Connecting birdhouse Camera to Blueiris Software

The blueiris is 3rd party paid software. You can integrate green-backyard nest box camera to software. You can watch the bird box, record the video, even live broadcast the video on youtube through Blueiris software.

1.Firstly, Click the center, the new screen will pop up camera selection. Make sure audio option is enabled. Click OK

2.In the IP camera configuration, pick GOLBONG as Maker, remove the password field if you didn’t add the password to the camera.

3.Next, input the IP address of the camera.

Note: If it doesn’t work with protocols, you also can use the generic RTSP to connect the camera. Example: rtsp:// (Replace the IP address to your camera and add the password field. The default password of camera is empty

4.Now choose OK to save the setting. Wait for a while, you should see the live video from the camera on the screen.