IP Bird Feeder Camera

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Product#: 4911-65

  • Built-in 64 GB SD card lets you never miss any bird activities
  • Features with 12pcs high power infrared LEDs provide clear night vision
  • Watch recording video directly on your mobile phone
  • Optional Cable lengths 10-50m
  • Colour Ultra HD 4 megapixel day/night with audio
  • Message notification after camera detects change in the scene
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Green-backyard IP bird feeder camera is a complete system ideal for enthusiast and professional nature watchers to monitor backyard birds or a wide range of other wildlife animals. You can watch birds feeding, nursing their young or even taking a little nap with this carefully positioned top of the range camera. This 4 megapixel IP bird feeder camera features with night vision LEDs and wide angle lens that can get 24/7 footage of your nesting birds and capture high quality video of everything inside. You can even get notify of any amazing bird activities on your smartphone.

Key Feature

4 megapixel Ultra HD Video

The IP bird feeder camera streams 2560*1440 high-definition video. It doesn’t like analog bird camera which gives you only the blurry image. The IP bird feeder camera delivers high resolution image both day and night.

Notifying when Bird Moving with a free app on your mobile phone

The IP bird feeder webcam is designed and built based on IP technology. Install a free app, you can start watching recording video of the bird nest, bird bath or bird feeder directly on your mobile phone. The IP bird feeder webcam can send you a message when it detects any change inside the nest box. It alerts you the best timing to watch the birds’ activities, in case of missing any exciting bird activities.

Easy to Setup with Complete Kit

The IP bird feeder camera supports both Ethernet cable and WiFi connection. The camera can be connected to a WiFi network while the WiFi signal coverage is good enough. Once the camera is online, simply scan QR code, you will have live video on your mobile phone. If the WiFi network is not available, you can use the camera’s internal WiFi for local accessing. Green-backyard IP bird feeder camera kits contains 4 megapixel IP camera, 30 feet DC extension cable, so AC power adaptor doesn’t need to stay outside.

Outdoor Weatherproof

This camera is suitable for outdoor bird feeder or bird nest watching. The camera with IP66 weatherproof protection can stand the harsh outdoor environment, especially in the winter.

Optimizing Focus with 4 Megapixel

The 4 megapixel IP bird feeder camera is equipped with 16 mm high definition lens, which provides great detail of bird watching, including feeding, nesting, and even the color of their feather. The best distance is around 2-4 meters from your hummingbird feeder, bird bath and bird nest. Adjustable lens will have been pre-focused to the correct position, allowing you to gain the optimized focus after setup the camera in the field.

Lively Audio with Built-in Microphone

With the built-in microphone, you can hear the chirping of the birds in the free app or PC software. The audio can be recorded as well as the video. The built-in digital microphone delivers the true-to-live sound from your backyard birds.

64GB Memory Card Recording

With built-in 64 GB SD card, the IP bird feeder viewcam will record the video in the scene. You will never miss any interesting moments. The app or PC software allow you to view the video remotely without taking off the memory card.

Night Vision

You will be able to discover the bird activities at night. Built-in 12pcs high power infrared LEDs can light up the area in total dark.  This IP bird feeder camera produces high resolution colour images in full light of day and sharp black and white images in low or even no light levels.  Click to look at the night vision snapshot.

Working with Apple/ Mac OS/PC

You can watch the video on your Mac or windows PC computer. The provided free software can work with both Mac OS and PC computer system, which is convenient to use.

Sharing the Camera with Family

After setup the camera properly, you can share the camera as you like. Download the app in a new devices. Login the app with same account. Everyone can watch camera together.


HD 1080P IP Bird Feeder Camera Video


Green-Backyard is able to offer free online demonstrations of our bird feeder camera. This allow you to easily test our products remotely with your mobile phone. Simply install the app from apple store or google play, you are ready to go. It is less than 2 minutes job.


① IP bird feeder camera

② Waterproof rubber plug

③ Screws pack

④ DC12V power adaptor

⑤ 10 meters DC extension cable

⑥ Camouflage decorative tape

⑦ Giving Box


For peace-of-mind we offer a 3 year guarantee on all our products


You can return your product within 30 days of receipt of the product for a full refund

Model Comparison

Wireless Bird Box CameraIP bird box cameraIP Bird Feeder Camera
Night VisionYesYesYes
Memory slotYes (Not included)No64 GB built-in

What is including?

① IP bird camera

② Waterproof rubber plug

③ Screws pack

④ DC12V power adaptor

⑤ 10 meters DC extension cable

⑥ Camouflage decorative tape


3 reviews for IP Bird Feeder Camera

  1. Dave Schaffrath

    The camera looks good. Now it still works well since I set it up. Blue birds enjoy their meals happily.

  2. Jan Van Kopp

    Heel interessant,vogels blijven rond de feeder. Ik kan ze bekijken met mijn tablet. Wanneer ze wegvliegen, stuurt de camera een melding en een schermafbeelding naar mijn tablet.

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    Image #1 from Jan Van Kopp
    Image #2 from Jan Van Kopp
  3. Mary Hensel

    Ontvang de camera gisteren. Het pakket is nog steeds in goede staat en ziet er prachtig uit. Verstelbare lenzen voldoen aan mij.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Mary Hensel
    Image #2 from Mary Hensel
    Image #3 from Mary Hensel
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