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Last-Minute Christmas Shopping For Bird Lovers 2021

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping For Bird Lovers 2021

Everybody, Christmas is just around the corner. It’s only 10 days to go! Have you done your holiday shopping yet? If you’re someone who usually puts off Christmas shopping until the last minute, well don’t panic yet. Whether you’re looking for gifts for loved ones who have a frenzy passion for birds, we’ve got you covered with incredible and unique gift ideas, which you’ll get highly appreciated for.

So what you’re waiting for? Let’s dive in and shop now!

Fabulous Christmas Gifts For Bird Lovers

1. Cedar Bird Feeder

Whether you are an avid birder or a passionate birdwatcher, you’ll become obsessed with this cedar bird feeder. Made of natural cedar, it’s naturally insect/rot-resistant and weatherproof for years of application. The hollow-carved design and large capacity make it easy to refill and clean. It can hold at least 5 pounds of mixed seeds, reducing the frequency of filling. And beyond all hesitations, it’s a beautiful addition to any birder’s garden, also a great gift to give back to wildlife.

2. Natural Cedar Birdhouse

By gifting a birdhouse to a friend this Christmas, you’re also giving them a chance to see the baby birds next springtime. Made of natural cedar, this birdhouse offers great durability for years of outdoor deployment. Pre-installed predator guard prevents even the most aggressive attackers from enlarging the hole. The grooved front wall helps newborn fledglings climb out of the bird box with a mesh floor and ventilators at the bottom to maximize air circulation and water drainage to ensure maximum sanitation and prevent insect infestation.

3. Binoculars

A birdwatcher’s kit is never complete without a pair of binoculars. Proven to be one of the most effective solutions to observe birds, they will be of great help to your bird-loving friends to discover new species and see something that is out of reach for naked eyes. They deliver excellent clarity, brightness, close-focus capacity, and ease of use. Available at every price range to suit every budget. Perfect for nature lovers and birdwatchers of all kinds.

4. Bird Box Camera

The bird box camera is always a nice pick to pay tribute to your loved ones’ passion for birds. It can be installed in the birdhouse or any standard-sized nest boxes to capture high-resolution videos or images of nesting birds that are inaccessible with naked eyes or binoculars. It allows birdwatchers to watch nesting birds remotely on a smartphone, tablet, PC and even TV depending on the manufacturer’s design. Most bird box cameras are equipped with infrared LEDs to guarantee 24/7 nonstop monitoring even in complete darkness without spooking the birds. Various models are now available in Green Backyard at bargain prices!

5. Bird Feeder Camera

Apart from the bird box camera, gifting your bird-loving friends or family members a bird feeder camera is also a good idea. An excellent tool for feeder watching, wildlife observation, citizen science, nature research and YouTube live streaming. By installing a bird feeder camera, they’ll be able to watch different kinds of birds. Compared with the traditional feeder cameras, it’s way more compact and discreet. Real-time message alerts are available at every trigger event to notify you of every bird visit. It’s completely waterproof to weather the harsh environment in outdoor settings, giving you peace of mind on rainy days.

6. Wildlife Trail Camera

This wildlife trail camera is also a robust tool for bird watching. It’s highly portable and easy to manage. As a motion-activated camera, it comes with different capture modes. Thanks to the highly sensitive PIR system, it’s able to capture crystal-clear snapshots at 16 megapixels and record full HD videos (720P@60FPS) at a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. The trail camera is designed for outdoor use and is naturally resistant to water and snow.

7. Bird-themed Coffee Mug

A bird-themed coffee mug is the most practical Christmas gift for bird lovers. It’s as beautiful as it is functional, suitable for all ages and genders. This unique and appealing bird-themed mug is appealing to everyone even if they are not fond of birds. Whether they’re drinking morning coffee at work or sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, they’ll get pleased and be thankful for this perfect gift.

8. Bird Wing Scarf

This gorgeous bird wing scarf can make a perfect for fashion-conscious bird lovers. This lightweight will make you look like a bird with its wings spread wide open. Perfect for all sorts of occasions from an evening hangout to a beach party. Ideal Christmas gift for people living in tropical climates like Dubai. This bird scarf can also be used as a sarong. Ladies and girls of all ages will enjoy this beautiful gift.

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