Bird Feeder with Mini IP Camera

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Bird feeding——a great way to reconnect with nature (Patent Design)

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This bird feeder camera kit allows you to watch feeding birds in crisp full HD quality and greater detail. A super-compact IP camera that can be directly installed in a feeder or fixed on a pole.

Easy installation-installed at any fixed position at will. Push notifications are available every time the motion detector is triggered.




This gift kit includes a mini WiFi IP camera and a cedar bird feeder. Feeders can be a great refueling location during the migration season to help wild birds obtain enough nourishment. By simply changing food types, you will have more feathered visitors frequenting your backyard. A chance to learn about the behaviors, personalities and preferences of different bird species. Use our waterproof WiFi camera to capture the sharpest images as they are happily feasting on the delicious bird seeds.

The mini WiFi IP camera (registered design number: 6106499) features a wide-angle lens (120°) with an adjustable focus. It can produce 3MP color images by day and generate sharp black and white images by night with its infrared LEDs. Controllable daytime LEDs ensures better image clarity even in low-light conditions (limited to daytime use only). This bird feeder camera is completely water/moisture-proof, equipped with a bird-proof metallic antenna to enhance the network performance. Audio recording is available with a built-in microphone to pick up every little sound. You can watch live or recorded footage on your smartphone, tablet or PC via a free app. Motion detection with instant push messages ensures you never miss a moment. Account sharing enables convenient sharing among family members. The mini WiFi bird feeder camera supports SD card storage (SD card not included) for local recording.

This bird feeder is specially designed for use with our Green-backyard mini feeder camera. Made of natural cedar (naturally insect/rot-resistant and weatherproof), this chalet-style bird feeder with a rugged construction provides you with years of bird watching enjoyment. It is easy to refill and clean thanks to its hollow-carved design with a large capacity. This feeder can be hung on the branches or fixed on a pole with the metal chain. It is ideal for both large and small birds with a perch that suits them all. Please note that the bird feeder is not squirrel-proof, so extra protection is required. And it’s highly suggested to install a squirrel feeder to distract those little thieves.


+ How it works

  • 1. Activate and configure the camera via the app.
    2. Insert the memory card (not included) into the SD card slot and seal it with a sticker.
    3. Video and audio is transmitted wirelessly via WiFi to your router.
    4. Watch live feeds anywhere you go, using a smartphone, tablet and PC.

+ Benefit

  • A complete kit for bird feeding
  • 3MP color images with vivid detail
  • Watch on smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Completely water/moisture-proof
  • True-to-life sounds with a built-in microphone
  • Dual lighting (infrared & daytime LEDs)
  • A 2.5mm adjustable lens (120°)
  • Motion detection with instant message alerts
  • Rugged metallic antenna with improved WiFi signals
  • SD card storage (64/128GB to choose from)
  • Naturally resistant to insects and weatherproof
  • Easy to fill and ready to hang
  • Chalet design with large capacity
  • High quality and durability

+ What is included?

  • 1. Mini IP Camera
  • 2. Cedar Bird Feeder
  • 3. Waterproof 10 meters DC extension cable
  • 4. DC12V power adaptor
  • 5. Bracket and screws pack
  • 6. Gift Box

+ Specification

  • Power
    Input voltage: +12 VDC
    Power consumption:2.5 W (max)
  • Video
    Sensor type: 1/3 inch Type CMOS Sensor
    Sensor pixels: 2288*1288
    Sensitivity: 0.5 lx (IR off) 0 lx (IR on)
    Main-stream Resolution: 2288*1288@15fps, 1920*1080@25fps
    Sub-stream Resolution: 4CIF@25fps
    Video compression: H.265, H.264 MP (Main Profile)
    3D DNR: Yes
  • Night vision
    Distance: < 1 m LED: 4 LEDs high efficiency array, 940 nm
  • Lens
    Lens type: 2.5 mm MP lens, Fixed Iris F1.4
    Field of View: H: 120º
    Lens mount: Board mounted
    Day & Night: Auto ICR Switch
  • Audio
    Audio input: Built-in mic
    Audio compression: G.711 (live and recording)
  • Software Control
    Unit configuration: Via web browser or PC surveillance software
  • Local Storage
    Memory card slot: Supports up to 128 GB micro SD card(SD card sells separately)
    Recording: Continuous recording, Motion/schedule recording
  • Network
    Ethernet: N/A
    Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Mechanical
    Dimensions: 46x46x43mm
    Weight: 200g
  • Environmental
    Operating temperature Camera: -20 ºC to 55 ºC
    Storage temperature: -20 ºC to 70 ºC
    Humidity: 10% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)


