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2.1 Connect the camera

The HDMI bird watch camera system works very similarly to the analog bird watch camera. There should direct link between the camera and the HDMI convertor before you output the send the video to the HDMI TV. The power will be sent to the camera by using the 3-in-one cable. There is no need power source present next to the birdhouse.

Firstly, connect the male 3-in-one connector to the camera and pulling the rubber cover down.

Next, connect the other end of the cable to the video-audio-power splitter.

Now, connect the BNC to the BNC input on the HDMI convertor.

If you do have an external speaker, manage to connect the RCA audio output to your speaker.

Next, connect the HDMI output to your TV.

Finally, power up both camera and the HDMI convertor. You should see the indicator light up on the HDMI convertor.

You should move to your TV and switch the media source to HDMI as input. If there is more than one HDMI input, you may switch between the input to find the match channel. Each TV may have a different key to change the media source in the remote control. Please read the menu of your TV to find the method.

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