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The Best Christmas Gifts for Birdwatchers in 2022

The countdown to Christmas is officially on. Hurry up and get yourself into some holly spirit! If you wanna be known as the best gift-giver this season, now is the time to start shopping for those must-have presents. Got a bird lover in your family? A twitcher that is obsessed with backyard birding? And you don’t know what to gift them for Christmas? No worries. We got you covered. Whatever your budget, we have the best gift idea for the bird lover in your life. 

We know gift shopping for everyone is VERY challenging, especially when picking up a gift for bird lovers. If you’re looking for something really unique, a bird box camera might be a nice shot! Setting up a bird box camera to watch the incredible details of each bird up close is tons of fun. And we’re proud to offer a range of bird box cameras, bird feeder cameras and wildlife cameras to help you get up close and personal with wildlife from the comfort of your home. Starting from December 8th, for the next seven days, shop on our website and you can enjoy up to 40% off! PLUS 15% OFF sitewide (code: XMAS2022). With no further ado, let’s take a sneak peek at what we’ve prepared for you!

Top Deals & Best Buy

With thousands of bird species living in this country, bird lovers can enjoy watching or feeding birds of every feather right in their own backyard. And to take their birdwatching experience to the next level, why not gift them a WiFi bird box camera this year? Ideal for both casual birdwatchers and avian twitchers, this Christmas present will definitely help you put big smiles on their faces! We’ve specially curated a list of our top-rated products for bird watching and wildlife monitoring. With all these best deals on your side, I just wanna say… Santa, take notes.

1. Wireless Bird Box Camera

High definition and other advanced features make the wireless bird box camera an excellent gift for bird lovers. This bird box camera is 3MP HD, which gives incredibly clear video and pictures of the birds and garden creatures that visit. Designed with a high-pitch microphone (7000 Hz), it is able to deliver the most authentic bird sound that is normally inaudible for humans due to high-frequency hearing loss. What’s really amazing about this camera is that you can watch birds from your phone from basically anywhere with an Internet connection! The app makes it really easy to capture and record interesting moments that can be easily shared with other friends. In addition, thanks to the highly sensitive motor detection, you can set up notifications to be alerted every time a bird visits. And guess what? This wireless bird box camera is waterproof, which is an added bonus in outdoor applications. 

2. WiFi Bird Box Camera Bundle

And we also launched a bundle that includes not only the wireless bird box camera but also a beautifully crafted cedar birdhouse. Made of natural cedar, this birdhouse is sturdy, long-lasting, and naturally resistant to insect and rot infestation, The entrance is large enough for a variety of birds to slip in while keeping larger predators out. Bird lovers will appreciate that the roof and front panel can be opened easily to check the nest or to clean it out at the end of the season and help out next year’s nesters. This cedar birdhouse welcomes small birds like bluebirds, chickadees, and wrens. And you can easily hang it from a tree or a post. 

3. Bird Box Camera HD Network Cable Connection

If you are looking to get high-quality videos of your birds continually, then it’s hard to beat the durability and functionality of this bird box camera. Our best-resolution IP bird box camera allows you to watch backyard birds on your smartphone, tablet and PC in 4MP. It features a simple plug-and-play installation using a single Ethernet cable for both power and data connection to deliver a robust signal at all times, so you don’t need to worry about not getting enough WiFi signal or being out of range! Featuring a super compact size, it can easily be screwed to the roof of the nest box with no modifications required. The infrared LEDs allow the bird box camera to record even in complete darkness. And this camera also supports a large storage capacity of up to 256GB (SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I series). 

4. Bird Box Camera Long Range Wireless Ultimate Bundle

Specially designed for monitoring wood ducks and other waterfowl, this ultimate bundle will definitely become your favorite this Christmas, which includes a long-range wireless outdoor IP bird box camera, a wireless receiver, a cedar birdhouse, a 12V battery cable, and other accessories you need to set up your very own birdwatching system. This long-range wireless IP bird box camera is able to send video and audio over a distance of up to 2-300 meters in a clear line of sight to the receiver with a significantly improved signal strength. It records in color during the day and black and white at night using infrared LEDs so you won’t disturb the birds while they’re nesting. By the way, this bird box camera can be powered from a mains supply with the power adapter but also by an external rechargeable battery using the 12V battery cable. Already own a birdhouse? You can buy just the camera kit instead! 

