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Set up a Bat Box for Wildlife Viewing

Some people may be afraid of bats and cannot accept them because they think all bats suffer from rabies. Some people actively set up bat boxes for shelters such as bats because of its various benefits to humans. Some even install cameras to view the bat box and understand the habits of bats. This article will mainly explain to nature lovers what a bat box is and why to use a bat box, as well as some tips on how to set up a bat box.

Like humans, bats are mammals. One-quarter of all mammalian species are bats, but we know even less about them than many other types of mammals. Bats are the only flying mammals in the world. There are still many unsolved mysteries. The first step is to install a bat box in your garden.

Different kinds of bats live in many types of houses, such as hollow trees or caves. If you want to attract bats to your yard, most people will turn to the bat box for help. Bat boxes, also known as bat houses, are used to provide safe and comfortable shelters for bats.

Hanging the bat box in the yard has many advantages. For example, you may also have heard the common phrase “blind bat.” In fact, the bat’s sight line is very good. In fact, bats can hear, smell and smell like humans. They seem to be natural enemies of mosquitoes or other insects. This means you will get rid of the frustration and harm caused by annoying creatures.

In addition, setting up a bat box can provide nature lovers with an opportunity to have close contact with bats, giving them the opportunity to admire bats and watch them in the background. Believe me, when you take the time and enthusiasm to participate in this event, you may be surprisingly exploring.

Due to the different sizes of bats, there are a variety of bat boxes on the market to choose from. They are also different in material, function and design. Before buying, you should specify what type of bats and how many bats you want to hold. This step is very meaningful when determining the required bat box size. Generally, the number of rooms equipped with a bat box depends on the number of bats it can hold. Two bedrooms are sufficient for most requirements.

In addition, the wooden bat box is environmentally friendly. Cedar wood bat box is particularly recommended, because cedar wood has anti-fungal and insect resistance and can extend its service life.

As we all know, beasts like to live in a dark environment, which can indicate that they work in a dark night. Therefore, you need to choose a bat box that can provide dark living conditions for bats. Otherwise, even if you put the bat box in a suitable location, you will find that there are no visitors even in the bat box. And a bat box is needed near the water source.

Placement of the bat box is also an important part of a successful installation. Here are some tips for hanging a bat box. The bat house should be located at least 15 feet above the ground. Keep in a warm (sunny place) and dark place.

In addition, a practical and useful bat box should be made in a rough interior so that the bat can be hung in it.All above are the basic knowledes of the bats and bat boxes, if you have interest in viewing wildlife, you are capable of setting up a night vision camera to monitor the bats inside the bat boxes with 24/7 clear image under dark condition.

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Effective Squirrel Feeder Using Guide

Experts say: “Squirrels are one of the most obvious wild animals in our modern urban and suburban environments. They are an important part of the ecosystem in which they inhabit.” I think nature lovers should take time to learn and be interesting. Something, these fluffy tail creatures are funny and funny because their silly behavior is funny. Setting up a squirrel feeder is one of the easiest ways to help you attract and approach these cute creatures. If you are interested in hanging a squirrel feeder in your yard, please read on and you will be inspired.

Introduction and benefits of squirrel feeder

Usually, for some reason, someone wants to add a special squirrel feeder to the garden.

The first is that they like cute squirrels and plan to feed them enough food. Moreover, you hardly need to wait any time to find your transaction.

Another reason is entertainment. You know that many people like to watch furry little animals solve problems, or just watch their eating and behavior.

Frankly speaking, for bird lovers in most cases, squirrels give them a headache because squirrels can easily eat the unsuspecting bird feeders they hang up. Therefore, they may be people who want to take squirrels from their gardens or bird feeders. Fortunately, there is a useful solution to this common problem-buy a squirrel feeder. If you can’t beat them, then feed them​​! Because in this case, add a squirrel feeder in your yard, so that bird lovers can provide squirrels with their favorite individual food, so as to enjoy bird watching and squirrel watching together. After setting up the feeder, the squirrel can be a good guest in the yard.

