free app for your birdhouse camera

Mobile Birding

Use the official Green Backyard app to watch birds or wildlife on the go. Enjoy HD live birdhouse camera anytime anywhere.



Don’t miss the free trial of our bird box cameras today! Only 3 steps to access the camera online, experiencing the image quality and features on your own. The App works with any iOS or Android device compatibly.

Free Your Bird’s Eye View

No more worries about monthly cloud subscription fees! With the Green Backyard app, you can effortlessly store all your footage in an SD card (storage up to 512GB) without extra costs. Easily navigate through timetables and download the videos directly to your phone in high-quality MP4 format. Enjoy unlimited access to all app features, with just a few taps on your screen.

4x Cameras in One Screen

Why settle for just one camera view when you can have it all? Stay on top of all the action with our multi-camera viewing feature. Monitor up to four bird box cameras at once, allowing you to keep an eye on every corner of your backyard, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed.

Daytime LEDs at Your Command!

Awaken to breathtaking bird action with our Daytime LEDs. Set a timer or simply turn them on manually, providing you with the perfect amount of light to capture all the stunning details of your feathered friends.

Superior Bird-Watching

HD Video

High-definition offers high quality viewing experience. SD mode fits low bandwidth for smooth video.

Motion Recording

Record with one press on the app, or use the motion-activated recording to save storage and time.

Stay in the Loop

When birds visit or move, your mobile will receive an instant push message to keep you in the loop.

All-in-One Control

Compatible with all types of bird box cameras, including WiFi, PoE, TV, solar-powered, and dual-lens.

Discover Green Backyard App

Gain a deeper understanding of the Green Backyard app through our installation video, letting you bond with nature on a whole new level. More features are waiting for you to discover!