Three Chambers Cedar Bat Box


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Give our friendly pollinators a comfortable shelter to root and eat the annoying mosquitoes

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Cedar Bat Box is a meaningful way to protect bats and effective method to wipe out mosquitoes to build a more livable environment.

Place this bat house to welcome bats to your yard, you are able to get rid of pest harass in one swoop and start dedicated observation of these little nocturnal flying mammal pals conveniently.



This cedar bat box is a well-built house for bats to settle down safely, like living in the cave because of its considerate details in design. It bond to be more attractive to bats, then the mosquitoes will never be seen.

Made by untreated natural cedar wood, it is of great use to resist rot, decay and fungi infestation. Equipped with three stepped dislocation designed chambers with roughened processing, bats can easily cling to.

Moreover, thanks to its thick board and waterproof layer, it comes with great durability to have a long-lasting use life. In addition, adopt black roof lid and offer sufficient space to keep the box dark and warm with an adequate thermal stability.

You can find a small gap in the front panel to facilitate ventilation, coupled with open bottom design keeps the living space dry and comfortable and make bats stay in healthy.

It is specially designed for the bat house watching, you can install our bat box camera to monitor various bat activities with a more closer and high definition images.


+ Benefit

  • Camera ready bat box offers convenience to install a camera
  • Cedar wood-built bat box to resist rot, decay and fungi infestation
  • Three chambers with stepped dislocation design avoids collision
  • Roughened interior panels in all directions eases bats to cling to
  • Large size offers adequate thermal stability
  • A gap in the front panel, and the open bottom both for good ventilation
  • Black roof lid to keep the box dark and warm
  • Rational living space to accommodate 25+ bats

+ What is included?

  • 1. Three Chambers Cedar Bat Box
  • 2.Quick Guide

+ Specification

    Material:Untreated Cedar Wood
    Wood Thickness:10mm
    Dimensions (H x W x D):230 x 114 x 397 mm
    Weight:1.16 kg – weight may vary slightly due to production
    Operating Temperature:-20 to +45 ℃


    Q: How high should the bat house be above the ground?
    A: Ideally, 12 to 20 feet above ground. And the bat house should be mounted at least 10 feet off the ground.

    Q:How far can bats eat insects?
    A: Depends on the species. However, bats will cover an area of several miles on average to prey on insects.

    Q: Do bats eat flies?
    A: Bats will eat all kinds of insects, including moths, beetles, centipedes, scorpions…

    Q: Does the bat box need to be sealed?
    A: No, the bat house does not need to be sealed.

    Q: How do I know if the bat is using the house?
    A: You can see Droppings near the bat house.

    Q: How many bats can this bat house hold?
    A: There are Three chambers, one chamber usually can shelter 50 bats.

Do you have any questions or concerns?


Set up a Bat Box for Wildlife Viewing

Some people may be afraid of bats and cannot accept them because they think all bats suffer from rabies. Some people actively set up bat boxes for shelters such as bats because of its various benefits to humans.Read more




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