There are many types of squirrel feeders, and the way squirrels get food is also different. They have different sizes and functions, and may be designed to feed on specific foods. When shopping, please keep in mind some precautions, which may be of great help to you.

First, you need to figure out which squirrels often appear in your garden or which squirrels you want to attract, and then choose squirrel food that may contain food suitable for them.

In addition, squirrel food should be easy to add and clean. Choose a squirrel feeder with a cover that can be opened easily.

In addition, choose a squirrel feeder that clearly displays the food and is visible to the squirrels to see if they like food.

What do squirrels like to eat?

Squirrels have a variety of diets in nature, and they provide better nutrition than one kind of food. Nuts on the shell are the best, such as walnuts, acorns, pecans, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, beech, almonds, etc.

In addition, the natural cedar wood squirrel feeder can resist fungus and insect rot, providing a healthier food shelter for squirrels.

Most importantly, the squirrel feeder should be equipped with a slender and durable habitat to accommodate the squirrels and provide them with a safe platform to enjoy delicious food.

In order to observe the squirrels, some nature lovers may install cameras to broadcast live the activities of the squirrels landing on the feeder. In this way, they can learn from squirrels without disturbing them and watch them closely.

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Bird Feeder for Backyard Bird Watching

Hanging bird feeders in the backyard has been a common thing for bird lovers range from all ages and different groups. For those you wondering why set up bird feeders and how to choose and use bird feeder, this article is for you, which may cover you some basic knowledge before you dive into the world of bird feeder setup.

The reasons why to set up bird feeders is varied. Apart from the reason that hanging bird feeders benefits the local bird population. The reasons differ from users. Some just for feeding birds with sufficient food and make birds healthier. Some would like to attract birds to their backyard and watch various lovely feathered visitors by capturing images of bird gathered on or around the feeders simply looking through the windows. Others may use professional devices to live stream or record the video of birds and learn their activities, and this bird watching is entertaining and relaxing past-time, which offers a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Now you know that hanging up bird feeders in the backyard provides lots of advantages, as a bird lover, especial the beginner, you are supposed to pay attention to feeder types and should get some tips on how to choose the best suitable bird feeder that meet your needs.

In fact, there are different types of bird feeders available on the market, and different types come with different features and some types of bird feeders are even specially designed for specific birds. With so many types of bird feeders available, choosing one can be overwhelming. Here we give you a quick reference guide to help you make the decision for a practical purchase.

First of all, let’s look through the types of bird feeders. When you are looking for bird feeders via online shopping, you may see various names of bird feeders, including tube feeders, tray or platform feeders, window feeders, hopper or house bird feeders, etc.

Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are hanging-type feeders that allow birds to feed through screens or ports. Depending on the size of the feeding ports, you can offer tiny nyjer seeds or larger seeds. Hollow tubes keep seed fairly clean and dry. One of the main advantages of a tube feeder is that it prevents competition from larger birds, such as jays.

Tray or Platform Feeders

Perhaps the simplest of the feeder designs, trays attract the widest variety of seed-eating feeder birds, but tray feeders offer no protection against rain and snow. Bird droppings can quickly soil the seed in tray feeders.

Window Feeders

Window feeders usually are small plastic boxes or platforms that attach to a window with suction cups or hook to the window sill. They afford us wonderful, close-up views of birds, and their placement makes them the safest of all feeder types for preventing window collisions.

Hopper or “House” Feeders

To be honest, hopper bird feeder, or house bird feeders are the most recommended choice for the beginners or enthusiasts. Hopper bird feeders are attractive to most feeder birds, including sparrows, cardinals, and chickadees while the finches would prefer a thistle feeder. Another benefit of our hopper feeders is the amount of seed they can hold. Many houses can hold enough seed to last for several days. Moreover, this kind of feeder protects seeds fairly well against the weather and bird droppings due to its low and extended roof. Hopper feeders can be mounted on a pole or suspended. 

