Birdhouse with WiFi Camera

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Seek for extreme simplicity, ideal gift for bird watchers to view birds freely and timely

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Birdhouse with WiFi Camera is a complete kit for bird lovers to attract birds nesting in their gardens and observe exciting bird activities conveniently and delightedly.

Advanced WiFi bird box camera with a perfect matched cedar birdhouse enables you to enjoy watching birds with your mobile devices at anytime and anywhere. This kit does save time and reduce trouble on choosing, installation and maintenance.



Birdhouse with WiFi Camera contains a WiFi bird box camera and a cedar birdhouse. Allow you to watch the nest box birds with mobile phone, tablet, PC. It is a deserved choice of gift or an effective investment to cultivate sentiment for bird watchers, nature lovers and naturalists in all ages, which can help them get closer to the wildlife right in their backyard. And this also makes it a great project for families, or a learning aid for schools, because the whole camera can be shared easily.

The bird box camera is a tiny camera features convenient WiFi connectivity, motion activated push message alert so that you can get best timing to watch excitng bird activies from the nest box without running network cabling. Moreover, 1080p high definition, night vision with invisible infrared LEDs, and adjustable wide angle lens can provide clear and optimal video day and night. With SD card or software recording, you can record contineously. It adopts built-in microphone to transmit the natural true-to-life bird sound to you.

The untreated cedar wood birdhouse is perfectly designed for bird box camera, you can find rational wire outlet to help route wire cable out, removable hinged roof to simplify camera mounting, sunlight transmitting hole to provide enough light for recording. Besides, many elaborate designs aim at providing comfort and safety for the nesting birds as well as convenience for the users, such as climbing aid–grooved interior wall, integrated bottom drainage and ventilation, slop raised roof, custom entrance hole size, and removable front panel etc.


+ Benefit

  • Include all things that nest box bird watching needed
  • Ideal kit for seting up bird watching system in backyard
  • Suit for multiple bird species
  • Bird-friendly and user-friendly design
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient WiFi connectivity saves network cabling
  • Watch birds on mobile phone, ipad, Mac
  • Message notification when birds move
  • 1080p HD colored live video, adjustable wide angle lens
  • Clear night vision, built in microphone
  • TF SD card/free software recording
  • Share camera with family and friends

+ What is included

  • 1. Wireless Bird Box Camera
  • 2. Natural Cedar Birdhouse
  • 3. User Guide


    Q: How to clean the birdhouse from inside?
    A: Well. We have special design that users can turn on the birdhouse door. So you can clear it up easily.

    Q: Is that have any waterproof functions? I do not want the birds get wet in the bird box.
    A: Yes. This birdhouse has waterproof layer. We also provide waterproof sticky paper for special case.

    Q: Can I watch this birdhouse camera on smart phone or tablet?
    A: Yes. The free app needs to be installed in your mobile devices in order to connect the camera, such as PC/tablet, mobile phone and Mac. And you can watch it anytime anywhere after the birdhouse camera connects network.

    Q: Do I need to connect the camera to power outlet?
    A: Yes, The Wireless Bird Box Camera can connect to your home Wi-Fi network, but it still requires external Power. 10 meters DC extension power cord is included. The power outlet could be far away from your birdhouse.

    Q: What should I concern for installation?
    A: The wireless signal strength. You can test the wireless coverage with your mobile phone. The signal should be better than average. Otherwise, you may add Wi-Fi repeater to enhance the Wi-Fi signal around the birdhouse location.

    Q: Can the birdhouse camera record audio?
    A: Yes, there is mini microphone built-in, you can hear the voice and record it together with the video. It also has day and night vision, you can watch your bird box clearly at any time.


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