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How to Use Bird Box Cameras for Wildlife Observation?

With the advent of spring, everything comes back to life again! Birds have returned from wintering, bears have woke up from months of hibernation, and the greenery starts popping up through the melting snow. Spring observes the traditional revival of all unions. It’s the time when all wildlife gets most active, the most thrilling season you can see all sorts of wildlife creatures across the continents. And you don’t bother to travel far to get a sneak peek at these lovely creatures, there’s a whole world of wildlife in your backyard waiting for you to discover. Spring is in full swing, so keep an eye out for everything from exotically-colored butterflies to fluffy-tailed squirrels.

Wildlife observation can easily become an obsession. It’s great fun and is extremely useful. It can help you understand the patterns of seasonal changes and the living habits of different species and help you to manage your garden better and make it an ideal nesting place for wildlife. But wildlife creatures can be exclusive and sometimes they will only sneak out in the dead of night, so it’s quite challenging even to catch a glimpse of these little fellas. The best encounters are often about the timing. Our bird box cameras can offer you an amazing insight into the mysterious worlds of different wildlife. By placing a bird box camera in your backyard, you can watch wildlife remotely on your smartphone, tablet, PC and even TV from the comfort of your house, without the risk of disturbing them.

If you want to find out what kind of animal is frequenting your garden, our range of bird box cameras provides an opportunity for you to develop an intimate relationship with your garden visitors. Follow our guide to choosing the best camera system for your garden.

Wildlife to Watch During the Day

There are a variety of animals to watch in your garden. Bunnies are the cute, fuzzy mascots of spring, and most importantly, baby bunnies are born in spring. So take your time to pay a visit to these adorable creatures. If bunnies are the mascots of the spring, then birds are the messengers. Nesting birds can be easily disturbed and stressed, so the best way to get a closer look without disturbing them would be using a bird box camera. It features a small size, which can hardly be noticed. And there’s more you can watch, such as red-tailed squirrels, painted lady butterflies, yellow bumblebees, etc. Squirrels are non-aggressive creatures, but just face it, they never are a pushover. These naughty creatures can get on your nerve by destroying your fruit and vegetable gardens. So installing a bird box camera in your backyard could be of great help to keep an eye on these fellas.

Recommended Model: Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera

Carrying the IP ratings of IP66, the outdoor WiFi bird box camera is completely waterproof giving you peace of mind in outdoor deployments. The most obvious advantage of using a WiFi bird box camera is that it can stream the video directly to the devices connected to your WiFi network, eliminating additional network cabling. This outdoor WiFi bird box camera is designed to work with most standard-sized nest boxes. It employs a 2.5mm wide-angle lens to capture fully-detailed images in vibrant color – ideal for use in enclosures. This outdoor WiFi bird box camera is one of the very few models that support dual lighting, i.e. daytime and infrared LEDs to illuminate the birdhouse in low-light conditions. The metallic antenna also secures better network performance for live streaming. Once configured through the iCSee app, you can watch live feeds either on a smartphone or tablet. Continuous video recording with an SD card allows you to playback the recorded footage anytime.

Wildlife to Watch at Nights

If you are lucky enough to have hedgehogs in your garden, why not install a bird box camera in their nest box to what they’re up to. Hedgehogs can be found in both urban and suburban places, and they are most active between April and September. Their mating seasons mainly fall in May and June, so it’s not too late to install a bird box camera now. It must be so much full recording how they forage and rear their young. Moreover, it’s also prime time for bat watching. In the spring, bats will return from hibernation to the roosting sites. Installing a bat box in the garden provides our friendly pollinators with a comfortable shelter and helps you get rid of the annoying bugs and mosquitoes. Taking some time to record their behaviors could make your day. Since these animals are all nocturnal, the best time to watch them would be the late evening. As you’ll be recording these nocturnal animals mostly in darkness, having a camera supporting invisible night vision could be a bonus, as the infrared LEDs will not emit those glaring red lights that will startle the animals.

Recommended Model: Outdoor PoE Wired IP Bird Box Camera

The outdoor PoE wired IP bird box camera is a more reliable solution to stream live feeds over the Internet with little interference and image degradation, using a single Ethernet cable to transmit data and power. No need to worry about being out of WiFi coverage. But there’s a potential downside that you have to find a way to run the cable back to your house. This outdoor PoE wired IP bird box camera features industry-leading video clarity and color reproduction with an invisible night vision function to secure round-the-clock live streaming to your watching devices. High-resolution images (5MP) along with true-to-life audio. When all the natural light fades, the camera will auto-switch to infrared LEDs for nighttime filming. Message notification is available at every trigger event.

Best Camera for Observing Wood Ducks

Wood ducks are one of the most gorgeous and stunning waterfowls in the world. They are fun to watch as they are preening and bathing together. Wood ducks pair up in January, and most birds arriving at the breeding grounds in the spring are already paired. These birds live in the swamps and nest in holes in trees near the water or nest boxes put up above the lake. Therefore, if you want to watch wood ducks, a waterproof camera is highly demanded. They normally are hidden away from humans during the breeding season, so it’s pretty hard to find one around your neighborhood. To observe wood ducks, you will need a long-range camera.

Recommended Model: Long-range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera

This long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera is suitable for observing wildlife outside your backyard, ideal for long-distance deployments, especially in nature research and wildlife monitoring. Market-leading Xtreme WiFi technology secures the long-range signal transmission of up to 800 meters. The best choice for experienced birdwatchers and wildlife lovers. The long-range bird box camera employs a 2.5mm wide-angle, adjustable lens that gives you the best possible perspective inside the nest box while maintaining high-quality color images and clear audio. The invisible infrared LEDs help to deliver crisp black & white images at night without emitting glaring flashes. Easy to access the footage on the app remotely from anywhere in the world once connected to the home WiFi. Working together with motorcycle batteries, this long-range bird box camera can be installed in places where there is no existing electrical infrastructure.

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