Although most hopper feeders are much harder to clean than tray feeders, it is still a fair option for bird lovers to pick up on account with its multiple advantages. Some house feeders like our Green Backyard cedar bird feeder made from natural cedar wood help preserve the environment and resist insect fungi and rot. For people would like to install bird feeder camera to monitor the birds perch on or around the feeders, our bird feeder is camera ready bird feeder that is pre-made with the design that allow you to install a mini camera to watch birds remotely on mobile devices or TV.

One of the most important things to attract all kinds of birds to enjoy your feeder is to place the feeder in the right place and provide proper and healthy food. When changing bird feeders, you’d better find a safe, comfortable or convenient bird habitat. The best place to place the feeder will simulate the natural food preferences of birds. Placing a feeder near these natural sounds can help attract birds. Place bird feeders about 10 to 12 feet away from suitable shelters (such as trees). The paper feeder should be placed very close to the window (less than three feet) or farther away (more than 10 feet).

Pick up a cedar house bird feeder and install a bird feeder camera to gain the opportunity of wonderful bird watching with close and clear image of bird feeding or other bird activities.

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Watch Lovely Birds On TV with HDMI Camera

Bird watching is common pastime activity for all ages bird watchers, especially for the senior and students for the reasons that this meaningful activity not only makes them learn more knowledge on birds habits, and brings them great enjoyment and satisfaction. If you are green to bird watching, setting up a bird box camera for your nest box is definitely a strong recommendation to start bird watching. Because such birdhouse system allows you to view birds remotely but closely as well as capture birds’ activities timely.

In the beginning, bird lovers can only choose the traditional analogue camera to do bird watching, and we here to talk about an advanced bird box camera-HDMI bird box camera, which enables people to watch lovely birds on TV with the sharper video image, so as to look deep into more surprising details and gain unexpected birding experiences.

Above we mentioned the analog bird box camera, it is a kind of camera that used at CCTV system and later applied at bird watching system. The analog camera can be watched on TV directly and record over DVR. Essentially, analog cameras feature intrinsic resolution limits, providing resolutions range from 420p to 700p. In fact, such image quality is quite enough for the era of the 90s, but technology development and people’s requirements on a high definition are kept enhancing, which means such poor-quality image of the analog camera is quite blurry for effective bird watching. Therefore, bird watchers intend to find a camera that offers better image quality, and then Green Backyard has launched the HDMI bird box camera to address this dilemma.

Reading to this, you should have interest in the what is HDMI bird box camera. The camera is an improvement of the traditional analog camera, so it also categorizes as an analog camera, but it is named an AHD camera. AHD stands for Analog High Definition, and it is a new HD surveillance video standard. AHD technology offers high definition video which allows the camera to send an HD signal over a 3-in 1 HDMI cable and display on TV or other DHMI monitors. Moreover, AHD currently supports High Definition 720p,1080p & 4MP, 5MP & 8MP AHD cameras right now. That said, the birdhouse camera that adopts the AHD technology is able to grant bird watchers the possibility to get an extremely high-quality sharp video of birds. I guess this is definitely a great appeal for most bird watchers who chase for an upgrading birdhouse system.

Knowing the concept of the HDMI camera, you may wonder how such a nest box camera works and how to use it to set up your own bird box camera system. The connection mainly relies on the components of the signal converter, HDMI cable, and certainly the HDMI camera itself. It requires to hardwire to the AC outlet or power supply to get power to work. Video, power, and audio are available by utilizing only one cable between the camera and the converter and achieve a neat connection. HDMI cable is also used to connect the converter with the TVs or HDMI monitors that display live streaming video of the nest box.

