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Out Now! The Newest Version of Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera

Bottoms up to the official release of our newly-designed Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera! Our brand new bird box camera is carefully designed to bring you the very best bird watching experience in unparalleled 3MP high definition. In the past few months, we’ve been working to develop new models to provide an incredible close-up view of newborn nestlings and fledglings. We’ve always been listening to the feedback of our beloved customers and have been working hard to improve our products to meet your expectation and satisfaction. Now it’s time to unveil our result!

The newest version of the outdoor WiFi bird box camera has landed! We incorporate the best craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology in our new model to provide the best-of-the-all bird watching experience for wildlife and bird lovers. Whether you are a rookie birdwatcher or an experienced birder, this bird box camera is exactly what you need. It’s the upgraded version of our original wireless bird box camera (heated product for years) but equipped with various advanced features and capabilities to deliver high-quality videos daytime and night.

In today’s post, we’re gonna unveil the features of the outdoor WiFi bird box camera! Go ahead to see the improvements in the new model.

3MP Ultra HD

This outdoor WiFi bird box camera can generate crystal clear videos with vivid color reproduction at a resolution of 3MP. The most obvious advantage of using a high-resolution bird box camera is that it is capable of capturing more information per pixel, improving the detail of any scenario captured. With the outdoor WiFi bird box camera, you can display all the intricate details of those lovely feathered creatures on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Most bird box cameras can only support a limited resolution of 1080p, but this model is among the highest resolution megapixel bird box cameras on the market and is exceptional for use where there is a need to capture fine detail.

120° Wide-Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens is a good start to photographing birds at multiple angles. The outdoor WiFi bird box camera from Green Backyard is equipped with a 2.5mm adjustable lens to produce a wider viewing angle of 120° to help you get an optimized shooting focus, designed for use in enclosed spaces, such as birdhouses, bat houses, hedgehog houses and beehives to give you a comprehensive view of the nesting creatures. The biggest benefit of the wide-angle lens is its capability to capture more details and create an increased sense of depth and dimension while keeping details within all regions of the frame.

Infrared Night Vision

Artificial lighting could disrupt animals’ physiology and behaviors and jeopardize breeding success by deterring nesting birds from mating and laying eggs. Lighting also poses negative effects on their sleeping behaviors: with the light on all night long, birds will fall asleep later, wake up earlier, and lose 50 minutes of sleep in approximate estimation. Though the lighting is a key to wildlife photography, long-term white-light exposure is disruptive to the overall well-being of your feathered creatures. This outdoor WiFi bird box camera is equipped with invisible infrared LEDs to produce sharp black-and-white images in the dead of night without spooking the birds by giving off glaring red lights. It’s ideal for observing nocturnal animals like owls, bats, hedgehogs, etc.

PS. We’ve also launched a similar version of the outdoor WiFi bird box camera that is equipped with controllable dual lighting (daytime and invisible infrared LEDs) to help you illuminate the birdhouse in a low-light environment. Please note that the daytime LEDs are limited to daytime use only; filters are also included for you to adjust the brightness.

Waterproof Enclosure

In the spring, it never rains but it pours, which is especially true for people living in tropical climates. If you have ever been frustrated by the rainy season, this outdoor WiFi bird box camera is your right pick. Water and moisture is a serious concern when installing the camera outdoors. Long-term water infiltration could eventually lead to rusting of the interiors and higher-end bodies. This outdoor WiFi bird box camera is well protected in an IP66-rated waterproof metal casing, giving greater flexibility in placement. The advantage of an outdoor bird box camera is its resistance to water/moisture, which makes it more durable and reliable in outdoor applications.

Motion Detection

Another essential feature of this outdoor WiFi bird box camera is motion detection. It can inform you of every bird visit with instant message notifications popping up on your smartphone or tablet. In this way, you can get immediately notified when a bird or any other garden creature enters the camera’s detection zone to ensure you’ll never miss out on any exciting moment. The outdoor WiFi bird box camera employs a highly sensitive motion detector to initiate every trigger event by detecting pixel changes in the background. And false alarms triggered by trees and moving shadows can be highly reduced by configuring the camera settings. You can define the region of interest via the software to program the bird box camera to only react to the pixel changes within this region.

Better Network Performance

A bird box camera with wireless connectivity is a game-changing breakthrough for remote wildlife observation. Compared with traditional hardwired cameras, it is no longer restricted by distance, for it can function well anywhere with a network connection. The outdoor WiFi bird box camera comes with a metallic antenna to secure a more reliable network connection. Its wireless connectivity dramatically lowers the volume of network cabling and cuts down the installation fee. The outdoor WiFi bird box camera also guarantees smooth live streaming on the Internet.

Audio Recording

Audio recording, undoubtedly, is an important feature in the bird box camera. Bird watching is a recreational activity for all ages and walks of life that not only involves visual enjoyment but also acoustic pleasure as well. This outdoor WiFi bird box camera is equipped with a highly sensitive, built-in microphone for audio recording to pick up every little sound in the bird box so as to deliver the most authentic, true-to-life bird sounds to its dedicated listeners.

The ultimate goal of our company is to pave the way for wildlife and bird lovers to achieve a delightful birdwatch experience and create a harmonious and co-existing community that embraces the grandeur and beauty of nature. We welcome all feedback from our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Your ideas will be highly appreciated!

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