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How to Set Up a Second Long-Range WiFi Bird Box Camera?

Setting up a second long-range WiFi bird box camera can greatly enhance your bird watching experience. Not only does it provide you with different angles and perspectives (ground level, entrance, etc.), but it also enables you to monitor multiple bird nests simultaneously. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of setting up a second camera for your bird box.

Long-Range WiFi Bird Box Camera

Before we start, let’s review one of our best sellers: the long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera (4956-11).

This bird box camera is equipped with 1080p HD video quality and a 120° adjustable lens, allowing you to capture every vivid detail of nesting birds. With a wireless range of up to 250 meters, you can effortlessly observe avian activity even in a sprawling outdoor setting. The night vision (infrared) and daytime LEDs guarantee crystal-clear footage at any time, even during the darkest hours. Download our official Green Backyard app, and you can view live or recorded videos on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, this long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera is IP66 waterproof, designed to withstand even the hardest weather conditions, such as rain, snow or extreme temperatures. It’s compatible with various power options such as 12V DC battery, or solar, ensuring a reliable power supply. Most importantly, its receiver can connect up to 2x long-range WiFi bird box cameras at once. That’s why we recently launched a camera-only version (4956-03), so you can easily add a second camera to the existing system without spending extra costs!

Installation Process

Now, let’s jump into the step-by-step process of setting up a second long-range WiFi bird box camera:

Step 1: Determine the Best Position

Scout for a suitable location to place your second long-range WiFi bird box camera. Make sure it offers a different view from the first camera – you can place it outside the bird box using a L-shape bracket or in a different bird nest. Remember to consider the camera’s range (250M or 650 ft) and ensure a clear line of sight from the receiver.

Step 2: Install the Second Bird Box Camera

Once you’ve chosen the position, carefully mount the second long-range WiFi bird box camera inside the bird box. Ensure that the lens is aligned properly to capture the nest and any birds that inhabit it. Connect the camera to a reliable power source. This can be done by using a power adapter or connecting it to a rechargeable battery with a 12V battery cable. Double-check that the camera is securely affixed to prevent any accidents or damage.

Step 3: Configure the Wi-Fi settings

First, press the sync buttons on the second long-range WiFi bird box camera and your existing receiver, and hold them for 5 seconds. Then you’ll see the GREEN indicator is on, meaning that they’re successfully connected. Now, log into the app, and click “+” at the top right corner to add the device. On the next page, choose “Device in LAN” and it’ll automatically search for the camera(s) connected to the local network. Then, choose the camera you need to add to the camera list and start streaming!

Step 4: Test the Camera

Access the camera’s live video feed and ensure that it functions properly. Adjust the camera’s settings, if necessary, to optimize the image quality, motion sensitivity or LED illumination. You can manually turn on/off or schedule the daytime LEDs to work during specific hours.

By following the steps outlined above, you can successfully set up a second camera and enjoy the wonders of multiple bird nests simultaneously. So, get ready to capture some amazing footage of our feathered friends!

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