How to live stream bird watching on Mac Youtube

You can’t live stream the video to YouTube directly. Youtube only accepts RTMP video streaming and the IP camera provides RTSP video. There is some workarounds. This guides only can provide the general direction. It is not step by step instruction.

You will need the setup to convert RTSP to RTMP before you can upload the video. You may google [IP camera + RTSP + YOUTUBE]. You should find related information of information.

The below is the possible solution.

  1. OBS station +or XSplitter software
  2. Synology NAS Station
  3. Blueiris Software

You will always need the RTSP command below to receive the live video from IP nest box camera.

Example: rtsp:// (Replace the IP address to your camera and add the password field. The default password of camera is empty)

You can find people are making successful project in our live camera page by using some of above solution. The below is very basic video tourist to work with OBS.

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