The wired connection of HDMI bird box camera determines its long distance signal transmission feature, you can get your camera installed apart from the main power and network with longer distance, which is well suits for people can’t reach a closed power socket. What’s more, the HDMI nest box camera comes with plug and play installation and there is no extra technical configuration needed, thus the camera is a fair choice for the senior to have one to carry on a DIY project with the least frustration and most convenience.

In the procedure of picking up a suitable HDMI bird box camera for practical bird watching, some factors are supposed to be taken into consideration to avoid the situation that the camera you purchased is a bomb.

Except for the previously mentioned image quality and location of the camera placement, you will need to think of the camera’s field of view, namely the viewing range or covering a range of the camera, which depends on not only the distance but also the lens of the camera. Cameras with an ultra-angle lens are capable of supplying a wider range of the nest box, and this may cover more bird activities that occurred inside the birdhouse. Green backyard HDMI camera utilizes a 2.1 mm ultra-wide-angle lens, this allows you to view more details under 1080p HD image quality.

In addition, LED night vision is another crucial factor to consider. It’s known that lots of bird activities may take place at night time and if the camera lack night vision function, it would be a pity to access amazing bird watching. The HDMI camera adopts invisible infrared LEDs to give a clear black and white image at the low light conditions with few disturbances to the birds.

For the recording capability, some bird watchers want to keep the video files of various bird activities for study or constantly enjoy, recording function is an important part for them. With the Green Backyard HDMI camera, you just need to add the camera to an existing DVR system directly with simple steps, and a mass of bird video can be recorded and playback.

All in all, you have been covered with basic information on the advanced HDMI bird box camera, if you prefer to watch the bird box on a big screen TV with an easy installation, start your purchase now.

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How to change bird box camera’s resolution

The bird box camera can produce multiple video streams with different resolutions. You can log in to the birdhouse camera to change the parameters including resolution, frame rate, video compression.

1. First, right click the camera name in the Device list and select “Config” option.

2. Next choose “Encode Config”.

3. Here you can switch the compression between H.264/H.265, video resolution, frame rate, image quality, audio ON/OFF. Click “Apply” to save the setting to the camera.

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How to manually configure the bird box camera’s IP address

Usually the IP bird box camera is pre-set to DHCP which means it will receive the IP address assignment from your router automatically. This can avoid network configuration of the IP birdhouse camera. In some case, the camera may fail to obtain the correct IP address from your router, you still can manually change the IP address by using the PC software. The PC software use the broadcast technology to discover the camera on the same local network. Even the bird box camera’s IP configure is not correct, the software should be able to discover the device as long as it is online.


This below instruction is suitable for the IP (WiFi) birdhouse camera from Green-Backyard, Gardenature, Oertl, Green-feathers, and Handykam which are using iCSee or XMEYE mobile application. Both iCSee and XMEYE are Interchangeable.

1. First, go to “Device Manager”. In the next screen, wait for a few seconds, The software will discover your camera automatically and listed on the first row.

2. Next tick the check box in front of the IP address to select the camera you would like to add to the software. Click “Add” button to confirm.

3. Now find the IP icon under the “Operation” and click it.

4. Next in the popup screen, click “auto Get Address”. The software will try to assign the correct IP address to the camera. You also can manually input the IP address and the gateway to the camera. Now Click “Modify” to save the new IP setting to the camera. The default password is empty, if you forget the camera’s password, please reset the camera.

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How to reset bird box camera’s password

The default password of the bird box camera is empty. If you have added new password to the bird box camera and you can’t recall it later. You may be unable to login the camera in a new device. Please note this is not the account password you established for mobile app. It is the password you add to birdhouse camera while the first time you hook it up to your Wi-Fi network. Depress and hold the reset button for more than 15 second and let it up, it will restore the factory setting and clean the password. Once you reset the birdhouse camera, it will dis-connect from your Wi-Fi network, you will need to hook the bird box camera back to home Wi-Fi network again.


This below instruction is suitable for the IP (WiFi) birdhouse camera from Green-Backyard, Gardenature, Oertl, Green-feathers, and Handykam which are using iCSee or XMEYE mobile application. Both iCSee and XMEYE are Interchangeable.

