How to connect IP nest box camera to a smart TV

You can try to install the VLC player on your smart TV and watch the IP nest box camera on smart TV. It is not very convenient to use the VLC player on smart TV. The VLC player is designed for device with mouse or keyboard.

There is no guarantee the VLC solution will work with your TV. The hardware and software on TV is not so standard as mobile phone. Each company could have their own customized firmware on the TV. The CPU resource on each TV could be different.

No matter what kind of smart TV you owned, you should have very good network connection between the camera and your router. If you already experience choppy video on the iCSee, you may see even worse on the smart TV.

Both IP camera and the smart TV need to be connected to the same network.

1.Firstly, please install the VLC player on your smart TV. You can download the VLC player from apple store or google play. It is 3rd party open source video player.

2.Next, you should use the RTSP command to connect the camera and receive the live video.