About us

1. What we do?

In the woods and our backyard, there are so many mysteries about the wildlife we don’t know. Our curiosity is always driving us to observe it closely. The basic principle to watch the wildlife is ‘giving them no bad impact’.

With the information and proof we collect, we can share to the people we connected, and influence more to pay attention to our environment. That is why we dedicate to developing wildlife-friendly technology to bring you closer to the wildlife without disturbing them. The easy-of-use feature allows you to watch them closely thru your mobile phone anytime you want.

We want to bring people closer to the wildlife, learning the mysteries by giving them easy-of-use feature thru latest technology. When the proof is discovered, they can share the world immediately.

2. How Green-Backyard Started?

After SAM (co-founder of GOLBONG) sent his son to primary school, he returned office one hour in advance. He heard lots of chirping in the wood behind the office. A question popped up in his mind. What is the birds’ first job in the morning? How can we watch it without disturbing them. It could be the habit for the little kid in primary school. He went to look for the bird watch system with smart phone or computer. After realizing there’s no option available, Joe decide to create the IP based bird watch camera system, which prioritized wildlife-friendly, easy-of-use, affordability.

3. When we launched?

Green-backyard is launched by GOLBONG, who has been specialize IP video surveillance technology for more than 13 years. In 2016, GOLBONG developed the first PoE bird box camera in the world. It quickly became one of most successfully project in GOLBONG history. Eventually, People can watch their bird boxes on the mobile phone and share the live streaming to their friends or family in easy way.

What do our customers think?

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We’re lucky to have worked on a wide range of interesting projects all over the World. Our team of experts enjoy finding a solution for even the most complex of projects.

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