How to work with nest box camera’s WiFi hot spot without involving home network

The WiFi nest box camera has bulit-in internal WiFi (hot spot) which allows directly access by mobile phone, tablet or laptop. If you don’t want to connect the camera to your home WiFi, you can works with the camera’s internal WiFi. However, you can’t have both hot spot and home WiFi connection at the same time. Once you try to connect the camera to your home WiFi, the WiFi hot spot will switch off automatically. The POE IP nest box camera doesn’t have WiFi feature.

The camera’s internal WiFi signal is not strong. You may need to move to the garden to access the camera. You can watch the live video, download the recording files by using the camera’s WiFi hot spot.

Activate the camera’s WiFi hotspot

The name of the camera’s WiFi hotspot starts with IPC_****.  The below is the instruction to turn on the camera’s hotspot.

1.Please power up the camera and wait… until you hear the camera making the click sound. 

2.Next, press the reset button three times (Video:, wait for around one minute, and go to check your mobile phone’s WiFi setting. If the IPC_*** doesn’t appear, please turn off the phone WiFi and turn it on to have a new search. If you still don’t see the WiFi, please press three times again, but do it fast this time.

Connect to camera’s WiFi hotspot

1.Log into the app. If you don’t want to register an account, please use local login at the bottom.

2.Next return to the WiFi setting of your mobile phone and connect the mobile phone to camera’s hot spot. The password is 1234567890

3.Now, switch off 4G/5G mobile data. Please go to verify the mobile phone is still connecting to the camera’s hot spot (IPC_****). Sometimes, the mobile phone will switch to your home WiFi automatically.

4.Now go back to Green Backyard app, and click + button on the top right screen. Next. Please use the AP connection. If you are using the android phone, you suppose to see the live video from the camera now. If you are using the iOS, please click “AP connection”You will see the live video.

If you are seeing the error message after enter “AP connection”, please re-install the Green Backyard, and give all the permission to app. The WiFi is binding to the Geo service. You can remove the app after the camera has connected successfully.