IP Bird Box Camera

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  • Set up in 3 minute,watch the video with mobile,tablet and pc.
  • Mass Recording to pc software let you never miss any bird activity.
  • 4 units Invisible infrared provide night vision.
  • Share the camera to your family or friends.
  • Enjoy 3 year guarantee and 30 days return.

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Green-backyard IP bird box camera kits comes with 1080p PoE camera, 60 feet outdoor cat5e cable and IEEE 802.3af PoE injector. It is the complete bird watching system ideal for enthusiast and professional nature watchers. Working with our free PC software or video recorder, you can keep recording for over 30 days.

Key Benefit of using IP bird Box Camera.

The IP bird box camera streams 1080p high-definition video. It doesn’t like analog wireless bird box camera which gives you only the blurry image. The IP bird box camera delivers high resolution image both day and night.

Key Feature

Plug & Play

Simply plug the network cable, the camera will start streaming the video online 24/7. The PoE wiring make the bird watching system simple and reliable.

Watch on mobile phone or iPad with our free app

Install a free app, you can start watching the PoE bird box camera on your mobile phone. The bird box camera was designed and built basing on IP technology. You can even take a snapshot or save the live directly to your mobile phone.

Activated Audio

You can hear the chirping using your free app or PC software. The audio can be recorded as well as the video. The built-in digital microphone delivers the true-to-live sound from your bird box.

Watch Owl Box

Green-Backyard IP bird box camera has been deployed to many projects worldwide watching the  Barn Owls and Barred Owls. Some of them even set up the live streaming on Youtube. The extra PC server and software are required to convert the video format for youtube broadcasting. Click here to watch live videos from our contributors.

Optimizing focus

The camera equips with 2.8mm super wide angle lens which delivers up to 102 degree in horizontal. Adjustable lens designs allow you to gain the optimized focus after setup the camera in the birdhouse.

Notifying when bird moving

The IP bird box camera can send you message when it detects any change inside the nest box. It tells you the best timing to watch the birds’ activities.

Night vision

4 units Invisible infrared can light up the whole bird box without spooking the birds inside.Click to view the night vision snapshot of bird box camera.

Mass Recording to PC computer

The IP bird box camera doesn’t support micro SD card recording, but working with our free PC software, you can record more than one month video to PC computer. The IP bird box camera also works with most of the network video recorder (NVR) in the market.

Fit into Custom Nest box

This tiny bird box camera fit into your customs nest box such as bird feeder house, Barn Owl Box, Hedgehog Home, and other special box.

Sharing the Camera with family
After setup the camera properly, you can share the camera as much as you want. Install the app in a new devices. Login the app using same account. Everyone can watch camera now.


HD Bird Box Camera Video Sample Reviews with IR LED.


Green-Backyard is able to offer free online demonstrations of our bird box camera. This allow you to easily test our products remotely with your mobile phone. Simply install the app from apple store or google play, you are ready to go. It is less than 2 minutes job.


① IP Birdhouse camera

② 0.2 meters Ethernet Cable

③ Bracket and screws pack

④ PoE injector

⑤ Power Cord

⑥ 20 meters Ethernet cable

⑦ Gift Box


For peace-of-mind we offer a 3 year guarantee on all our products


You can return your product within 30 days of receipt of the product for a full refund


What difference between PoE birdhouse camera and Wi-Fi birdhouse camera?

You will need to wire PoE birdhouse camera back to your network router with single Ethernet cable. The PoE (power over Ethernet) allows single cat5e cable to carry both power and network signal. The Wi-Fi birdhouse camera transmit the network using the Wi-Fi connectivity. You don’t need to wiring Wi-Fi birdhouse camera back to the network router.

Can I watch this birdhouse camera on smart phone or tablet?

Yes. The free app needs to be installed in your mobile devices in order to connect the camera.

Which devices does the app work with?

It supports most of both Android and iOS devices. You can test our live birdhouse camera in official site with your mobile phone or tablet.

Can I watch on my computer?

Yes, The free PC software CMS5 allows you to full access the camera, including recording the video to your PC computer.

Will it work on my TV?

You can’t watch the PoE birdhouse camera on the TV directly. However, some of the smart TV allows you to install the app. You can test our live birdhouse camera on your smart TV.

What should I concern for installation?

There’s cable wiring between your camera and network port (RJ45). You need to figure out how to wire the cable.

How can I record birdhouse camera?

The PoE birdhouse camera doesn’t have micro-SD card slot. You can’t record the video directly inside the camera. However, we have free PC software, you can record the video to your PC computer. This camera supports ONVIF Profile-S, you can connect the camera to an ONVIF NVR or 3rd party software such as blue iris.

Can the birdhouse camera record audio?

Yes, there is mini microphone built-in, you can hear the voice and record it together with the video.

Model Comparison

Wireless Bird Box CameraIP bird box camera
Night VisionYesYes
Memory slotYes (Not included)No

Video Sample

HD Bird Box Camera Video Sample Reviews with IR LED.

Bird Box Camera Snapshot on Mobile Phone.

Click Here to View HD Original Image.jpg




What is including?

① IP Bird Box camera

② 0.2 meters Ethernet Cable

③ Bracket and screws pack

④ PoE injector

⑤ Power Cord

⑥ 20 meters Ethernet cable


We deliver our bird box camera worldwide. Any orders placed before 4 pm will be processed the same working day. Other orders will be processed on the next working day.

We offer a easy 30 day returns policy to give peace of mind that we’ll find the right product for you. please contact us for a quote.

3 reviews for IP Bird Box Camera

  1. Mike.G

    The camera is made so you can stream it on your devices. That works great on all my devices.I have a Green-Backyard IP camera inside the box looking down at the nest box floor, another IP camera on the side looking in and an exterior camera looking at the nest box.

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  2. Gray Dammer

    Da diese Kamera sehr gut funktioniert, rüste ich dieselbe Kamera in den beiden anderen Nistkästen aus.

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    Image #1 from Gray Dammer
  3. J.van der Worp

    Ik heb wel beeld.

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    Image #1 from J.van der Worp
    Image #2 from J.van der Worp
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