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Check your Signal before Using WiFi Birdhouse Camera

The WiFi birdhouse camera has be connect to your home WiFi network which is similar as your mobile phone. These cameras require good WiFi connection in order to transmit the high definition video. It is important to test the WiFi signal in the installation place before you put up WiFi birdhouse camera. The mobile is the conventional tool. If the WiFi signal is weak, you can employ WiFi repeater or powerline adaptor to boost up the WiFi signal.

1.Firstly, grab your mobile phone and go to the place where you plan to install bird box.

2. Next go to WiFi setting of your mobile phone.

3. Now, check the signal bar, it should always stay on strong condition or close to the strong condition. You also can slide the tab back on to show the green ON position to allow a new search. If the signal is strong, you are good to install WiFi bird box camera.

What if the WiFi signal is weak? Use WiFi repeater or powerline adaptor, even you choose IP bird box camera to achieve more reliable connectivity.

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