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Squirrel Time Capture Critters with Wildlife Cameras

A surging interest in wildlife observation during the lockdown has inspired people’s love for nature and wildlife. And without a doubt, squirrels are one of the cutest and most hilarious garden creatures to watch during spring and summer. They’re one of the very few animals that enjoy the company of humans. But it’s just as challenging to photograph squirrels: they are jumpy, skittish and fast: a squirrel can get to the top of an oak tree within seconds. Keen observation and patience are required for taking stunning squirrel photos. The best way to spot those fluffy-tailed little guys is to invest in a wildlife camera. Wildlife cameras are an incredible way to bring nature closer to us and deepen our connection with wild animals like squirrels. Green Backyard has launched various types of wildlife cameras to provide an up-close view of your little friends and other wildlife and help you get a better understanding of little residents living in your garden.

Watch Squirrels How to Rear the Young

Squirrels have two litters of babies every year. The maternity season normally happens once from January to March and again from June to August. You haven’t missed the first breeding season, but you will never want to miss this one! Though the second breeding season will not start until late June, you’d better get prepared now. Just like any other wildlife, squirrels hate to be disturbed during maternity. So you have to install the wildlife camera into the nest box before the breeding season. If you don’t own one, then you can mount the camera directly in places where they normally habitat. Female squirrels will build their nests on natural holes in older decaying trees, and sometimes they will use a homeowner’s attic, shed, or chimney for residence. It’d be entertaining to watch how these lovely squirrels are snuggled up together in their bed and see how a baby squirrel develops from a tiny pink cub to a furry-tailed adult.

Recommended Product: Waterproof Bird Box Camera

Originally designed for bird watching, this waterproof bird box camera can be repurposed for wildlife observation as well. Featuring IP ratings of IP66, it can work reliably in any outdoor environment. It comes in a compact size, designed to work with standard-sized nest boxes. The most obvious advantage of using a WiFi camera is that it supports video streaming via the Internet, so you can watch real-time footage of baby squirrels on your smartphone, tablet and PC without additional network cabling.

The waterproof bird box camera can produce 3MP high-definition images by day with vivid color reproduction. Backed up with a highly sensitive auto ICR switch, the night vision LEDs can be manually and automatically turned on to generate crisp B&W videos at night. It has a 2.5mm wide-angle lens with an adjustable focus to offer a wider field of view (120°), ideal for use in enclosures like a squirrel nest box. Push message notification is available at every trigger event once the motion sensor detects any changes. This model also supports local storage with an SD card to allow you to playback the footage whenever you want.

Wildlife Cameras Capture Squirrels at Feeders

Squirrels are non-aggressive creatures, but they are never a pushover. These naughties can really get on your nerve by destroying your fruit and vegetable gardens. And if you happen to have a bird feeder in your garden, believe me, squirrels will take over it within minutes. Therefore, installing a squirrel feeder is not only a humane option for pest control but also a good way to turn these troublemakers into your friends. You can also install a camera on the squirrel feeder to watch live or pre-recorded footage of wild squirrels and other wildlife that visit the feeder, and see how adorable they are stuffing their cheeks with nuts!

Recommended Product: Outdoor Mini WiFi Camera with Squirrel Feeder

This camera bundle includes an outdoor mini WiFi camera and a wooden squirrel feeder. Made from sustainable and responsibly sourced cedarwood (1cm thick), the cedar squirrel feeder is a lovely garden decoration and feeds your furry friends at the same time. This feeder can last a long time, and it’s very lightweight and durable. The top is an easy-lift cover that you can use to refill the container with nuts or seeds, and there is even a plastic window with a curved opening on the front for your fluffy-tailed friends to access the peanuts more easily. This squirrel feeder is pre-assembled. Installation can be completed within 5 minutes.

The outdoor mini WiFi camera is completely weatherproof, giving you peace of mind in outdoor deployment. It generates high-quality color videos (3MP) and delivers pitch B&W images to secure 24/7 recording with daytime & infrared LEDs. This is one of very few models that support dual lighting; the daytime LEDs can be manually turned on and off via the iCSee app while the infrared LEDs will automatically switch on when the light fades out. It’s also equipped with a highly sensitive microphone so you can hear those peckish fellas crunching away on kernels. Since the footage can be streamed via the Internet, you can watch live videos on any digital device like a smartphone or tablet. It also features sensitive motion detection accompanied by timely message alerts at every trigger event.

Flying Squirrels Caught on Trail Cams

Flying squirrels are a rarely seen member of the rodent family, so you’ll be in luck if you see one in your garden. Flying squirrels are extremely hard to photograph in flight but you can invest in a wildlife camera to capture these lovely critters. But make sure the trail cam has a fast trigger speed since small animals move swiftly. Even if you place a bait, they will be most likely to grab it and run away. To capture flying squirrels effectively, the trigger speed of your trail camera should be less than 1 second, so you can capture the entire image of the target animals.

Recommended Product: Wildlife Trail Camera

A wildlife trail camera is also a robust tool for filming hedgehogs because it’s highly portable and easy to manage. This waterproof wildlife trail camera is a motion-activated camera that comes with different capture modes (photo/video/hybrid/time-lapse). Combined with a fully integrated PIR sensing system, it captures pin-sharp photos at 16 megapixels and records full HD videos with a resolution of 720P@60FPS at a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. This trail camera can be programmed to take pictures at predefined intervals and generates videos automatically. The no-glow infrared LEDs (IR flash range: 25m/82ft) ensure 24/7 shooting without startling the animals. This trail camera supports SD storage (256GB) and its wire-free connectivity offers great versatility for application in any imaginable environment. It has an extremely long in-field battery life (up to 1 year with 8*AA batteries in standby mode). It comes with different mounting options (mounted on a tripod or fastened with a strap) which gives you great flexibility on placement.

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