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3.1 Connect to Video Recorder

The HDMI camera system delivers AHD video to the HDMI converter and output to HDMI TV. If you already have an AHD video recorder, you may connect the bird box camera to existed AHD recorder. The AHD recorder provides video recording, network accessing, you will be able to record the bird’s video as well as watching the nest box over the mobile phone. It is important to check and make sure your recorder is AHD compatible. There are other analog HD video formats such as TVI or CVI. Some of the recorders may accept all three kinds of video format.

There is no difference to work with analog security IP Cameras. What you need to do is connect the 3-in-one BNC female splitter to the AHD recorder.

1. Firstly wire 3-in-one cable to your AHD recorder

2. Next, Connect a 3-in-one BNC female splitter to the 20 meters cable.

3. Connect the BNC male to the AHD recorder, and connect the RCA audio if your AHD recorder features audio.

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