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Winter Care for Birds in your Birdhouse

Although birds have their protected feathers, most of them couldn’t survive in awful weather. You can see frozen birds in the street or park after a big snow. Because of human pollution, they are getting fewer habitats and facing harsh circumstance. How to take winter care for birds in birdhouse or garden is quite importance. In this blog, I am going to give you some key points to provide protection to help birds overcome food shortage, cold temperature and nesting problems.

Natural Food in Your Garden

Food is essential for winter animals. With snow covered, birds could not find enough food and waste their energy.

  • Uncovered Feeder

Offer feeders that are closer to bird box such as in your garden. You’d better check the feeder for every few days in order to make sure feeder do not be covered by snow, solid. Also, do not place the feeder on ground because dogs or rats are possible to rob food from the birds.

  • Natural and Fast Food

Choosing food is vital for winter care. Birds prefer natural food, including berries and seeds. However, because of the cold weather, birds could not stay at outdoor for a long time. They need to get back to warm place quickly. Therefore, fast food is also important. You can prepare a little food in the feeder for an attempt, and add more food when birds find your feeder.

  • Water

Lots of people feel confused whether the birds would eat snow in cold days. Actually, birds would warm snow into water when they are thirsty. In addition, they also use water to clean their body and feathers. For saving birds’ energy, flowing water is better than frozen snow. You can put some water in a cup on the balcony or by the wall. Check it whether icing when you go out.

Birdhouse with Well-protected Design

Compared with hot summer, birdhouse in winter needs more special design for cold birds.

  • Ventilation

Most of you may think keeping high temperature is another winter care key point. In fact, air circulation in the bird box provides healthy environment for birds. Ensure that the birdhouse have enough ventilation holes that your little customer can get a fresh breath. Also, birds do not like dim place that they feel unsafe and tensional. From the ventilation holes, maybe you can try to adjust the light and make birds feel more relaxed.

  • Waterproof

When getting warm, the snow would turn into water. If your bird box does not be waterproof, the water may follow crevice and the birds’ feather would get moist which cause them get cold. So for winter bird box, waterproof material is necessary. Usually user can fill the crevices with waterproof glue or waterproof paint.

  • Size of Entrance hole

When we are waiting our new friends, we need to know what they could be. The entrance hole can limit the friends’ body type. For example, owls have bigger body than most sparrows. Furthermore, the entrance hole’ size can prevent some natural enemies from getting close to birds. User can choose different size of stainless entrance steel plates as winter customer invitation.

  • Suitable Nesting Material

As we know, before the cold winter days, birds would make a comfortable and warm nest. They may collect branches, falling feather and dry leaves etc. In order to get suitable material, birds need to work hard. Prepare some dry and light weight material and put at a place where nears the birdhouse. Howerve, do not put it into the bird box directly because strange smell would make them afraid and get away.


Actually, some birds don’t sleep in the bird box even in cold days. Such as blue birds, they would like to stay in the roof of birdhouse rather than the birdhouse. At the same time, bird box should be put in higher from the ground. Some predators, like snake, would also like sleep in box. Don’t make birdhouse a paradise for catching birds.

Bird Box Camera provides remote surveillance for bird caring.

How can we know whether birds getting well in the bird box? Except that you can observe with your eyes, bird box camera also would be a good choice. The camera enables the users to view the birdhouse remotely on moblile devices. And it comes with motion detection feature, the birdhouse camera can detect when birds move. Therefore the users are able to get alert messages on mobile phone from the camera in real time, which indeed help avoid missing each wonderful moment of birds. What’s more, bird box camera can be shared with anyone you want to share. Especially in the cold days, what a warm activity by sharing and enjoying live bird watching video with the families!

Bird Feeder Camera offers timely alert for outdoor backyard birding.

How to monitor the bird feeder at outdoor backyard is so as to provide care for birds. Bird feeder camera would be the best suitable device. Due to its waterproof design, there is no concern on using it at outdoor environment. By setting it at optimal location, various bird activities can be viewed remotely on your mobile device, such bird feeding behavior. It works the same as the bird box camera, you can get massage notification when any bird movement is detected, saving lots of time waiting for birds come. Bird food would be under surveillance as well, which guarantees bird food supplying for birds at some extent.

Winter care is essential to help birds survive in tough winder days. Hope the above tips would do some favor for you. More information about birdwatching are available in our website.

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