3MP Wireless TV Bird Box Camera


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Xtreme WiFi-wireless transmission of up to 200 meters (Patent Design)

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Our newly-developed wireless TV bird box camera offers the most satisfactory bird-watching experience with stunning image clarity (3MP Ultra-HD) in long-range deployments.

Watch those adorable feathered creatures breed and raise the young remotely on TV with a pair of highly sensitive transmitter (in-camera) and receiver.




This 3MP wireless TV bird box camera (registered design number: 6106499) is a perfect gift for nature lovers, advanced enthusiasts, beginner birdwatchers of all ages, and provides amazing close-up images straight to your TV. Watch nesting birds over long-range wireless transmission with reduced cabling.

This robust bird box camera features a built-in transmitter to send out strong video/audio signals that can penetrate through thick walls and other obstacles to the stand-alone receiver (2 cameras max.) with a range of 200 meters in direct line of sight. Its wireless connectivity gives you great versatility and flexibility on where to place the camera. You can watch crystal-clear live feeds on TV or HDMI monitors in cooperation with the included HDMI converter.

This wireless TV nest box camera produces fully detailed 3MP color videos in crisp quality and black-and-white images even in complete darkness. The invisible infrared LEDs will not give off glaring red glows that disturb the resident birds. It features a wide-angle lens of 120° with an adjustable focus. A microphone is also built-in for audio recording.

Housed in a watertight enclosure, it can be placed outdoors without any risk of water ingress. The rugged metallic antenna helps secure stronger signals and shows great resistance to physical damages (bird-proof). This wireless TV bird box camera can work with a hard drive disk (not included) for video storage. For experienced birdwatchers, you can stream and record multiple cameras through a DVR at a time.

And it’s highly recommended to employ motorcycle batteries to power the camera in places where there is no existing electrical infrastructure. Coming with a 3-year warranty, this 3MP wireless camera is a robust device to help families and schools investigate the wonders of nature and get closer to wildlife.


+ How it works

  • 1. It supports wireless transmission of up to 200 meters, streaming live feeds directly to your TV or HDMI/VGA-compatible monitors.
    2. Connect the receiver to the HDMI converter (RJ45 port); the receiver picks up the signal transmitted from the source camera.
    3. Connect the HDMI converter to your TV and watch live feeds at any time.

+ Benefit

  • 3MP high-resolution color image
  • Long range Xtreme WiFi
  • Excellent wall-penetrating capability
  • Watch on TV or HDMI/VGA monitors
  • Invisible night vision with infrared LEDs
  • Wide-angle lens with an adjustable focus
  • Completely water-resistant for outdoor use
  • Rugged metallic antenna
  • Highly sensitive built-in microphone
  • Simple plug-and-see installation

+ What is included?

  • 1. 3MP Wireless TV Bird Box Camera
  • 2. Wireless Receiver
  • 3. Full HD Converter
  • 4. 1.5M HDMI cable
  • 5. Power Adaptors
  • 6. Bracket and screws pack
  • 7. Gift Box

+ Specification

  • Power
    Input voltage: +12 VDC
    Power consumption:3.0 W (max)
  • Video
    Sensor type: 1/3 inch Type CMOS Sensor
    Sensor pixels: 2288*1288
    Sensitivity: 0.5 lx (IR off) 0 lx (IR on)
    Main-stream Resolution: 2288*1288@15fps
    Sub-stream Resolution: 4CIF@25fps
    Video compression: H.265, H.264 MP (Main Profile)
    3D DNR: Yes
  • Night vision
    Distance: < 1 m LED: 4 LEDs high efficiency array, 940 nm
  • Lens
    Lens type: 2.5 mm MP lens, Fixed Iris F1.4
    Field of View: H: 120º
    Lens mount: Board mounted
    Day & Night: Auto ICR Switch
  • Audio
    Audio input: Built-in mic
    Audio compression: G.711 (live and recording)
  • Software Control
    Unit configuration: GUI mouse
  • Local Storage
    Memory card slot: N/A
    Recording: Continuous recording, Motion/schedule recording
  • Network
    Ethernet: N/A
    Wireless: IEEE 802.11ah
    Maximum Distance:200 meters (straightline of sight)
  • Mechanical
    Dimensions: 46x46x43mm
    Weight: 140g
  • Environmental
    Operating temperature Camera: -20 ºC to 55 ºC
    Storage temperature: -20 ºC to 70 ºC
    Humidity: 10% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)


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