Natural Cedar Birdhouse

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Lend birds a hand by putting up suitable nesting boxes to enjoy various bird activities

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Custom Entrance Hole Size

There are three stainless entrance steel plates in different diameters including this birdhouse kit for free, so you can choose which species of birds to occupy your bird box.


Climbing Aid–Grooved Interior Wall

In order to help the fledglings easily climb out the bird box, there is a design of grooved interior wall on the front panel.


User-friendly–Removable Panels

You can lift the front panel for convenient cleaning by using the handle, and you can lock the front panel in case of the fledglings fall from height. Moreover, the roof is also removable so that you can mount the camera handily.


Integrated Bottom Drainage and Ventilation

You can find 4 holes on the floor of bird box, which does much in drainage and ventilation, provide a dry and comfortable living environment for birds and keep them healthy.


Considerate Mesh Floor Design

You can find an elevated mesh floor above the bottom of birdhouse base, which can help keep the bird box dry and clean to reduce the harm of insect infestations.(Put 2-3 inches of dry sawdust or woodchips above the wire mesh is recommended.)


+ Benefit

  • Ideal for bird box cameras
  • Untreated wooden bird box
  • Durable high quality panels
  • Light transmitting hole with frosted acrylic plate
  • Wire outlet design for camera power cable
  • Flexible entrance hole size suits for multiple birds species
  • Fully assembled and ready to mount

+ Overview

    Mounting this nest box in your backyard to attract birds to nest inside for bird watching. It is ideal for mounting camera, so that you can gain the mystery of birds, such as eggs laying, chick hatching, birds feeding, even fledglings fighting. All these exciting moments will be captured by your camera clearly with all details. Bird lovers and bird watchers, or nature enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the birdhouse. All the features in the birdhouse are bird-friendly and user-friendly.

    This whole birdhouse is made from all-natural materials without harmful chemicals. It is sturdy and durable enough to be attached to any tree trunk securely. Grooved interior wall help fledglings get out of the bird box more easily. Slop raised roof is designed to resist rain and lager size predators, drain holes and lifted front panel for easy cleaning, provide a more comfortable living environment for birds and keep them healthy. Light transmitting hole with frosted acrylic plate ensures enough light for watching birds, meanwhile does no harm to the birds.

    Moreover, the traditional bird house can be left with the natural look to blend in the environment, or can be painted for a customized feel to fit your style. There are three stainless entrance steel plates in different diameters including this birdhouse kit for free, so you can choose which species of birds to occupy your bird box.

    • Small birds such as blue, coal, and marsh tits: 25mm
    • Great tits and tree sparrows: 28mm
    • Large variety including house sparrows, nuthatches, and woodpeckers: 32mm

+ Specification

  • Material:Untreated Cedar Wood
  • Wood Thickness:15mm
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):310 x 160 x 150 mm
  • Entrance Hole Size:32mm(Pre-installed); 28mm; 25mm
  • Inside Surface:140 x 140 mm with inserted front element
  • Weight:0.9 kg – weight may vary slightly due to production
  • Operating Temperature:-20 to +45 ℃


    Q: How to clean the birdhouse from inside?
    A: Well. We have special design that users can turn on the birdhouse door. So you can clear it up easily.

    Q: Is that have any waterproof functions? I do not want the birds get wet in the bird box.
    A: Yes. This birdhouse has waterproof layer. We also provide waterproof sticky paper for special case.

    Q: Can this bird cage be equipped with a nest bird camera inside?
    A: Of course. It can fit into most bird box camera. And we reserve enough space to install the camera as well as its cable.

    Q: I want to know whether the birdhouse has all of components. Is it easy to install?
    A: Yes, we have prepared the installation package inside the birdhouse. It is easy to install. Click here and you can get the installation video.

    Q: What kind of bird is this bird cage suitable for?
    A: Actually, the birdhouse has 3 design to control the size of the entrance. So it do not only suit for one kind of the birds. You can adjust it to match the birds. Moreover, it also can prevent some aggressive animals disturbing the lovely birds.


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Tips for Placing Your Bird Box

Placing the bird box for attracting birds to nest inside for bird watching is confused lots of beginning bird lovers. If you casually place the bird box in some locations that is only convenient for you to access, you may probably fail to attract the birds to nest in it, because the birds may feel uncomfortable or unsafe enough for them to live for a long time. Here we will provide some tips for you to place the bird box in a right way. Read more



Try our birdhouse with live camera

Green backyard offers free online examples of our birdhouse that mounts a bird box camera. You can try to test with your mobile phone simply. Install the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. In less than 2 minutes you can see the 1080p HD live video of birds. Read more



12 reviews for Natural Cedar Birdhouse

  1. English

    Fabian Reijnen

    Vogelaars zijn er dol op en gebruiken het als nestplaats. Het huis is volledig van hout gemaakt, degelijk en goed gemaakt! Absoluut geweldig

  2. English

    Carlos Polen

    Warm Home! I will paint this adorable house to protect it this winter, it’s not only the home for the birds, I have also seen a little chipmunk sticking its head out of a birdhouse. I might need to buy one more house for this little guy!

  3. English

    Terry Bryan

    Nice provider, package in good appearance and prompt delivery, birdhouse in comfortable size for my little bird.

  4. English

    Michael Hodell

    Denna fågelholk är välbyggd och ser bra ut, lätt att rengöra och lätt att hänga!
    Härligt fågelhus!

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