What’s New in 2022?

Over the last year, we’ve been finessing our technique, and we’ve developed a series of new products and features to exceed your satisfaction. Now, get a sneak peek at our new arrivals!

1. WiFi Bird Box Camera with Wireless Repeater

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your bird-loving friend, which is not only affordable but will also be deeply appreciated, this is the one! This WiFi bird box camera immediately becomes the favorite of many of our customers once it’s launched. It can support the wireless transmission of up to 150ft at a clear line of sight. Moreover, with the wireless repeater, you can effectively extend the coverage area of your WiFi network to your yard with boosted signal strength. You can watch live or recorded footage of nesting birds on any iOS or Android device at a resolution of 3 megapixels. Push message notification is also available when the bird box camera detects any activities inside the birdhouse. Plus, this WiFi bird box camera is onvif-compatible to stream videos on platforms like YouTube. 

2. Birdhouse Camera HD with Wireless Transmission

Looking for a bird box camera that can be viewed both on your phone and TV? Then you can’t go wrong with this birdhouse camera. It’s the best of both worlds! Unlike the traditional models which use a cable for data connection, this birdhouse camera does not require you to run a video cable back into your house, offering more flexibility and convenience. You can install the camera in your yard and use the included receiver to pick up the video at a distance of up to 50 meters. Moreover, by connecting the receiver to a router, you can also stream the footage online and watch the birds in 3MP! Equipped with a 2.5mm adjustable, wide-angle lens, this birdhouse camera generates a huge field of view capturing all the tweety comings and goings inside the birdhouse. Built for all-weather enjoyment, this camera is of course outdoor-ready and weatherproof as well. 

Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Under $50

If nothing we’ve listed so far seems appealing to you, don’t worry! There are plenty of unique gifts for bird lovers that are less expensive but worth the dime! 

1. Cedar Bird Feeder

Hanging a bird feeder in a tree is a common way to attract birds, but bird lovers tend to prefer being closer to the feeding action. This cedar bird feeder is specially designed to work with our range of bird box cameras, where there’s a perfectly lined-up cut-out where you can easily secure the camera onto the bird feeder and watch those peckish visitors crunching away on the kernels. While the appeal isn’t immediately evident to everyone, it’s definitely worth the wait. Moreover, the feeder is also an attractive addition to your property, too! Made of bird safe and made with non-toxic materials, this bird feeder has a large capacity to hold at least 5 pounds of mixed bird seed at a time. 

2. Squirrel Feeder

You may wonder: How is a squirrel feeder relevant to bird watching? Wait a minute, I got my point. When you bought your first bird feeder and filled it to the brim with sunflower seeds, how long did it take to become a neighborhood bistro for the squirrels in the town? One day or one week? Installing a squirrel feeder in your garden is not only a humane option for pest control but also a good way to turn these troublemakers into your friends. Made from sustainable and responsibly sourced cedarwood (1cm thick), this squirrel feeder can be ready for long-term use. The top is an easy-lift cover that you can open to refill the container with nuts or seeds, which also helps your fluffy-tailed friends access the peanuts more easily. 

3. Trail Camera Lock Box

This lockbox is specially designed to secure your trail and game camera and keep it safe from bears and other wildlife. It ensures that your trail camera stays protected from thieves and physical damage wherever you place it, even deep in the woods. Compatible to work with the Python locking cable, the camera can be easily lag-bolted or belted to the tree. And it is lockable by a padlock to provide double security. It is powder-coated and manufactured with all-steel construction with exceptional durability, lockability, and ease of function. The lock box is manufactured to provide a perfect fit for our trail camera. The cut-outs on the front perfectly line up the IR LEDs, lens, indicators and PIR sensor.

Hopefully, our list helps you find the best gift for the bird lovers in your life. For more sales and promotions, please follow our Facebook and Instagram! A very Happy New Year to you.

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