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Watch birds’ activities from the comfort of your living room (Patent Design)

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This bird box camera with cable connection provides an easy way to watch birds activities on your TV with a plug-and-play setup.

Never miss a moment from nesting to hatching. You can observe the nestlings and fledglings of birds on a large-screen TV.



This HD bird box camera (registered design number: 6106499) offers a cost-effective way to watch live video of birds activities on HDMI TV from the comfort of your home.Protected in an IP66-rated casing, this birdhouse camera can be placed outside of bird box without any risk of water ingress. Featuring a super-compact size, it can easily fit in any custom-sized bird box.

Designed for use in enclosed spaces, the waterproof bird box camera employs an adjustable wide-angle lens to capture a 120° field of view. This HD bird box camera provides 700TVL color images by day and crisp B&W videos at night to ensure round-the-clock bird watching.

Hear delightful bird sounds through the in-camera microphone. The HDMI box outputs both audio and video signals from the bird box camera. Please note this TV bird box camera doesn’t support local recording but you can use a DVR to record video and playback the footage.


+ How it works

  • 1. Connect the HDMI box to the TV or HDMI monitors and power it up.
    2. Connect the bird box camera to the HDMI box with the included 3-in-one cable.
    3. Install the bird box camera into the bird box and watch high-definition 700 TVL videos on your TV.

+ Benefit

  • Color images in 700 TV line high definition
  • Watch on TV or HDMI-compatible monitors
  • Completely watertight for outdoor deployments
  • 2.5mm wide-angle lens with an adjustable focus
  • Invisible night vision for 24/7 viewing
  • True-to-life bird songs with a built-in microphone
  • Simple plug-and-play setup with HDMI box
  • Local recording with a DVR

+ What is included?

  • 1. TV Birdhouse Camera
  • 2. Mono HDMI Box
  • 3. 1.5M HDMI cable
  • 4. DC12V power adaptor (US/EU/UK/AU plug are in stock)
  • 5. Bracket and screws pack
  • 6. 20M 3-in-one Cable
  • 7. Video-audio-power splitter
  • 8. Gift Box

+ Specification

  • Power
    Input voltage: +12 VDC 1A
    Power consumption:6 W (max)
  • Video
    Sensor type: 1/3 inch Type CMOS Sensor
    Sensor pixels: 1920*1080
    Sensitivity: 0.0001 lx (IR off) 0 lx (IR on)
    Effective Pixel: 1920*1080
    3D DNR: Yes
    Video Output: CVBS (640*480)
    Shutter: Auto
    Synchronous: Internal
  • Night vision
    Distance: < 1 m LED: 4 LED high efficiency array, 940 nm
  • Lens
    Lens type: 2.5 mm MP lens, Fixed Iris F1.4
    Field of View: H: 120º
    Lens mount: Board mounted
    Day & Night: Auto ICR Switch
  • Audio
    Audio input: Built-in mic
  • Mechanical
    Dimensions: 46x46x43mm
    Weight: 140g
  • Environmental
    Operating temperature Camera: -20 ºC to 55 ºC
    Storage temperature: -20 ºC to 70 ºC
    Humidity: 10% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)


    + Q: Is this bird box camera waterproof / weather proof?

      A: Yes, this outdoor TV bird box camera is housed in an IP66-rated waterproof casing to withstand any imaginable weather conditions, which gives you more flexibility in positioning the bird box camera.

    + Q: How does it connect to the TV? Does it support audio recording?

      A: You can use the HDMI box/converter for signal transmission to watch live feeds on TV. This TV bird box camera has a built-in microphone for audio. No additional speaker is needed for audio output when watching on TV. You can find the connection diagram in “How it works”.

    + Q: Can this bird box camera connect to the PC monitor?

      A: Only if your computer has VGA ports like Lenovo’s ThinkPad since our HDMI converter supports live streaming on any HDMI/VGA monitors.

    + Q: Is there an app that allows you to watch on your phone?

      A: No, this model is not a digital bird box camera and doesn’t support live streaming over the Internet. You can only watch live videos on TV, HDMI and VGA monitors using the HDMI converter.

    + Q: How do you get it to focus better?

      A:To sharpen the image quality, simply rotate the lens clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the focus.

    + Q: Is this a Color Bird Box Camera?

      A: Yes, you can view or record color image during the daytime with our bird box cameras. While at low light condition, the invisible night vision LED will switch on, and provides black-and-white images. If the bird box is too dark for getting color image at daytime, you can try to make a hole on the side panel of your birdhouse or choose our birdhouse directly.

    + Q: Does the bird box camera record videos so that they can be replayed?

      A: Yes, you can record the videos with a DVR. Please note this TV bird box camera doesn’t support on-board recording with a MicroSD card (no SD card slot available).

    + Q: Does the bird box camera support night vision?

      A: Yes, this TV bird box camera features invisible night vision, using no-glow infrared LEDs to light up the shooting area at night and in low-light conditions without spooking the birds/animals.


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10 reviews for Bird Box Camera TV Cable Connection

  1. Guillaume Blain

    A very good unit at a reasonable price. I simply plugged the camera into the HDMI box with the included cable.And have it connected to a spare TV via the HDMI port.Video is very clear and night vision is great. I couldn’t be more happy with this purchase.

  2. Deon Jachetta

    I bought this on impulse but when I received the product and unpacked it, and was impressed. From mounting it to the box to connecting to my TV it was a very simple process.Its waterproof case suprised me. Great product.

  3. Niran Shrestha

    The 700TVL image quality might not be top-notch. But for me, for entertainment, it works great for my needs.Installed inside my birdhouse within minutes. Super easy way to stream bird video to TV large screen with HDMI output, just PLUG & SEE!

  4. Jamie Fawcett

    I purchased this birdhouse camera to link it to my TV, watching great tits from the comfort of my home. It made sure that I had everything I needed for a successful experience.

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