Wireless Bird Box Camera

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  • Set up in 3 minute,watch the video with mobile,tablet and pc.
  • Micro SD slot lets you never miss any bird activity.
  • 4 units Invisible infrared provide night vision.
  • Share the camera to your family or friends.
  • Enjoy 3 year guarantee and 30 days return.

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What is WiFi Bird Box Camera?

Thanks to WiFi Connectivity, you are able to connect this bird box camera to your home WiFi network. It eliminates a cable-wiring back to your TV. No hassles with wiring job. As long as the bird box camera is connected, you can watch your birdhouse anywhere anytime on your mobile phone, tablet, and PC computers. You can even invite your family or friends to watch your bird box together over their mobile phone.

Key Benefit of using WiFi birdhouse Camera?

The WiFi birdhouse camera streams high-definition digital video. It doesn’t like analog wireless bird box camera which delivers the blurry image. The WiFi bird box camera delivers high resolution image both day and night.

Joe shows in the following video how to install our WIFI bird box camera with IPAD.

Key Features

Watch birdhouse camera on mobile phone with our free app

Install a free app, you can start watching the WiFi birdhouse camera on your mobile phone. The bird box camera is designed and built basing on IP technology.

Easy to Install

Set up the birdhouse camera is similar you connect the mobile phone to a WiFi network. The app will assist you send the password of network to the camera. After that, the camera will be online for remote viewing

Activated Audio

You can hear the chirping using your free app or PC software. The audio can be recorded as well as the video. The built-in digital microphone delivers the true-to-live sound from your bird box.

Optimizing focus

The wifi bird box camera equips with 2.8mm super wide angle lens which delivers up to 102 degree in horizontal. Adjustable lens designs allow you to gain the optimized focus after setup the camera in the birdhouse.

Notifying when bird moving

The IP bird box camera can send you message when it detects any change inside the nest box. It tells you the best timing to watch the birds’ activities.

TF SD card recording (Memory card is NOT included)

With TF SD card slot, you have the simplest way to record the video on the nest box. Your kids can search the video on iPad with our app after they return home from school. Look for the interested video such as first eggs laid, fledgling fight. How much fun it can be!

Fit into Custom Nest box

This tiny bird box camera fit into your customs nest box such as Barn Owl Box, Hedgehog Home, and other special box.

Night vision

4 units Invisible infrared can light up the whole bird box without spooking the birds inside. Click to view the night vision snapshot of bird box camera.

Solar Battery Support

This WiFi Bird Box camera accepts wide range voltage input from DC 12V to DC 5V. You can even use a power bank. The night vision will be OFF if using DC 5V power bank. Learn more about how to design your solar battery powered for wireless bird box camera system.

Sharing the Camera with family
After setup the camera properly, you can share the camera as much as you want. Install the app in a new devices. Login the app using same account. Everyone can watch camera now.


HD Bird Box Camera Video Sample Reviews with IR LED.


Green-Backyard is able to offer free online demonstrations of our bird box camera. This allow you to easily test our products remotely with your mobile phone. Simply install the app from apple store or google play, you are ready to go. It is less than 2 minutes job.


① 10 meters DC extension cable

② WiFi Bird Box Camera

③ DC12V power adaptor

④ Bracket and screws pack

⑤ Gift Box


For peace-of-mind we offer a 3 year guarantee on all our products


You can return your product within 30 days of receipt of the product for a full refund


What difference between Wi-Fi birdhouse camera and wireless birdhouse camera?

Wi-Fi birdhouse camera is built basing IP technology. You can easily access the birdhouse camera with mobile phone tablet or PC. Wireless birdhouse camera rely on the analog technology. It requires analog monitor such as TV to watch the video. The wireless birdhouse camera only can generate low resolution image because of analog technology.

Can I watch this birdhouse camera on smart phone or tablet?

Yes. The free app needs to be installed in your mobile devices in order to connect the camera.

Which devices does the app work with?

It supports most of both Android and iOS devices. You can test our live birdhouse camera in official site with your mobile phone or tablet.

Can I watch on my computer?

Yes, The free PC software CMS5 allows you to full access the camera, including recording the video to your PC computer.

Do I need to connect the camera to power outlet?

Yes, The camera can connect to your home Wi-Fi network, but it still requires external Power. 10 meters DC extend power cord is included. The power outlet could be far away from your birdhouse.

Will it work on my TV?

You can’t watch the Wi-Fi birdhouse camera on the TV directly. However, some of the smart TV allows you to install the app. You can test our live birdhouse camera on your smart TV.

What should I concern for installation?

The wireless signal strength. You can test the wireless coverage with your mobile phone. The signal should be better than average. Otherwise, you may add Wi-Fi repeater to enhance the Wi-Fi signal around the birdhouse location.

How can I record birdhouse camera?

The Wi-Fi birdhouse camera has micro-SD card slot which support up to 128G memory card. Class 10 or above memory card is recommended. You may enable the motion recording, so the camera only will record when it detect the bird moving inside the birdhouse. It can most of the eliminate boring video.

Can the birdhouse camera record audio?

Yes, there is mini microphone built-in, you can hear the voice and record it together with the video.

Model Comparison

Wireless Bird Box CameraIP bird box camera
Night VisionYesYes
Memory slotYes (Not included)No

Video Sample

HD Bird Box Camera Video Sample Reviews with IR LED.

 Amy showed how to install our wireless bird box camera with iPad in the following video.

Bird Box Camera Snapshot on Mobile Phone.

Click Here to View HD Original Image.jpg


What is including?

① 10 meters DC extension cable

② WiFi Bird Box Camera

③ DC12V power adaptor

④ Bracket and screws pack


We deliver our bird box camera worldwide. Any orders placed before 4 pm will be processed the same working day. Other orders will be processed on the next working day.

We offer a easy 30 day returns policy to give peace of mind that we’ll find the right product for you. please contact us for a quote.

10 reviews for Wireless Bird Box Camera

  1. William Ecken

    Zie een mooie foto, waar meneer de blauwe mees mevrouw pimpelmees kust tijdens een pauze tijdens het bouwen van het nest.

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    Image #1 from William Ecken
    Image #2 from William Ecken
  2. Bill Depotter

    The nest box with the camera is the one with the red roof. I choose to mount the camera in the back of the box. I routed the power wire out through one of the box vents. I also put a plastic wire anchor in to hold the wireless antenna up and out of the way.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Bill Depotter
    Image #2 from Bill Depotter
  3. Hans (verified owner)

    Excellent camera, very well build and with good video quality. App works fine with nice features. Easy installation.

    Beyond expectations. Highly recommended!

  4. Stephen West

    The camera works great for day and night viewing. We are able to open the video from the app on our phones and save videos from the app. We can also share our login with family so they can watch the birds in real time too. The sd card we bought to use with it is: SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I U3 A2 V30 128GB + Adapter.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Stephen West
    Image #2 from Stephen West
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