Multi-purpose Outdoor TV Camera with HDMI Box


Product#: 4946-09-32

Round-the-clock wildlife observation right in your garden (Patent Design)

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This multi-purpose outdoor TV camera offers the most straightforward method to watch different wildlife after a simple plug-and-play HDMI connection.

Its invisible night vision with no-glow infrared LEDs ensures 24/7 continuous recording without spooking any nocturnal animals such as bats, owls and hedgehogs.




Our multi-purpose outdoor TV camera (registered design number: 6106499) allows you have a close-up view of different creatures in your backyard from the comfort of the living room. For anyone who has a difficult time with electronics, this is exactly what you need to start easy wildlife observation. It can be mounted in birdhouses, bat boxes, hedgehog boxes, wood duck boxes, beehives, butterfly barns, squirrel feeders, etc. A perfect gift for bird watchers, wildlife lovers and nature conservationists.

Watch fantastic true-to-life images on your TV in the 700 TV line using the included HDMI box after a simple plug-and-play installation. Its IP66-rated watertight casing gives you great flexibility on where to place the camera. This multi-purpose outdoor camera can also be placed outside the nest box, affixed on a pole.

Featuring a super-compact size, it can easily fit in any standard-sized wildlife habitat or feeder. It boasts a 3.6 mm wide-angle lens to display a wider field of view of 120° with a manually adjustable focus. This multi-purpose outdoor TV camera delivers color images in ultra-high resolution by day and black and white images by night to guarantee 24/7 ongoing wildlife observation. Its infrared LEDs with no-glow flashes are invisible to most animals.

Listen to the chit-chats of the garden creatures with a sensitive built-in microphone. The HDMI box supports both audio and video transmission from the source camera. Beware that this multi-purpose camera doesn’t support MicroSD card storage, but it’s recommended to use a DVR for local recording and regular playbacks.


+ How it works

  • 1. Connect the HDMI box to the TV or HDMI monitors and power it up.
    2. Connect the camera to the HDMI box with the included 3-in-one cable.
    3. Install the camera into the bird box and watch high-definition 700 TVL videos on your TV.

+ Benefit

  • Color images in 700 TV line high definition
  • Watch on TV or HDMI-compatible monitors
  • Completely watertight for outdoor deployments
  • 2.5mm wide-angle lens with an adjustable focus
  • Invisible night vision for 24/7 viewing
  • True-to-life bird songs with a built-in microphone
  • Simple plug-and-play setup with HDMI box
  • Great flexibility on placement and application
  • Local recording with a DVR

+ What is included?

  • 1. Multi-purpose Outdoor TV Camera
  • 2. Mono HDMI Box
  • 3. 1.5M HDMI cable
  • 4. Power Adaptors
  • 5. Bracket and screws pack
  • 6. 20M 3-in-one Cable
  • 7. Video-audio-power splitter
  • 8. Gift Box

+ Specification

  • Power
    Input voltage: +12 VDC 1A
    Power consumption:6 W (max)
  • Video
    Sensor type: 1/3 inch Type CMOS Sensor
    Sensor pixels: 1920*1080
    Sensitivity: 0.0001 lx (IR off) 0 lx (IR on)
    Effective Pixel : 1920*1080
    3D DNR: Yes
    Video Output: CVBS (640*480)
    Shutter: Auto
    Synchronous: Internal
  • Night vision
    Distance: < 1 m LED: 4 LED high efficiency array, 850 nm
  • Lens
    Lens type: 2.5 mm MP lens, Fixed Iris F1.4
    Field of View: H: 120º
    Lens mount: Board mounted
    Day & Night: Auto ICR Switch
  • Audio
    Audio input: Built-in mic
  • Mechanical
    Dimensions: 46x46x43mm
    Weight: 140g
  • Environmental
    Operating temperature Camera: -20 ºC to 55 ºC
    Storage temperature: -20 ºC to 70 ºC
    Humidity: 10% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)


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