Enjoy HD Bird Video on TV

Go Birding at Home

Enjoy birdwatching from the comfort of your home! 7/24 live stream on your TV – a virtual window into the secret lives of nesting birds!

Enjoy HD Bird Video on TV

TV birdhouse camera with digital wireless receiver helps enjoy the real-time video of nesting birds on TV supporting HDMI input, obtaining large screen viewing and HD image quality. Massive local video recording is optional by installing a hard drive disk(NOT included). Fully IP66-rated waterproof design including the lens and the antenna meant to resist rain and moisture, outdoor uses suited.

Super Easy of Use Solution

Breakthrough Traditional Wired HDMI

Source wireless connectivity to transmit video, audio, and network, saving the hassle of wiring a long network cable to the bird box camera.

Say Goodbye to Complex

No configuration is required, plug-and-see with ultra simplicity, ideal choice for the aged or the young bird watchers.

High Performance Birding

HD Video Accompany with Audio

View vivid sharp images(3MP) with more details of birds, and enjoy true-to-life bird sounds without adding external equipment.

Invisible IR Night Vision

Equipped with 940nm infrared LEDs, the invisible IR night vision permits the capture of bird activities during the day and night.

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