved from place to place without much effort. This bird box camera bundle provides true wireless transmission without having to run any power or video cables across the lawn, floor, or through walls. Like the other models, this bird box camera can also run on mains power and can be plugged into low-voltage AC/DC power. But you can also charge this wireless bird box camera with motorcycle batteries using the 12V Rechargeable Battery Connection Cable to set up a wire-free bird box camera system.

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What’s more, we’ve also developed a series of bird feeder cameras, wildlife cameras, feeders & habitats and other accessories – and they’re all ON SALE!!! For more information, please visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest sale.

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