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Recording Bird Activities with Bird Box Camera

Watching the bird box camera on TV is a convenient way to observe the birdhouse. However, we can’t just sit in front of the TV 24/7, and wait for the interesting moments to come up. Thanks to IP technology, birdhouse watching is being moved to different devices such as smartphone, tablet, PC computer. It is easy to keep your eyes on the birdhouse remotely. The notification message is even available with the IP bird box camera. Still we may don’t have all the time to keep tracking the cameras. The recording feature is a great solution to save the video, so you will not miss any interesting moments.

The video can be saved in 24/7, but it brings up another issue, you may need to spend plenty of time to view the footage even if you use 4X speed to playback. The motion detection recording feature is needed. The motion detection allows the camera to record the video while it detects the change in the image. The detection is not that accurate, the camera checks the two consequent pictures and see whether there is any change. The vibration and flash light could trigger the alert. This still can save plenty of time. You can either make the camera record only with change or continuous recording by flag the video section in red while the motion is triggered.

There are several ways to record the video from an IP bird box camera. The most simple way is you can click the record icon on the app, the live video will be saved to the mobile app. Your app should turn on and receive the live video before you can record. This is easy but not convenient. You never know when it is the best time. The video quality depends on network transmission form. If it is the WiFi bird box camera, the video may become choppy while the WiFi signal is not strong.

The second solution is PC software. You can install the latest CMS5 and record the files to the PC computer. The latest CMS5 supports schedule and motion recording. You can make the PC only record in specific time while there is any change in the image. It saves hard drive space. Again, the video quality depends on the network connection. We would recommend you use the wire POE IP  bird box camera, which can provide a more stable network transmission.

If you have a NAS station that supports IP cameras such as Synology, that would be a good news to you. You can integrate the bird box camera to NAS station which has plenty of space for camera files recording. It may save files to the NAS station for months or even a year. The Synology NAS doesn’t support motion detection recording. You will have 24/7 continuous recording only.

In addition, the video recorder is designed to record bird box cameras. One video recorder can connect up to 4 WiFi or IP bird box cameras. You need to install an external hard drive to the recorder and the record will start recording automatically. Moreover, the video recorder has HDMI which allows to connect TV and output the live video on the TV directly. The recorder uses the mouse operated interface. It works similar to the PC computer.

Most of the cameras from Green-Backyard including WiFi and Wire IP box camera have micro SD slots that support on-board recording. The On-board recording is a cost-effective and reliable solution. The video quality doesn’t depend on the network transmission. Even if the network is cut off, the camera still will save the video to the micro SD card. Like the video recorder, the on-board micro SD card offers motion detection as well. You can set the camera only record while the change comes up to save the memory space. The camera supports the 128GB max. micro SD card.

One more thing needed to address is the space that the files will take per day. If the camera is set to 6 frames at 1080p resolution, it takes around 15GB per day. The real performance depends on the environment. In the low light condition, it takes more space because there is much noise in the image, the video compression is not so high efficient. Enabling H.265 compression can save some of the space.

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