    + Q:What mobile devices does the app work with?

    + Q: Can I watch this birdhouse camera on smart phone or tablet?

    + Q: Can the live video also be viewed outside of your own WiFi home network?

      A: Yes. You can view the camera live streaming from anywhere around the world as long as you add you camera to the app successfully and your home wifi network is connected to the Internet .

    + Q: Can the camera be accessed on multiple mobile devices simultaneously? Namely, can other people view my camera on their own ipad or tablet etc.?

    + Q: Can I watch the camera on my computer?

      A: Yes, we offer free software CMS5 for you to have a full access to camera, you can watch the birds or record the video on your PC or computer.

    + Q: Will the camera work on a Mac?

      A: While you can’t initially set up the Wi-Fi camera using a Mac, you can download free software for macOS to view the cameras.

    + Q: Does your bird box cameras provide color image?

    + Q: Can the camera also record video with SD card installed?

    + Q: Can the birdhouse camera record audio?

      A: Yes.Our birdhouse camera comes witha mini built-inmicrophone, so you can hear the voice of birds and record down together with the video.

    + Q: Does the Wireless bird box camera need to connect to a power outlet?

      A: Yes.Although the Wireless Bird Box Camera adapt WiFi connectivity,it still requires external power source to supply it to work. Moreover, waterproof 10 meters DC extension power cord is included to solve the issue likethe nearest power outlet is a little bit far away from the birdhouse. Or you can use suitable battery pack to power if needed.

    + Q: What should I concern during the installation?

    + Q: Can the camera also be operated with a power bank? How long is the service life of the camera with a power bank?

      A: Yes. The camera can be powered by suitable power bank or battery pack. According to your needs, you can choose battery packs with different power capacity and the working time will be vary. Besides, the battery pack can be protected from all weathers with the enclosure.

    + Q: Does this camera work on my 5.8 GHz Wi0Fi network?

      A:No, this camera only operates on the 2.4 GHz bandWiFi router. For dual-band WiF-i networks with separated SSIDs, You need to connect the camera to the “2.4Ghz” WiFi.

    + Q:What is the size of the camera? Can it be installed in my bird box?

      A: The size is about 46*46*43mm. It is an extremely mini camera suits for most of the birdhouses on the market.

    + Q: If a bird bites the camera, there is a danger of electric shock?

      A: There should be no danger of electric shock. The camera is with low risk working under low voltage.

    + Q: Does this camera have zoom in and out?

      A: No, but you can physically zoom in and out the lens when live video displaying on your ipad or smart phone.


Installation Video




Do you have any questions or concerns?


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8 reviews for Bird Feeder with Mini IP Camera

  1. English

    Ben Gaines

    This is the best bird feeder, I bought one for my mother. So happy to get the one in prompt delivery time. It was a better addition to my mom’s big backyard, she will not be alone!

  2. English

    Geoff Alphonso

    My daughter loves it! I had it securely attached and in a location that birds feel safe to flock to, the wooden feeder well built in sturdy. perfect size for bird feeding and my garden, easy to set up mini Cam!

  3. English

    Ariel javadov

    This is the cost-effective bird feeder with a camera I’ve bought, birds and squirrels love it!

  4. English

    Patrick van Daele

    nstalleren was eenvoudig en alles deed het gelijk goed. de beeldopnames zijn goed en ook erg fijn is het live meekijken

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