free app for your birdhouse camera

Mobile Birding

Use free iCSee to watch birds or wildlife on mobile. Enjoy HD live birdhouse camera anytime anywhere.



Don’t miss the free trial of our bird box cameras today! Only 3 steps to access the camera online, experiencing the image quality and features on your own. The App works with any iOS or Android device compatibly.

Superior Bird-Watching

HD Video

High-definition offers high quality viewing experience. SD mode fits low bandwidth for smooth video.

Daytime Lighting

App-controlled daylight LEDs supply soft light under low light conditions for better image quality.

Motion Recording

Record with one press on the app, or use the motion-activated recording to save storage and time.

Stay in the Loop

When birds visit or move, your mobile will receive an instant push message to keep you in the loop.

Start Birding with Bird Box Cameras

Bird box cameras give a handy way to get close to birds or wildlife by viewing live HD video. It eliminates any disturbance to the feathered friends.

Watch Bird Box Camera on Mac

IP-based bird box cameras support mobile viewing, but using Apple Mac to watch the live camera is a bit tricky, let’s find out how to get it to work.

Battery-Powered WiFi Bird Box Camera Setup

WiFi birdhouse cameras are powered by plugging a power adapter into an AC outlet, or you can flexibly use the solar battery power system to supply.