If your bird box camera doesn’t have reset button, The following guide can help you reset your camera. It has to be done in windows operation system. please don’t close the tools before you complete the camera reset, as the reset tool will generate new machine code each time when you open it. The reset tool need matched password to reset the camera.

1. First, download and install the PC software with below URL.

2. Next, right click the zip files and select “Extract All…” to unzip the file.

3. Now, right click the files and choose “Run as administrator”.

4. In the pop up screen, choose “Yes”, so the software can be installed in your windows 10.

5. If “Windows protected your PC” pop up, click “More info” to process the installation.

6. Now copy the code and send us, we will provide password matching your code.

7. Now click “Search”, the tool will discover the camera in the same local network. Mark the check box in front of the IP address and Mark the check box before IPC. Do NOT process yet.

8. Next Dis-connect your home internet connectivity. The reset tools can’t reset the camera if the camera is being connected to the internet. If you don’t want to dis-connect your network, You also can use Ethernet patch code to link the birdhouse camera to your PC RJ45 port directly. In this solution, you will need to manually configure the IP setting of your computer to match the IP camera network configuration.

9. Now click “Reset Account” to restore the factory setting. Once the camera is reset, you can use the username “admin” without password to login your bird box camera.

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How to power IP bird feeder camera by using Ethernet cable

The Power over Ethernet allows single Ethernet cable to transport both power and data to the bird feeder cameras. It eliminates the AC power outlet close to the camera. The IP bird feeder camera doesn’t have built-in PoE feature, however, you can employ PoE splitter which will separate the power and data to supply the camera. The PoE splitter is not included in the package.

1.Firstly, connect DC12V output of PoE splitter to the camera’s pigtail.

2.Next, connect RJ45 male connector of PoE splitter to the camera’s RJ45 female.

3.Now, use the Ethernet patch cable to link the camera and your PoE NVR or PoE switch.

NOTE: The camera’s indicator should keep blinking while it has been linked to your network successfully.

4.Now install the application and start enjoy the beautiful live video.

If you can’t view the IP bird feeder camera, properly the camera can’t obtain the correct IP address from your router. Here you can change the camera’s IP address by using the software.

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How to power bird feeder camera with DC12V battery pack

The bird feeder camera can be connected to your home WiFi network without involving hard wiring back to home network router. However, the camera still needs DC12V power source. If the power is not the option in the field, you can employ DC12V power pack to supply the camera. In this case, you will have cable free solution. 10000mA power bank battery can supply around 35 hours continuous recording. However, you may need to re-charge the battery pack regularly. If you can setup the solar panel to charge the battery pack, the camera can be continuous working 24/7. Moreover, the bird feeder camera has built-in internal WiFi (access point), even the network is not the available, you still can access the camera outdoor.

1.First, connect the one end of DC extension cable to bird feeder camera.

2.Next connect the another end to battery pack.

3.Now connect the bird feeder camera.

The solar panel and voltage regulator are required if you plan to build the solar panel bird watching system.

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How to set up timing snapshot to the bird box camera

If your bird box camera has built-in micro SD card, it may support timing snapshot and save to the micro SD card. The minimum duration between two snapshot is 4 seconds. You also can configure the birdhouse camera to send the snapshot to your email or FTP server in timing. This configuration need to be done by using the Internet Explorer. Install the active X plugin before you can access the camera on the browser.

1. First login the camera with Internet Explorer (IE) Browser.

2. Next, go to the “DevicCfg” on the function bar on top.

3. Now in the Setting screen, choose “Image Storage” from the “Record”.

4. Next, check “Interval”, and mark the Checkbox before “Storage”.  Input the duration you would like the camera to capture the snapshot. The duration is between 4 secs to 3600 secs. Then Click “OK” to Save.

5. Now go to the mobile phone, you can view the snapshot on the application.

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