Message Alert While Birds Arrive

Bird watching or birding allows bird lovers in all groups and age to gain great enjoyment when learning the bird activities, especially if they are using a suitable bird camera with advanced convenient functions. As the customers who had experienced of bird watching said that 99% of time during birding is boring which really challenges their patience and time. Time is money is a truly wisdom to people in modern society. Saving time is the main point for driving the development of technology. If you are beginning bird lover who is concerned to have the same situation that affects you willing to watch birds. Fortunately, the notification push message can tell you the best timing to watch bird activities, saving tremendous time for waiting or checking on your mobile devices.

What is a push notification message?

A push notification is a message that is supported by the bird camera and pops up on a mobile device to inform the user the latest news of birds even when the user is not actively using the mobile devices which look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed the specific app. It is a function that eliminates the need for the user to activate and check the app frequently and greatly enhances the convenience for better bird watching.

How can the notification push message work?

There are several factors as the premise for accessing push message notification.

The camera you choose needs to be with Internet Protocol (IP)-based technology. This factor determines whether your camera can be viewed on the Android and iOS mobile devices, including telephone, PC computer, tablet or Mac, etc. And the camera needs to be connected to the internet so that to use push notifications. Although the phone or tablet is used via WiFi on the same LAN as the camera, this internet connection is necessary. The reason is that push notification message has to use a cloud (Android or Apple Notification Center) for sending the messages to the mobile application.

Pick a camera with motion detection function. The function is able to detect any change motions in the scene where the birds stay, which provides the users an optional right to choose the recording mode of the bird camera. If the camera with SD card, the camera can start recording when motion change is detected, which saves a lot of storage space, but may be not so accurate that results in receiving false alarm messages. Otherwise, you can choose the other mode that note the change into red footage in the 24/7 recording file on the app.

After talking about basing technologies needed in the camera, you will need to download an specific bird camera App(free is better) to your Android phone or iPhone or tablet, then you are able to receive bird camera push notification message. And various functions are set via the bird camera app, including enable or disable bird camera motion detection push notification message to phones, adjust motion detection sensitivity and disarming motion detection.

Having a general understanding of the above premise factors, let’s get to know about push notification message in depth. Push notification does provide convenience and value to bird watchers. You can access the advanced function in all the Green-backyard’s bird camera products.

Our products provides intuitive free app, so the setup is easy and quick, you just need to set in the app on your phone, which is ideal for the tech-phobic. Open the app, you can get into a page that shows the bird video. Tap the Settings icon and turn on the Alarm, adjust the Alarm Interval, Alarm Action, Alarm time, Sensitivity grade of motion detection in accordance with your needs. Then return to the home page, when the bird move or other exciting activities are detected, you will receive a push message on your phone instantly no matter what you are doing with your phone. Tap in the notification message, you can see the snapshot of the recording video, click the beginning button, just start enjoying the bird watching. Of course, you can decide to enable it or not.

In here you can have overall instruction.