5 Ways to Watch HD Bird Box Camera on TV

Watch Birds Live on TV

Enjoy birdwatching from the comfort of your home – easily stream live videos from nest boxes to your TV

Witness Nature’s Marvels on Your TV!

Are you a bird lover looking to get up close and personal with your favorite feathered friends? Look no further than a Bird Box Camera that allows you to watch birds in stunning HD quality right from the comfort of your own living room! Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or a nature lover, our bird box cameras provide you with an excellent opportunity to watch a family of birds go about their daily routine on a big screen!  

5 Easy Ways to Stream Nature’s Drama in HD

Turning your TV into a live nature hub is simpler than you think! Our bird box camera comes ready to connect and play, ensuring you won’t miss a single beat. Here are 5 ways to stream the bird show live on TV!


HDMI Converter

One of the simplest ways to watch bird box camera footage on your TV is by using an HDMI converter. This device allows you to wirelessly transmit the video signal from your camera to your TV without the hassle of dealing with cables. Simply plug the HDMI converter into your TV, connect it to the bird box camera(s), and you’ll be able to watch your feathered friends in no time! Moreover, you can connect it to a 512GB hard disk drive to store and replay your favorite bird moments whenever you like.


Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast

If you’re looking for a smarter and hands-free option, consider using a Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast to cast the video from your bird box camera to your TV via voice commands! Simply connect your bird box camera to the Smart Life app, pair it with Alexa or Google Assistant, use your voice to wake up the Echo Show and navigate through your footage on your TV screen. It’s as easy as saying “Show me the live feed”!



Wanna take your bird watching experience to the next level and watch it on your TV? It’s easier than you think! This Wi-Fi NVR is ultra senior-friendly and super easy to use! This device comes with a 10″ LED screen and a massive 512GB SSD to store hours of footage without worrying about running out of space. It allows you to connect multiple bird box cameras and stream their footage to your TV through a central hub. The best part? You can watch live or recorded videos on the screen or connect it to your TV or a larger monitor for an immersive birdwatching experience.


VLC Player on Smart TV

If you have a smart TV, you can easily stream the video by installing the VLC. This multimedia player is free to download and supports a wide range of video formats and streaming protocols. To install the VLC Player on your smart TV, simply download it from the app store, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up and choose RSTP commands to connect the bird box camera. Once installed, you can watch the live feed directly on your TV without extra devices.

*The ability to install VLC on your smart TV varies by brand and model. Check the app store or support for third-party apps beforehand.


Screen Mirroring

Using screen mirroring, you can easily cast the video from a smartphone or tablet to your TV. To use Screen Mirroring on Apple devices, simply connect your device to the same WiFi network as your Apple TV, tap the Screen Mirroring button and follow the instructions to connect to your TV. Once connected, you can mirror the live feed from your bird box camera onto your TV. However, it’s worth mentioning that screen mirroring may introduce a slight lag, and the video quality can depend on your mobile device and network performance.


Q: Is this camera waterproof / weather proof?

A: Yes, this outdoor Bird Box Camera is housed in an IP66-rated waterproof casing to withstand any imaginable weather conditions, which gives you more flexibility in positioning the camera.

Q: What is a TV bird box camera?

A: A TV bird box camera allows you to capture footage of birds nesting and raising their young, and watch them in real-time on a TV screen.

Q: How can I access the bird box camera footage on my TV?

A: You can access the bird box camera footage on your TV by selecting the appropriate input source on your TV that is connected to the camera’s receiver/HDMI converter.

Q: Does the bird box camera work with any TV?

A: Technically yes, but the compatibility depends on the manufacturer’s specifications and the type of TV you have.

Q: Can I record footage from the bird box camera onto my TV?

A: The TV bird box camera is designed for live viewing but you can record the videos by installing an external HDD.