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Capture stunning footage of birds in flight, feeding and resting – the perfect way to observe nature on the go!

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The Smart Bird Feeder Camera allows you to capture and view footage of your feathered visitors in stunning HD quality.

A smart bird feeder camera is a device that combines a bird feeder with a camera that lets you watch and record birds as they visit the feeder.


The smart bird feeder boasts a generous 2L food capacity, making it easy to refill and ensuring that your feathered friends are never left hungry! It has a bird perch to accommodate birds of all sizes and the drainage design ensures your winged guests are comfortable while dining. Plus, the tree strap and wall mount options also allow you to install the feeder wherever you like.

With crystal clear 1080p HD video quality and an ultra-wide angle lens, you’ll be able to capture every detail of your favorite birds in stunning clarity. The infrared LEDs provide crystal-clear images even at night without disturbing the birds! The smart bird feeder camera also has a PIR sensor to trigger recording and alerts, ensuring no detail is missed! With an adjustable bracket, you can position the camera at different angles to get the best possible view of the feeding birds.

Power is never an issue! The integrated solar panel and 5200mAh low-power battery can keep your bird feeder camera running day and night (last for months). On cloudy days, you can even bring it indoors and connect it to mains power via a USB cable. Moreover, this smart bird feeder is IP66 waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

Always stay in the loop with a built-in 64GB SD card – you can easily download the recordings on your smartphone at any time. Download the Green Backyard app (no subscriptions), and you can receive real-time motion alerts on your phone, watch live or recorded footage wherever you go, and easily share your footage with family and friends.


+ How it works

+ Benefit

  • Easy refill 2L food capacity
  • Watch on smartphone and tablet
  • 1080p video & true-to-life audio
  • Infrared & white light LEDs
  • PIR sensor for motion detection
  • SD card storage up to 512GB
  • Solar power & 5200mAh batteries

+ Specification

  • Detection : PIR Sensor
    Charing solar enery : Included USB cable
    Power: 5200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    Color: Yellow+White
    Camera: 1080p HD Live Stream
    Built-in microphone : Yes
    Operating Temperature : -5℉ to 120℉ (-20.5ºC to 48.5ºC)
    Weather Resistant : Yes
    Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connection @2.4GHz

  • Solar panel specification
    Wording voltage(Vmp) : 6V ±5%
    Working current(lmp) : 400mA±5%
    Open Circuit :7.2V±5%
    Short-circuit current :480mA±5%

+ What is included?

  • 1. Smart Bird Feeder Camera
  • 2. Power Adapter
  • 3. Screws Pack
  • 4. Gift Box


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