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Basic operation birdhouse camera App

The Green Backyard has been designed for the ease of use on iOS or android device. After connecting the camera to app, you can watch the live video and view the recording files on mobile phone or tablet. There are some basic operations you may want to know.

Once the camera has been connected to your home network, you will be able to view the camera from multiple devices. The camera works standalone. It doesn’t rely on the app to keep running. You can view the camera by using PC software, Mac software, even open source player VLC. You can even remove the app from your mobile phone completely.

The camera should show online. It may take few minutes before you can see the camera online after you disconnect the power of the camera.

1.Tap the camera’s name to start to watch the camera’s live video.

2.Tap the speaker icon on the left, the camera will present the audio.

3.The intercom icon is not designed for bird watching camera. It is not available.

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