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Set up a Bird Watching System with HD Cameras

The Introduction of the Camera-based Bird Watching System

The craze for bird watching has been sweeping across the globe over the last few years. As is known to all, as a rather low-cost hobby, it doesn’t take much to get started except a positive mindset and desire to cherish these majestic creatures. Oftentimes, experienced birdwatchers would head to the natural habitats along with their advanced binoculars and encyclopedic knowledge of bird species, creeping about in the bushes only to catch a glimpse of those fast-paced fowls of the air. But even the most experienced birdwatchers wouldn’t dare get closer to these sensitive fellas without the risk of scaring them away, and sometimes they may come home disappointed with no birds making an appearance.

But these problems could be easily tackled with the assistance of our HD bird box/feeder cameras. The camera-based bird watching system is the replacement for traditional outdoor bird watching to free birdwatchers from the rigid limitations of time and place. By setting up a bird watching system with HD cameras, everyone (whether they be veterans or beginners) can have easier access to bird watching in a more convenient way. With the infusion of technology into bird watching, people could gain a brand new perspective of birds that is normally invisible with binoculars. The application of HD cameras to bird watching provides a perfect platform for bird enthusiasts or nature lovers to explore the hidden world of birds and deepen their understanding of Mother Nature and wildlife.

Pros and Cons of Watching Birds with HD Cameras

Watching birds with HD cameras is an exhilarating experience. But just as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. The camera-based bird watching system has its own pros and cons.

Pros of Watching Birds with HD Cameras

1.In-home bird watching: One of the greatest appeals of the application of HD cameras to bird watching is that people of any physical state or mobility levels could have easy access to the enjoyment of spotting birds without tedious waiting. By installing a wildlife camera that supports remote observation on TV or other digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs, in the nesting boxes, people could have a crystal clear picture of every move of the inside dwellers and take their time chilling on the couch, sipping their coffees and admiring the masterpiece of nature at the same time. No more tiring traveling to the forests and waiting for hours only to catch a fleeting glimpse of those fast-paced creatures without knowing what they are.

2.Better watching experience——Compared with binoculars, bird cameras installed in the birdhouse or backyard could deliver high-resolution images and videos (all in 1080p HD) 24/7 along with supreme acoustic enjoyment thanks to the highly sensitive built-in microphones. In addition, the camera can be programmed to activate when the motion detector is triggered lest users will miss out on some exciting moments. And night-vision cameras equipped with infrared LEDs could secure 24/7 continuous recording without spooking the birds. Moreover, WiFi or PoE wired bird cameras also allow for live streaming on smartphones and tablets.

3.Remote observation without interference——Disturbance of nesting birds by any means is legally banned to guarantee the overall welfare of birds. For people who want to get a closer look while not breaking the law, mini-cameras can be installed to explore the mysterious lives of nesting birds and document wildlife activity of rarely seen species. In this way, people would have an unrestrained joy of bird watching while staying within the law. But there’s something to keep in mind: never move the camera when birds are still around.

Cons of Watching Birds with HD Cameras

1.Complicated installation——The installation of wireless cameras can be somehow challenging for there are some complicated software configurations involved. In some cases, professional help might be needed in the setup. For wired cameras, people may need to drill a hole in their houses to route out the cables, while for wireless cameras, they need to figure out how to connect the devices to their networks.

2.Higher costs——Outdoor bird watching is a low-cost activity with low investment in binoculars (the average price will be around $30-$60) and bird guides, while the bird cams are far more expensive (about $140-$160). And additional fees for installation (cables and supporting devices like DVRs) and maintenance are needed. But compared with high-priced binoculars (up to $100-$170), a bird camera would be a more valuable investment for its versatility in different circumstances.

Three Types of Wildlife Cameras to Set up the System

The following are three distinct types of wildlife cameras that can be applied in different settings to set up a sound bird watching system with HD cameras.

Bird box camera

Nearly every bird lover would have a birdhouse or nesting box installed in the backyard during the migration season to help those birds weather severe climates. Installing a bird box camera into an existing birdhouse is the best way to update the bird watching system. The bird box camera offers a better picture of the inside world of nesting birds and also helps birdwatchers lead a fulfilled and meaningful life on long, dull winter days.

