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Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide-2021

Welcome to the biggest festival season this year! Welcome to Christmas 2021! Hurry up, get in this magic sleigh, buckle up cuz this is gonna be a wild ride! With Christmas just around the corner, are you ready for the biggest sales of the year? This holiday we want to celebrate YOU and show our appreciation by giving you the best offers this shopping season. Please stay tuned for new promotions, special giveaways and exclusive products. My dear friend, we’ve rounded up the perfect gifts for every kind of special person in your life! Just a kind message to enthusiastic birders and wildlife photographers, trust me, you’ll never wanna miss it!

Get on top of your holiday shopping with our gift guide!

Have no time joining the Christmas Bird Count this year? Don’t worry. We’ve curated the best solutions for you to enjoy backyard birding from your Favorite Chair with your Beloved Families. An investment that brings season after season of joy in any birdwatchers’ life! We’ve offered options to suit every budget and allow you to watch on smartphone, tablet, PC and TV from the comfort of your home!

Bird & Wildlife Cameras

To be fair, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out what is the best gift for your loved ones. Christmas is all about the reunion, memory making, and the thought of helping you regain all the key moments you’ve missed out on with your loved ones always pushes us to design a more considered gift guide. Apart from providing our best-sellers and all-time classics, Bird Box Cameras – the ideal Christmas gifts for nature lovers, birders and kids with an interest in wildlife, we’ve gone to great lengths to curate the special gift ideas for your special ones, spouses, life partners, children and even the trickiest recipients on your Christmas wishlist, say parents and in-laws. This year, try to surprise them with our special products to make them feel extra special!

Bird watching is an activity that brings nature to life! Even better, it is something you can do as a family – get yourself connecting with each other and watch nesting birds start their family. Our brilliant bird box camera is a powerful tool that helps your children to develop the responsibility for mother nature, keeps your parents engaged with meaningful pastimes in their golden age, and gets yourself away from the hustle and rustle of city life and enjoy some peace and quiet.

#1 Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera with Birdhouse

At the top of our list is the Outdoor WiFi Bird Box Camera Kit, allowing you to explore the hidden worlds of nesting birds. Newly launched this year, this WiFi bird box camera is completely weatherproof to survive all weather conditions, giving you peace of mind in outdoor deployment. It generates high-quality color videos in 3MP Ultra HD and delivers pitch B&W images to secure 24/7 recording in low-light conditions with daytime & infrared LEDs. Featuring a compact size, it can fit in any standard-sized nest boxes to offer a wider viewing angle (120°) with an adjustable lens. Equipped with a highly sensitive built-in microphone, it delivers true-to-life bird sounds to its dedicated listeners. This outdoor WiFi bird box camera features a sensitive motion sensor with timely notifications at every trigger event. It supports both SD card (not included) and PC software storage. This bird box camera kit comes with a cedar birdhouse to provide a safe shelter for winter birds.

#2 Mini WiFi Bird Feeder Camera

Another special gift idea we’ve handpicked for you is the Mini WiFi Bird Feeder Camera: an excellent device for feeder watching, wildlife observation, citizen science, nature research and YouTube live streaming. This bird feeder camera gives you a closer look at those feathered creatures as they’re crunching away on kernels. Equipped with a 2.5mm wide-angle lens, it can capture higher levels of detail and more surrounding background than the average model. Similarly, it supports dual lighting (infrared & daytime LEDs) to secure better image quality in low-light conditions. Specially designed for outdoor shooting, it is completely waterproof. This WiFi bird feeder camera broadcasts video and audio signals wirelessly over the network without running a network cable back to your house, allowing you to watch feeding birds on any digital devices like smartphones or tablets. Motion-related message alerts are available to ensure you’ll never miss out on any exciting moment. This feeder camera can be directly installed on bird feeders or fixed on a pole/post with the pole mounting bracket, working together with motorcycle batteries.

#3 Versatile Mini PoE Wired Camera

If you have any luck having many different wild animals frequent your backyard, like birds, hedgehogs, badgers and owls, this Versatile Mini PoE Wired Camera is highly recommended. Repurposed for wildlife observation, this tiny camera can easily fit in any custom habitat. The PoE technology also ensures smooth power and data transmission via a single Ethernet cable, eliminating additional network cabling. The versatile mini PoE wired camera offers the most satisfactory bird & wildlife observation experience with high-resolution videos (1080p) and true-to-life sounds. Invisible infrared LEDs secure 24/7 recording with a maximum night vision range of 1m. Once configured via the app, you can watch live or recorded videos remotely on your mobiles and PC.

#4 Wildlife Trail Camera

If you or any of your friends are wildlife enthusiasts or nature lovers, then you may want to have a look at this waterproof Wildlife Trail Camera. It’s a fully-functioned, motion-activated camera that comes with different capture modes (photo/video/hybrid/time-lapse). Combined with a fully integrated detection system, it can capture crystal-clear images at 16 megapixels and record full HD videos with a resolution of 720P@60FPS at a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. The no-glow infrared LEDs (IR flash range: 25m/82ft) ensure 24/7 nonstop shooting without startling the animals. Repeated and empty shots caused by false triggers can be greatly minimized. This trail camera supports onboard SD storage (256GB) and its wire-free connectivity offers great versatility to application in any imaginable environment. You can buy the camera with a security lockbox for more protection in high-traffic areas, or you can purchase the camera alone.

Fantastic Habitats & Feeders

The holiday season is overwhelming, but there is something you can do to give back to mother nature and wildlife. We’ve been trying our best to create a brighter future for wild animals and make this holiday season more animal-friendly and humane. Quick, come join us, show your deepest appreciation to these adorable garden creatures. We’ve compiled a list of Christmas gifts that give back to wildlife to make your holiday shopping easier. Find the perfect gift for your eco-conscious and wildlife-loving friends and family members to make this Christmas ultra warmer and greener.

#1 Natural Cedar Birdhouse

Made of natural cedar, this birdhouse offers great durability for years of outdoor deployment. Removable rooftop and front panel provide easy access for regular clean-outs. The grooved front wall helps newborn fledglings climb out of the bird box with a mesh floor and ventilators at the bottom to greatly maximize air circulation and water drainage to ensure maximum sanitation and prevent insect infestation. What’s more, we also sell different camera bundles at more favorable prices, too!

#2 Cedar Bat Box

Handcrafted from high-quality cedar wood, this bat box is naturally weatherproof, resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation. It is a three-chambered bat box with a grooved interior and external perches, making it easier for bats to land and roost. The black rooftop maximizes heat absorption since bats are attracted to a dark-colored shelter with great thermal control. And the narrow interior dimensions are also helpful for heat retention. The cedar bat box is shipped pre-assembled, ready for instant mounting. The air vent on the frontal panel and the hollow bottom help to facilitate ventilation and create a dry and comfortable living space. This bat box is also sold in the Outdoor Mini WiFi Camera kit with a preferential price.

#3 Bird & Squirrel Feeders

We also provide different types of feeders to help those peckish passers-by to get enough nourishment in this freezing cold winter. These feeders are made from responsibly sourced material to withstand all weather conditions with greater durability to resist rot, decay, and fungi infestation as well, allowing you to enjoy feeding birds and fluffy squirrels for years to come. A camera can always be added later if wanted, using together with our special brackets to unveil the mysteries of garden wildlife. Only for your reference, we also provide exclusive wildlife camera kits for choosing!

We genuinely hope this curated list of the very best Christmas gift ideas will inspire you and make your holiday shopping easier. We’ll have more shopping news coming soon, please stay tuned! Green Backyard always at your service.

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