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Nature Lover’s Channel: The Best Gifts for Backyard Birding and Wildlife Observation

Shopping for nature lovers can be quite an interesting experience…but can turn out to be thorny. Need inspiration for gifts for bird & wildlife lovers? Fear not, whenever you need us, we’ll be there. We’ve carefully selected a list of top gifts for wildlife enthusiasts, whether they are birdwatchers (amateur or veteran), nature lovers or wildlife photographers.

We’ve researched a variety of gift ideas for all sorts of animal lovers, including a special persona selection for the very best, unique pieces from our shop that will definitely delight anyone on your nature-loving list. Encouraging the love for wildlife is the best gift you could ever give them this Festival Season. Our gift list has tracked down some awesome ideas for your eco-conscious family members and friends. With our gift list, you can find options that suit each budget and every birding style. And you’ll maybe find yourself a special gift along the way. Wait no more. Let’s dive in and see what they are!

Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera with Birdhouse

Newly launched this year, this WiFi bird box camera is completely weatherproof to survive all weather conditions, giving you peace of mind in outdoor deployment. It’s an ideal solution for spotting blue jays, chickadees and other animals like squirrels. It generates high-quality color videos (3MP) and delivers pitch B&W images to secure 24/7 recording with daytime & infrared LEDs. It’s also equipped with a highly sensitive microphone. You can watch live videos on any digital device like a smartphone or tablet. This WiFi bird box camera features sensitive motion detection accompanied by timely message alerts at every trigger event. This ultimate camera bundle comes with a wooden birdhouse, which is made from responsibly sourced cedar wood. This birdhouse enjoys various bird-friendly features, such as removable panels, hinged roof, mesh floor, air vents and grooved front wall.

Mini IP Camera with Bird Feeder

This gift kit includes a mini WiFi bird feeder camera and a cedar bird feeder. This bird feeder camera is a robust device for feeder watch, wildlife observation and YouTube live streaming. It can capture higher levels of detail with a 2.5mm adjustable lens. It’s armed with infrared & daytime LEDs to deliver clearer images in low-light settings. Specially designed for outdoor environments, it is completely waterproof. This WiFi bird feeder camera broadcasts video and audio signals wirelessly over the network without running a network cable back to your house, allowing you to watch feeding birds on smartphones or tablets. Feeders are always a great refueling station during the migration and breeding season. This chalet-style bird feeder comes in rugged construction, aiming to give you years of bird watching enjoyment. It is easy to refill and clean thanks to its hollow-carved design with a large capacity.

TV Bird Box Camera with HDMI Converter

Whether you are a tech-savvy or tech-dummy, a master-level gamer or an old fuddy-duddy, the TV bird box camera is suitable for all ages. Its user-friendly installation also makes it extremely accessible to senior users. Working collaboratively with our HDMI converter, you can watch live feeds on your TV in true 1080p with no extra speaker demanded. Featuring a compact size, it can easily fit in any standard-sized nest boxes. The TV bird box camera employs a 2.5mm adjustable lens to display a wider field of view (120°) to give you a better view inside the nest box. A highly sensitive microphone is also incorporated for audio recording. Invisible night vision guarantees 24/7, 365 days recording day and night. If you’re looking for more bargains, then take a look at our TV bird box camera kit, which includes everything you need to start backyard birding from the comfort of your living room!

Long Range Wireless Versatile IP Camera

If you’re willing to spend some time on something quirky, this long-range versatile IP camera is definitely your choice utilizes state-of-the-art technology – Xtreme WiFi to transmit both video and audio signals 800 meters away to the receiver (PoE-enabled). You can watch fully-detailed 3MP live videos on smartphones, tablets or PCs via the app. Shielded in a waterproof casing rated IP66, it can be mounted on a pole 3 feet above the water or installed on land within 100 feet away from the water to capture the sights and sounds of wood ducks. This model, however, doesn’t support daytime LEDs which makes it ultra suitable for observing nocturnal animals like bats, hedgehogs and badgers. And it’s highly recommended to use motorcycle batteries to power the camera in long-distance deployments. And we also sell this long-range camera accompanied by a birdhouse at a more preferential price!

Versatile Mini PoE Wired Camera

If birds are not your cup of tea, maybe you should have a look at this versatile mini PoE wired camera. Repurposed for wildlife observation, this tiny camera can fit in any enclosed habitats like birdhouses and hedgehog boxes. The PoE also ensures uninterruptible power and data transmission via a single Ethernet cable, eliminating additional network cabling. The versatile mini PoE wired camera offers the most satisfactory bird & wildlife observation experience with high-resolution videos (1080p) and true-to-life sounds. Invisible infrared LEDs secure 24/7 recording with a maximum night vision range of 1m. Once configured via the app, you can watch live or recorded videos remotely on your mobiles. Although this model is not waterproof, rest assured that very few of our customers have reported any case of water ingress over the past few years.

Wildlife Trail Camera

If you or any of your friends are wildlife enthusiasts or nature lovers, this waterproof wildlife trail camera is exactly what you need. As a motion-activated camera, it comes with different capture modes (photo/video/hybrid/time-lapse). Working with an integrated PIR detection system, it’s able to capture crystal-clear snapshots at 16 megapixels and record full HD videos (720P@60FPS) at a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. The no-glow infrared LEDs (IR flash range: 25m/82ft) ensure 24/7 shooting without disturbing the animals. This trail camera supports SD storage of up to 256GB. You can buy the camera with a security lockbox for more protection in high-traffic areas, or you can purchase the camera alone.

Although bird watching is an activity that has a pretty low barrier entry, a hobby that anyone can enjoy in their own gardens simply with their eyes and ears. But this year try to give them something special, trust me, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness you’re putting into gifting them. Hope this gift list can make your holiday shopping more care-free!


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