The bird box camera is a high-resolution mini-camera that can be installed in the birdhouse or any form of nesting site for bird watching. It is one of the most satisfactory and cost-effective approaches to capture high-resolution videos or images of nesting birds that are inaccessible with naked eyes or binoculars. Equipped with an adjustable wide-angle lens, it is also greatly advanced with smart features which enable the camera to capture the images of the nestlings in vivid detail. A highly sensitive microphone is built in to record the sounds of birds. It is also applicable in night shooting with invisible infrared LEDs. Shielded in a waterproof casing, it gives you great flexibility on where to place the camera.

Live or recorded videos can be broadcast on TV, other digital devices like smartphones or over the Internet depending on what type of camera is employed (HDMI or WiFi cameras). Compatible with all digital devices, the IP-based wired and wireless cameras are exclusively designed to support remote bird watching on smartphones or tablets without disturbing the resident birds. Instant notifications will be sent to the user the moment the motion detector is triggered. Moreover, some bird cameras also support onboard SD card storage for regular playbacks at any time. Recently, Green Backyard has launched a new series of outdoor bird/wildlife cameras for selection. For more information, go check our website!

Bird feeder camera

A bird feeder camera is a perfect option for birdwatchers to capture close-up shots of the garden wildlife in outdoor settings without disturbing them. With the enticement of bird seeds, those feathered friends will automatically be attracted to the camera. In this manner, people can photograph all kinds of garden critters while they are feasting on tasty bird feed. The placement of the bird feeder camera is somehow versatile. It can be placed near a feeder, a birdbath or in an optimal location within the coverage of the camera. And the bird feeder camera also serves as a surveillance camera to deter trespassers.

The mini WiFi bird feeder camera from Green Backyard delivers high-quality images of 3MP without image degradation in close-up shots. With a built-in microphone, it can deliver true-to-life bird sounds. It has a wide-angle lens with adjustable focus to ensure a wider field of view (120°) to capture the vivid details of these garden visitors. It features glow-free night vision using infrared LEDs to secure 24/7 recording without spooking the birds. Its daytime LEDs (diffusion filters are included to adjust the lighting) can be manually turned on/off via an app to secure better image quality in low-light conditions. Specially designed for outdoor shooting, it is made out of waterproof materials to support long-term use in an outdoor environment.

Featuring a compact size, this feeder camera can be installed in our specially-made bird feeder or fixed on a pole by a bird table. Users can customize their camera settings through a free app and watch live shows of those feathered creatures on any digital devices like smartphones or tablets anytime they want. The metallic antenna shows great resistance against bird biting with improved network performance to ensure smooth live streaming. It is equipped with intelligent features like a motion detector to automatically start filming when triggered. And instant notifications will be sent when the motion detector senses any activities. Moreover, it supports both SD card (not included) and PC software storage for timely playbacks.

Waterproof wildlife trail camera

The trail camera is an action-motivated, fully-functioned camera that takes pictures or records videos when the motion detector is triggered and is normally used by wildlife researchers or birdwatchers to capture the images of moving animals. No wired power connection is needed for it supports standard AA battery power, which enlarges its application to different circumstances despite distance limit. This kind of wildlife camera is oftentimes waterproof to operate in outdoor settings.

The waterproof wildlife trail camera from Green Backyard is a robust tool to capture the images of those fast-paced fowls plus other wild creatures like squirrels and bats in vivid detail with supreme sharpness. This battery-powered wildlife features a highly-sensitive motion detection system with a fast triggering speed (with a trigger time of 0.2 seconds) to take consecutive photos when the detector is triggered. Also, thanks to the motion-activated design, it is energy-wise without frequent battery charging (up to a year of continuous use on a single set of 8×AA batteries in the standby status). Besides, it’s equipped with a 2.4″ LCD color screen and a control panel for video viewing and parameter settings. No extra supporting devices or digital monitors are needed to view the footage. Accompanied with a mounting strap, this camera provides great flexibility on installation regardless of the restriction of wiring.

Normally, wildlife trail cameras can’t deliver high-resolution images as bird box cameras do, but this trail camera is an excellent option for birdwatchers who prioritize image quality. It is capable of producing 16-megapixel still images and high-quality videos of 720P@60FPS. Its no-glow infrared technology with 25-meter (82-foot) night vision allows the camera to perform well even during the darkest hours of the night, making it possible to capture the images of nocturnal animals like owls or nighthawks. Since it is made up of waterproof and durable materials, it is applicable to long-term use in harsh environments. As such, it can effortlessly perform in extreme conditions with the operating temperature ranging from -22°F (-30°C) to 158°F (70°C) With a maximum SD card storage of 256GB, it provides sufficient storage place for recorded videos with low replacement frequencies.

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