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Spring Sales for Early-bird Shoppers

Have you noticed the increase in bird songs recently? With the advent of spring, everything comes back to life again, which means now is the moment to welcome new neighbors into our garden. Spring is a busy time for mating, breeding in the animal kingdom, and this is particularly true for birds. Apart from listening out for the tuneful melodies in your garden, spotting nesting birds is another fun stuff to do during this magical time of the year.

To give you a closer look at these lovely creatures, we have launched a collection of bird box/ feeder cameras to help you record every fantastic moment of your feathered friends without disturbing them. And we’ve also launched a series of exquisitely-crafted wildlife habitats and feeders to help you attract nesting birds to your garden. Continue to read to know more about the spring sale.

All you need to know about the Spring Sale….

Save big on the Spring Flash Sale

In this spring, to celebrate the return of migratory birds, Green Backyard’s flash sale recently commenced with up to 10% OFF of all qualified products and you can also enjoy exclusive discounts for the Cedar Bird Feeder. Now, use the coupon code Springbirds to save big on orders over $98 (this coupon is also applicable to products already at a reduced price). This discount is valid from February 26 to March 7, 2022. For customers who’ve received the promotional vouchers, please note this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with the others.

Know about ‘Free Shipping’ Policy here

The ‘Free shipping’ Policy is applicable to orders over $189 (the final price at the cashier). And the ‘Free shipping’ Policy (minimum purchase threshold may apply) is granted with the use of the coupon. The track & trace will be sent to you via the confirmation email once your order is in transit. But please note shipping delays might happen occasionally. The estimated delivery time will vary depending on your location and the efficiency of the local post office.

Top Products

Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera

The first runner-up is definitely is our best seller in the last season: the outdoor WiFi bird box camera. Carry the IP ratings of IP66, it is completely waterproof giving you peace of mind in outdoor deployment. It features a 2.5mm wide-angle lens to display a wider field of view (120°). It supports both daytime and infrared LEDs to deliver 3MP color images by day and crisp B&W images at night. The metallic antenna guarantees better network performance, allowing you to watch live/recorded videos remotely on your smartphone, tablet and PC. And we also launch the newest version that is only equipped with infrared LEDs to allow you to observe nocturnal birds.

Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera

This long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera features industry-leading video clarity and color reproduction with an invisible night vision function to secure round-the-clock live streaming. Support wireless transmission of up to 800m. Message notification is available at every trigger event. Working together with rechargeable batteries, this long-range bird box camera can be installed in places where there is no existing electrical infrastructure.

Meet Our Newest Release

Outdoor PoE Wired IP Bird Box Camera with SD Card Recording

This outdoor PoE IP bird box camera (IP66-rated) offers the most satisfactory bird watching experience to deliver high-resolution videos in 5MP with perfect color reproduction. With a 2.5mm lens, the camera comes with an enlarged viewing angle, ideal for use in enclosed spaces. Once configured via the app, you can watch live or recorded videos remotely on your mobile devices. Invisible night vision secures 24/7 recording to deliver clear infrared images in low-light conditions, offering a maximum night vision range of 1m. This new model also is built with an SD card slot for local recording.

Best Deals this Flash Sale-Most Recommended Products:

• Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera: $145.3 $130.77 ($14.53 OFF)

• Birdhouse with Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera: $169.45 $152.5 ($16.95 OFF)

• Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera $163.5 $147.15 ($16.35 OFF)

• Outdoor PoE Wired IP Bird Box Camera: $128.75 $115.86 ($12.88 OFF)

• IP Bird Box Camera: $129.99 $107.99 ($22 OFF)

• 3MP Wireless TV Bird Box Camera: $198.5 $178.65 ($19.85 OFF)

• TV Bird Box Camera with HDMI Converter: $139.85 $125.87 ($13.98 OFF)

*List price based on US currencies.

Your chance to enjoy an exclusive offer….

Cedar Bird Feeder-20% OFF NOW!!

Feeding birds is one of the most rewarding activities you can do in the spring to boost the survival rate of parent and baby birds in the breeding season. Bird feeders are great spots for birds to meet and mate, and they’ll have easier access to food. Now, you can enjoy 20% OFF for the Cedar Bird Feeder by using the coupon code Spring2022 (valid across February). Our chalet-style bird feeder is made of high-quality cedarwood, naturally waterproof and resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation. The hollow-carved design and large capacity (can hold at least 5 pounds of bird seeds) make it easy to refill and clean.

What Else Do We Offer?

Don’t know how to choose a bird box camera? Go check our camera chooser page where you can find the most comprehensive comparisons between different camera models. You can also test the live cameras on your smartphone by downloading the ICSee app from the App Store or Google Play to try our bird box cameras before making the final purchase. If you have any questions, please go check our Knowledge Base where you can find step-by-step tutorials for installation, configuration and product diagnosis and answers to commonly asked product questions. And you can feel free to contact us for tailored and free tech and product support from our professionals (find contact methods in our Help Page. You can also follow us on Facebook@BirdWatch and Instagram@greenbackyard_birding for latest promotions.

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